Easiest way to Apply and get US Visa in Nigeria

us visa application and appointment dates in nigeria
us visa application and appointment dates in nigeria

There are a number of reasons why Nigerians travel to the U.S. Some of these reasons are, work, vacation, immigration, education, tourism/adventure and so on. In current times, the most common reasons are education and immigration. Specifically because the current president, Joe Biden, reversed the ban on Nigerian immigration to the US.
However, getting a US visa can be more nerve-wracking than the journey itself, due to the protocols involved. Hence, the questions that aspiring immigrants or travelers ask are always the same; “How can I get US visa easily?”, “How much does it cost to get to a visa from Nigeria to US?”, “Can I get US visa without interview in Nigeria?”.This article gives you the adequate information required on how to apply for U.S visa, requirements for US visa interview in Nigeria, US visa application online and the US visa appointment available dates and Visa fees in Nigeria 2022.

How to Apply for U.S Visa

There are two major categories of visa, depending on the purpose of the travel. They include, immigrant and non-immigrant visa. Each of them have different visa application methods and requirements.

Non-Immigrant Visa Application

Non-immigrant visas are issued for travels that are made for temporary reasons. This includes: School, medical treatments, work, visitation and tourism. It simply indicates that the foreigner cannot become a citizen.
The non-immigrant visa may not be very necessary if the country is under a visa waiver program (WVP). This program enables foreigners to travel to the US without visa for a temporary period of 90days. It is more beneficial for business travels.
However, Nigeria is not under a WVP with the United States. So, the processes involved in a non-immigrant visa application are:

  • Choose the type of visa that matches your travel purpose. Either work/business or other pleasure travels.
  • Fill the DS-160 form Nigeria (simply the non-immigrant application form). The form has two parts. The first part requires basic and vital personal informations like your name, date and place of birth, nationality, etc, while the second part concerns your security background like, if you have ever been arrested, involved in criminal acts and so on.
  • Visa Application Fee: You must pay a visa application fee. The Machine Readable Visa Fee issues receipts of payment that are meant to be kept carefully and confidentially. It is also non-refundable even if the appointment was cancelled. The price is usually displayed in dollars and naira .
  • Create a profile with the necessary information and schedule your visa interview.
  • Submit your documents alongside the DS-160 form, to ensure that you meet all requirements at the US embassy.
  • The next step is attending your visa interview. Be punctual and well dressed.

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  • Wait for your visa application to be processed. This may take weeks or months, depending on the visa type.

Immigrant Visa Application

Immigrant visa is issued to foreigners who intend to migrate permanently or become a citizen of US.
Follow these steps to apply for a US immigrant visa.

  • File a Petition (Form I-130): Seeing that Nigeria does not have the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), Nigerian petitioners must mail their Form I-130 through the USCIS Chicago lockbox.
  • National Visa Centre Processing: After your petition is accepted, your request will be forwarded to the NVC for pre-processing. Your case would be created on the system and a welcome letter would be sent to your e-mail. This letter provides information that helps you check your status and receive updates on the Consular Electronic Application Centre (CEAC).
  • Immigrant Fee: Intending immigrants are expected to pay a USCIS immigrant fee. Except orphan children (under adoptive parents) or special immigrants approved by the US government.
  • Request for Exceptional Filling: Nigerian petitioners under peculiar situations may request for exceptions by reaching out to the consular. This will be relayed to the USCIS in charge of the Embassy in Nigeria, the request would be investigated, if it is accepted or not, it will be revealed through the USCIS.
  • Registration: Create a profile account on US TravelDocs, in order to document relevant information.
  • Appointment/Interview: You will be contacted via email or SMS for your visa interview. Go with necessary documents and be prepared.

US Visa Online Application

The DS-160 form is submitted online. To get guidelines and all the necessary informations to be submitted, visit www.ustraveldocs.com
For more information on the USCIS for immigrant visa application, visit https://www.uscis.gov.

US Visa Appointment Available Dates in Nigeria

There are no fixed dates for visa appointments dates in Nigeria. The daily duration of wait times for the appointment, are frequently updated. The list below is contains the latest wait time for non-immigration visa.

Abuja Visa Appointment Wait Times

  1. Student visa – 150 days
  2. Visitor visa – 850 days
  3. Other visa types – 35 days.

Lagos Visa Appointment Wait Times

  1. Student Visa – 30 days
  2. Visitor Visa – 760 days
  3. Other visa types – 30 days

The law allows only a certain number of immigrant visa to be issued yearly. The duration of wait time is not really certain.

US Visa Appointment Lagos

The US consulate general is regarded as the branch of the Embassy which is in charge of immigration and travels. The Lagos consulate in Nigeria is located at 2 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island. You can book your appointment at the consulate if the proximity of the embassy is not in your favor. But the protocols are still the same.

Requirements for US Interview in Nigeria

While preparing for your US interview, there are certain things you would need to put in order. These includes;

  • Ensure you have created the profile account. It provides the necessary information needed for your passports and the documents you would be given after the interview.
  • After you have been scheduled for an appointment, fix a medical examination date with a qualified doctor.
  • A checklist would be provided on the website, print it and bring it alongside all your original documents.
  • Read the interview guidelines thoroughly.

To create a profile or register an account, receive guidelines and checklist of requirements, visit www.travel.state.gov.


US Visa Application Fee in Nigeria

Although there are other fees made directly to the National Visa Centre (NVC), the US embassy, the Lagos US consulate general and so on, exclusive visa payments in Nigeria are made to Guarantee Trust Bank (GT Bank), in Nigeria’s local currency.
The Visa fee depends on the type of visa. Common non-immigrant visa types such as tourism, business, visitation, education and religious travel visas cost N112,000 ($160). For trainees, journalists, entertainers, intra-company transferees, the visa costs N133,000 ($190). To visit a partner/spouse who is a US citizen, visa fee is N185,500 ($265).
Note that your visa fee is non-refundable and it cannot be transferred to another person, weather you travel or not.
For more informations on visa fee payment, visit www.ustraveldocs.com.

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DS-160 Form Nigeria

Filling the DS-160 form is the first step in applying for a non-immigrant form. It is available to both adult and children and gives you the chance to submit vital personal information as well as choosing the location for your visa interview. The DS-160 form is usually online.

Dropbox US Visa Nigeria

The United States embassy recently announced the Dropbox US visa in Nigeria, as an opportunity for Nigerians schooling in America to renew their visa without interview. The visas can be renewed if they are still valid or if they expired within the past 24 months, by a student that is physically present in Nigeria, for the summer holidays.
However, the student must be renewing his visa either to continue with the same course of study at a different school, or the same school with a different course in the US.

After you have successfully gotten your visa, you must be in US before the expiry date on the visa, it cannot be transferred and the visa date cannot be extended. Take note of the websites mentioned in this article, they are credible



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