Cute Workout Outfits for Women 2022

exercise workout outfit set for ladies
exercise workout outfit set for ladies

It’s advisable to put on a proper and suitable workout outfit for every exercise. For ladies, every opportunity to dress up is an opportunity to show up in a cute and stylish way. Striking the balance between fashion while choosing a gym outfit is a little bit of headache. So, we have you covered on gym wear for ladies, workout outfit ideas, matching workout outfit ideas and other proper outfit for exercise.
Firstly, it is important to note that you do not need cotton clothes because they absorb sweat. The more sweat they absorb, the thicker and heavier they get and this tends to increase fatigue after workouts. It also leaves you feeling sweaty, uncomfortable and increases irritation. The right type of workout clothes are clothes made of synthetic fabrics. They wick the sweat, help it evaporate from your body and keep you cool.

Proper Outfit for Exercise

running gym shorts
running gym shorts

Always prioritize your comfort whenever you’re choosing outfit for any activity. Baggy tees and skinny or tight jean clothes are not suitable for workouts. They might hinder you from performing certain workout routines. The proper outfits for exercise are stretchy or elastic clothes, that are light weight and can permit you to stretch easily, especially during exercises like yoga and Pilates.
Consider the weather and colors of your workout outfit. If you sweat a lot, black and shouty colors like yellow, baby pink and the likes. Black will make you sweat more, especially when the weather is warm, while shouty colors would make sweat stains beneath your armpits obvious. No matter how natural sweat stains may seem , you could look unattractive and dirty when they are obvious. Since you’re trying to still maintain a fashion statement, do not have more than three colors of clothings on, too many colors may lead to a complete fashion blunder. Remember it’s just the gym, simplicity should define your style. So, opt for neutral and solid colors like navy blue, tan and so on.
As much as you’re hell bent on showing up in style, the gym is not a fashion show. Do not not choose the wrong clothes as a result of being a fashion enthusiast.

Best Workout Clothes For Women

Women have variety of options to choose from. There are also so many brands with comfortable workout outfit ideas, at your call. The location of your exercise may matter to a few. For at home workouts, you can choose running shorts or whatever makes you feel most comfortable, it’s your space. However, lingerie is not an option, you need something that holds your boobs firmly and enables you to stretch your legs . Outfits are psychological, the smarter you look, the more energetic you feel, even at home.

Gym Wear for Ladies

For those who would rather storm the gym, ensure your gym wear is weather friendly. I do not advise thick clothes like hoodies and sweaters, even in cold weather, because during workouts they become uncomfortable when they start absorbing sweat. Taking a walk or jogging to the gym alone, is therapeutic. If you insist on going with with a hoodie, then dress in layers. Wear a sports bra or cloths to wick sweat away, underneath the hoodie. it’ll be helpful when you no longer need the hoodie at the gym. Ensure your head and hands are well covered too.
Some gym outfit ideas for ladies are;

Sports Bra

sports bra gym workout outfits
sports bra gym workout outfits

When the body is in consistent and tedious motion during exercises like, jumping and burpees, the breasts are also engaged in upward, downward and side movements. This could inflict pain, or soreness after exercise, and the worst way to feel during workout, is to feel body conscious and uncomfortable. So, this is where sports bra come in function.
Sports bras are typically designed to provide support and reduce the movements of the breast during physical exercise. They are made of comfortable materials that help to wick sweat away during workouts. They come in different brands and designs, you definitely have a wide range of options to chose from. Also, if you’re uncomfortable with your nipple showing through the sports bra, ensure you opt for a padded one.

High-waisted Sport Leggings

high waisted sports leggings
high waisted sports leggings

High-waisted sport leggings are super soft and stretchy, they help you stretch your legs easily especially during exercises like yoga and basic air squats. They have a wide waist bad that extends to the belly button and serves as a tummy control. High-waisted sport leggings are the best pants to put on during workouts.

Sport Shirts and Tops

sports shirts and tops
sports shirts and tops

These include cloths made of spandex and polyester which are high in sweat controlling properties and are very stretching. There are different types of sport shirts and tops. Some of these are, sport tees, sport racer backs, sport crop tops and long sleeves.

Cycling Shorts

cycling workout outfit shorts
cycling workout outfit shorts

Cycling or Bikers shorts were originally for cycling, but they have become a trend because they prevent the inner thighs from chafing. They are suitable for other high-intense workouts.

Sweat Pants

sweat pants workout outfit
sweat pants workout outfit

Sweat pants are most suitable for workouts during cold weather. They were originally for athletics, but now have a variety of use, including regular fashion style.


sneakers workout outfit
sneakers workout outfit

Go for that pair of sneakers that you are most comfortable in, put on your socks and get in them.

Gym wears for ladies do not really differ with countries or location, except in consideration to weather. Example, gym wears for ladies in Nigeria should not include warm outfits like that of London. On another hand, gym wears for ladies in Lagos might be warmer than other Northern states within the country, due to the weather conditions.

Exercise Outfit Set for Ladies

An exercise outfit set is simply a two piece or matching workout outfit, usually monochrome. You cannot fall out of fashion in a matching workout outfit.
Here’s what they look like

exercise workout outfit set for ladies
exercise workout outfit set for ladies

Where to Buy Gym Clothes in Lagos

It’s okay if you live in Lagos and you do not want to shop online. Physical stores are always the best bet to getting what you want.
You may want to try the following stores in Lagos.

  • Ben sport equipment and wears
    Location: Isolo Road, Oshodi Isolo, Lagos.
  • Bidat sports wear company limited Location: Town planning way, Illupeju, Lagos.
  • Femro3 Nigeria limited.             Location 2 Ozoka street, opposite Felix Egbamuno street, Satellite town, Lagos.
  • Joagh
    Location: Bourdillion court estate, Chevron drive, Lekki, Lagos.

Nobody really cares if your workout outfits are designers, but somebody cares when you look funny and over dressed. A proper workout outfit is not void of fashion.


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