Where to Buy Cheap Wholesale Clothes in Lagos

where to buy cheap okrika bale clothes in lagos
where to buy cheap okrika bale clothes in lagos

Lagos, being the commercial hub of Nigeria, is the best place to shop for clothes, either for retail or wholesale purposes. This article provides options on where to buy cheap wholesale clothes in Lagos, ranging from large scale market like oshodi to smaller boutiques. Whether grade 1 Okrika clothes or non Okrika clothes, you’ll find them here.
You may simply want to buy your clothes at wholesale price to save cost, especially when shopping your jeans, or for the purpose of reselling at retail level as a business owner. Either ways, we have you covered on where to buy cheap clothing in bulk and also the best place to buy wholesale children’s clothing in Lagos.

Lagos Wholesale Market

If you’re buying clothes for the purpose of reselling or retailing in Nigeria, it is advisable to buy from Lagos wholesale market because it guarantees more profit in your business, since the wholesale prices are cheap. Some of these Lagos market are:

Oshodi Market

Oshodi market is one of the most popular markets in Lagos. Especially for the sale of ankara materials and clothes. These ankara materials are imported directly to established distributors. This removes the cost of using agents or middle men. Hence, the price of the clothes are cheaper.
If you’re looking for where to buy wholesale clothes in Oshodi, the Oshodi market is located around the Army resettlement scheme, Southwest of Illupeju.

Yaba Market

Yaba market is one of the oldest and busiest market in Lagos. Although variety of clothes are sold at the market, ranging from jeans, chiffon, body con gowns to ankara etc, they’re best known to have more dealers of thrift clothes (okirika). Hence, the phrase “bend down select” easily refers to Yaba Market.
The market is situated in Yaba, it shares boundaries with Tejuosho ultra modern market and is also adjacent Ojuelegba.

Asawani Market

This market is also a very old market that has been existing for over two decades. Asawani market was formerly limited to making sales only on Tuesdays, but currently, sales are made on a daily basis there. It is flooded with both residents of Lagos and visitors from other states. The market is also very popular for dealing with cheap thrift wears.
Asawani market is located in Isolo.

Balogun Market

Balogun market is popular for having various dealers of textiles and fabrics. There are different sections of the market for different kinds of clothes, ranging from shirts, gowns and children clothes to designer clothes from Turkey, Italy and other prominent fashion countries. Hence, you need to be sure of how to navigate through the market. It is also very important to note that there are pick-pockets scattered across Balogun market, hold your properties with care and be cautious.
The market is located on the Lagos Island.

Ladega Market

Ladega market has a wide range of ankara and lace materials and other types of clothings. It is a perfect go-to for Aso-ebi materials for weddings or other uniformed ankara/lace outfits for ceremonies and events. You can also find dealers of cosmetics, household items and so on, in the market.
Ladega market is situated in Ikorodu.

Bali Market

Bali market is located close to Balogun market on the Lagos Island. They have more dealers in corporate and casual wears with quality materials, for formal and semi-formal outings.


The market has variety of dealers in modern outfits, such as, jeans, jacket, suits, gowns and so on. It is located in the Lagos Island.

Where to Buy Wholesale Jeans in Lagos

Thrift wholesale jeans can be found in Mandilas, Yaba and Asawani markets. Other markets to find cheap wholesale jeans in Lagos include;

Suru-Alaba Market

You can get a pain of jeans for as low as N500 in Suru-Alaba market.

Katanga Market

Katanga market have new arrivals (opening of bail) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, where you get the best wears. They sell jeans at affordable rates.

Tejuosho Ultra Modern Market

Although this market suffered an outbreak some time ago, it has been renovated by the Lagos State Government. It functions as one of the places to get affordable wholesale clothes and original jeans.

Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes for Children

The best place to buy wholesale children’s clothes in Lagos is usually from boutiques. There is a high chance of buying low quality thrift clothes from the market,which may easily wear out because they’re children.
Here’s a list of shops/boutiques that sell wholesale clothes for children at affordable prices.

MegaKids Holdings

MegaKids Holdings is located in Mangoro, Ogba Ikeja. The store sells all types of children clothes and accessories. It is a subsidiary of MegaFortunes Holdings.

De-Prince and Princess Butik

This store is trusted for selling quality wears for children, as well as men and women. Is is located in LSDPC shopping complex, Jakande Estate, Isolo, Lagos.


Babyba’U specializes in baby fashion. Ranging from clothes and accessories to beddings, toys and other essentials. It is located in Illupeju.

Mother Care Nigeria

Mother care Nigeria sells children closings/accessories and nursery equipments. It is located in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Where to Buy Wholesale Clothing for a Boutique

Whether you’re starting a boutique or you already own one, wholesale buying is a necessity. The first thing you must look out for is either building or sustaining a brand identity for yourself. This will guide your choice of wholesale vendor and help you keep customers.
There are various places to buy wholesale clothing for a boutique.


Buying wholesale clothes from the market guarantees you of the quality of clothes you’re going for. It gives you the chance to feel the clothes and speak directly to the wholesale vendor. For a thrift boutique, you can buy wholesale clothings from Yaba market.


There are several online platforms like FashionTy, that supply wholesale clothings from and to different parts of the world.
However, this can be a little risky because you could be easily scammed. There have been several reports from Chinese online wholesale platforms, so avoid them if you can.


Fashion exhibitions are a good place to get wholesale supplies directly from the designers or the brand. You may decide to partner with them and in that way, give an identity to your business.

Your choice of wholesale vendor affects your fashion style or brand identity. So while searching for where to buy cheap wholesale clothes in Lagos, take your time through every vendor.


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