Visa Dress Code: What to Wear to an Interview in Nigeria

dress code what to wear to a visa interview
dress code what to wear to a visa interview

Visa interviews can be nerve racking and stressful. As such, finding what to wear to the embassy is the most important thing. There’s no strict dress code for a visa interview, but that doesn’t mean you can go all casual. When you’re going for a Schengen, UK, US, Australian, NewZealand interview, think confidence, comfort and formality when searching for the best attire for a visa interview. Even when you take passport photos for Visa, you’ll need to dress well for it.

The primary essence of a visa interview is to confirm that the information you have provided in your application are valid and to ensure you are qualified to be approved of a visa. But it is almost impossible for your dressing to not leave a message or an impression. It may as well, be a silent factor for consideration. Sporty or party dress code to an embassy could make you sound unbelievable, even if your visa application is well articulated.
So, bear this in mind while reading through our suggested dress code for visa interview.

How to Dress for Visa Interview

No interview is really informal. Choose professional clothes and use lesser accessories. Ensure your full outfit does not have more than three neutral colors. The best colors of outfits are black, white, brown and grey. Some easy options are blazer jackets, button down shirts dress pants and shoes. You can wear a neutral colored leather watch, trim your hair if you need to and keep your hygiene in tact.

Visa Interview Dress Code for Female

visa dress code for female
visa dress code for female

It is a little embarrassing to dress in clothes that expose certain parts of your body like your back and thighs, and then see everyone else at the embassy looking in a business casual outfit or a cooperate dress. Your self confidence would definitely be affected and you do not need this.
So, put away tight, skimpy and revealing clothes and consider this list.

A conservative suit outfit

  • Blouse and dress pants or skirts
  • Beyond or knee length long sleeved gowns
  • Long sleeved jumpsuit
  • One inch heel or flat shoes (avoid open toe shoes).
  •  Keep a neutral make up and less shouty hair color.

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Schengen Visa Interview Dress Code

visa dress code for schengen
visa dress code for schengen

Schengen does not have a dress code for visa interview. Retain formality and professionalism in your outfit. Do not be over dressed like you’re trying to win a favor or you’re desperately in need of the visa. You do not have to wear a suit if your uncomfortable in it. Your efforts should be in looking relaxed, less body conscious and confident. As much as you should avoid tight and skinny outfits, baggy clothes are not also a option, keep a loose fit outfit.
A business visa would demand more formality and presentation from you.

NewZealand Visa Interview Dress Code

visa dress code for newzealand and uk ladies
visa dress code for newzealand and uk ladies

In as much as they have their cultural attires, NewZealanders often wear western clothings. The citizens in the professional field or white collar jobs simply wear formal shirts with collars and ties. Some times, they wear shorts and knee length socks in their shoes.
However, the New Zealand embassy is aware that you’re not a citizen of the country and do not expect you to dress like one. It’s easy to follow the modern western style of dressing for your visa interview, but do not consider wearing shorts or knee length socks too. Stick to the usual style.

Australian Visa Interview Dress Code

visa dress code for australian ladies
visa dress code for australian ladies

Australians are not really known for strict formal dress style, this may influence their sentiments on dressing generally. But this is not room enough to dress casual for an Australian visa interview, you should dress in a business casual. Chiffon blouse for ladies, long sleeve shirts for men, with dress pants and easy shoes. You may choose to wear ties at your own convenience.

What to Wear to a UK Visa Interview

In regards to dress code for a visa interview, UK is really not different from other countries mentioned in this article. They do not also have a dress code and simply expect you to show up looking neat, formal and presentable.

General Visa Interview Dress Code

Looking at the dress code for the few countries we have mentioned in this article, it is safe to say that consular officers at any embassy do not dictate what you should wear for a visa interview, because it is expected that you know that an embassy is for formal and professional activities. Both workers and visitors do not come in casual outfits.
Therefore, formal dressing is the general dress code for visa interview. You may not have a second chance of correcting an impression, so create a good first impression while you can.

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What to Wear for Visa Photos

You can wear casual clothes like T-Shirts, turtleneck, collared shirts and other regular clothes you want, except tank tops, spaghetti straps, off shoulder and tops that may make you appear naked. Avoid sun shades/glasses and coverings over your head except for religious reasons. Ensure that the color of your cloth has a good contrast with the background, neutral dark tones colors work perfectly.
Ladies should avoid excess make up and obvious colors of lip stick and eye shadow for a visa photo. Use a shade of powder that is almost the same with your skin color, colorless lip gloss and if possible, no eye shadows. Keep the make up mild.
What matters more in your visa photo is your full face is captured with the stipulated requirements.

Do’s and Don’ts in a Visa Interview

Here are some guide lines to help you have a successful visa interview.

  1. Eye Contacts : Making eye contacts with the interviewer indicates a level of honesty and confidence. But do not keep a fixed gaze into the person’s eyes, it could be disrespectful and uncomfortable for the interview
  2. Fluencyin English: English is a general language of communication, you must be able to communicate effectively in english. However, do not try to use a forced accent, be yourself.
  3. Keep your Documents Handy: Although, it is unlikely for the interviewer to request for any document during the interview, keep your documents handy and properly arranged in a file. But do not attempt to bring out your documents unless you’re asked to.

I understand visa interviews are significant moments for anyone, but try not to appear too nervous or jittery. Dress up, rehearse and sit before a mirror as many times as possible before your interview. Your visa interview dress code should be a package of formality and confidence.

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