Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes in Nigeria

where to buy wholesale clothes in nigeria
where to buy wholesale clothes in nigeria

Buying wholesale clothes from the right place for resale or retail purposes, helps you avoid loss and increases your profits.
There are prominent wholesale markets across the major cities in Nigeria; Abuja, Lagos and Port-harcourt and other Eastern states with large commercial towns such as, Onitsha and Aba in Anambra and Abia state respectively.
Here is an exhaustive list of where to buy wholesale clothes in Nigeria with the different kinds of dealers in each location.

Anambra State

As much as Anambra is known as the best go to for automobile spare parts, they also have one of the biggest wholesale clothing market in Africa.

Onitsha Main Market

Onitsha market is a large scale market that has almost everything you may want to buy at wholesale price. They have dealers in all types of clothes, from well tailored suits and ankaras to quality textiles and fabrics at very cheap prices. Their goods are patronized by both Anambra residents and foreigners from all parts of the world. Onitsha market is not just known for for its volume of goods, it is geographically the largest market in Africa
You don’t have to look too far if you’re searching for where to buy wholesale clothes in Onitsha.

Abia State

Abia is another state in the East with large scale markets for wholesale, particularly in Aba. Here is a list of where to buy wholesale clothes in Aba.

New market ngwa road, Aba

This market has wholesale clothes with reliable quality, at considerably cheap rates.

Ariaria international market, Aba

Ariaria market is the biggest and the most popular Aba market in Abia State. It has a wide variety of options for male, female and children clothes with cheap prices.

Ekoha market

Ekoha market is recognized for its association with multiple textile companies, yielding millions. Hence, you can buy wholesale textiles and fabrics here, at cheap rates.

Cemetery market

The cemetery market is recognized for imports. Dealers sell imported clothes at cheap rates. It known as the “importers market” in Aba.

Abuja F.C.T

Abuja has wholesale markets ranging from AMAC (Abuja Municipal Area Council), to other towns within FCT.

Nyanya market

Nyanya market is one of the most popular market for thrifts (okrika). They have new arrivals every Wednesday, which makes it the best day to do your wholesale shopping.
The market is located at the outskirt of FCT, sharing boundaries with Nasarawa State.

Karmo market

Karmo market is another place to get good thrifts especially unisex jeans. New arrivals (opening bail) are on Tuesdays of every week. The market is close to gwa-gwa and Dei-Dei markets.

Dutse Alhaji market

Dutse Alhaji market is the smallest market on this list. They sell casual clothings and sneakers displayed on mannequins. New arrivals in Dutse market are on mondays. The market is situated along the Dutse-Bwari express way, FCT.

Wuse Market

Wuse market is the commercial hub of Abuja, where you can find almost anything you need. The market runs through every day of the week with varieties, ranging from fairly used clothes to ankara and already made clothes.

Niger State

Niger state is not very known for commercial activities except for its biggest market that shares boundaries with Abuja.

Madalla market

Madalla market is under Suleja Local Government Area, located along Abuja-Kaduna expressway way. It is a large scale market with variety of clothes, ranging from thrifts to original and also different types of shoes. The market is usually very crowded and patronized by so many Abuja residents, that it becomes hard to say if the market is in Abuja or Niger.

Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is one of the major cities of Nigeria with commercial activities.

Choba Market

Choba market is close to the University of Port Harcourt, which makes clothes very cheap for students to afford. Hence, it is patronized majorly by students.

Oil mill market

Oil mill market is one of the most popular market in Port Harcourt, for cheap wholesale clothings. They have new arrivals on Wednesday. Oil mill market is located at the outskirt of the city, along aba expressway, close to Eleme junction.

Mile 1/3 Market

The both markets are separated by a mile, but are usually regarded as one. They occupy the largest land scale with a good volume of goods in Port Harcourt. They sell different types of clothes at the cheapest rates. In fact, the price of an item in Mile 1 gives an indicator of how it may cost in other markets in Port Harcourt.

Lagos State

Lagos being the commercial capital of Nigeria, has more wholesale markets compared to other states. All the markets are mostly patronized by shop owners who buy for resale. Hence, most of these markets function as wholesale markets.
Here is a list of Lagos markets where we buy clothes for resale.

Tejuosho/Yaba Market

Yaba and Tejuosho share boundaries with each other and occupy a large land mass. They are easily referred to as the largest market in Lagos.
Yaba is famous for the sale of thrift clothes while Tejuosho is usually very rowdy and busy, having a number of shops occupying a small space. The both markets offer beautiful collections at very cheap rates.

Balogun Market

This market is also known as “Eko”. It is the best place to find African fabrics, such as, Aso-oke. The price of clothes in Balogun market depend on the type of fabric.

Oshodi Market

Oshodi market is one of the major markets in Lagos, famous for its unique display of ankara materials. It overs a wide range of different types of materials at relatively cheap rates. You can read Where to Buy Cheap Wholesale Clothes in Lagos

Katangua Market

Katangua market is another major market for the sale of thrifts cloths and other second hand items. In this market, you can buy clothes for as low as N100 without having to battle in search for quality. The days for new arrivals are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


You can shop for wholesale clothes on online platforms like, Konga, Jumia, payporte and so on. All you need is a smart phone, internet and follow the instructions given to have your clothes delivered.

Buying wholesale clothes in Nigeria can be an exhausting task, especially when it’s for resale purpose. But it can be easier if you stick to a particular wholesale vendor.


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