UNN Admission Requirements and Process 2022

UNN Admission Requirements and Process 2022
unn admission requirements

UNN admission requirements and process is one of the easiest in Nigeria both in jamb and Direct Entry (DE). The quest for admission into the tertiary institution in Nigeria, has become a peculiar and reoccurring issue. The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), records an average of seventy thousand applicants yearly, but offers admission to about 7000 or 8000 candidates, due to limited admission quota stipulated by the National Universities Commission (NUC). The list of new students is pathetically not even up to 10% the number of applicants.
However, the popular perspective of knowing someone influential to get into the school, is still under a huge probability and risk. Here are some guides to help you gain admission into UNN without stress.

UNN Admission Requirements 2022/2023

This covers the admission requirements for 2022/2023 for UTME and DE (Direct Entry) students, applying for undergraduate courses or programs. These requirements are used by the institution to pick out eligible candidates.

O’Level Requirements

Candidates must have a minimum of five credits in subjects (including mathematics and english language), in their Ordinary Level (O’Level) result. The result could be either WAEC, NECO or GCE, but a combination of more than two sittings are totally unacceptable in UNN.

Age Limit

In consideration to the time the admission will be offered, the candidate has to be up to 16 years of age.

JAMB Requirement

On your JAMB form, ensure you fill UNN as your first choice of Institution. Candidates must also have the right JAMB subject combination for their desired course of study, and a minimum JAMB score of 160, before considering post UTME into University of Nigeria.

Post UTME Examination

The UNN Post UTME examinations and screening are organized to ensure that candidates have the capacity to catch up with the school’s educational standards. Your post UTME results must be excellent before you can be considered admission.

Requirements for D.E into UNN

Direct entry into the university is a mode of entering directly to 200 level, by candidates who have obtained another result after their O’Level. The results could be IJMB/JUPEB, HND, ND, NCE, Midwifery and other equivalent results.
While the above listed requirements may apply to D.E candidates, there are also specific Direct Entry requirements for UNN applicants;

  1. Candidates must have upper credits in their A’level courses. People with good grades and distinction have more edge that people with lower credits.
  2. The A’level course of study must be in line with your desired course of study in UNN.

Necessary Tips to Gaining Admission in UNN

In spite of the bleak chances in gaining admission to UNN, there are still people that were offered admission in the courses they applied for. Here are some considerable tips that may have helped.

Your Course of Study

There are over 70 courses in UNN, ranging from science, arts and social sciences. If you were a little below average in your JAMB or post UTME examination, research highly competitive courses and avoid them. These courses include, law, medicine, pharmacy, engineering and so on. There are already so many students applying for those courses, while a few may stand the chance of gaining admission, a good number may not be offered admission, no matter how intelligent they may be. This is because the school has a stipulated number of candidates expected to be admitted into every department.
After you have been offered admission on a less competitive course, you can work hard to change your course to the desired one, or take a second a second degree.

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UNN Merit List

Understand that the cut-off marks for different departments vary and maybe determine by the overall performance of the prospective students. The merit list makes about 45% of the stipulated number allocated to a department for candidates. You can make it to the list by getting a high score in your JAMB and post UTME.

Understanding Catchment Area and ELDS

The catchment area is another opportunity to gaining admission into UNN or any other Nigerian University. It gives a chance to candidates who are indigenes of the state and other neighboring states. These states include, Enugu, Ebonyi, Anambra, Delta, Kogi, Imo. The cut-off mark for each catchment area depends on the general performance of aspiring candidates from that state, the highest score automatically becomes the cut-off mark. The catchment area takes up to 35% of the admission slots.
ELDS means Educationally Less Developed States, it serves as the third consideration for offering admission. It covers states like, Kwara, Adamawa, Zamfara, Borno, etc. The ELDS list is not as competitive as the others because the candidates are usually few. It takes only 20% of the admission slots offered.

O’Level and JAMB Subject Combination

You may be denied admission if your O’Level and JAMB subject combinations are not in line with your desired course of study. You must also have good grades in the required subjects for your course, in your O’Level result.
Do not panic if your course is changed upon admission, due to your JAMB/Post UTME score, there are still chances of changing your course to a better option after you get into the school.

How Competitive is UNN?

Nigeria has about 49 federal universities across the 36 states, currently. The University of Nigeria Nsukka is one of the top 10 most rated and sought after by prospective undergraduates. Over 70,000 candidates annually apply for UNN as their first choice of university, but due to limited quota, more than half of these candidates are denied admission. This makes the UNN highly competitive.

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How to Check UNN Admission List 2022

You can access UNN admission list via JAMB or the UNN admission portal. To check on JAMB;

  1. Visit jamb.org.ng/efacility
  2. Log in to your JAMB profile using your password and username.
  3. On the home page, scroll down and click on “check admission status
  4. Enter your exam year and enter your JAMB registration number as required
  5. Thenclick on “check admission status

Visit JAMB CAPS to accept or decline, if you have been offered admission.

To check your admission status on UNN admission portal;

  • Visit unnportal.unn.edu.ng
  • Click on “new student” and enter your JAMB registration number
  • Click on “login” to check your admission status.

Your details will be displayed if you have been offered admission.

Visit the website often to stay updated on the UNN admission list.

Nigerian Universities  Admission Tips

Gaining admission into your desired school in Nigeria may not be as difficult as it sounds. However, it can become difficult and tasking when certain mistakes are not avoided and without proper knowledge. This article provides simple tips to gaining admission into any university in Nigeria.


Go online and read about the subject combinations for your course of study and the school you desire. Visit the school’s portal often and keep yourself updated.

Good Grades

Make conscious efforts to achieve good grades in your O’Level and A’Level (as the case may be), your JAMB and post UTME results.

Know the Right Course

Consider your grades in choosing your course of study. Knowing the right course of study is simply finding the course that your grades and intelligence can afford.

Consider Your Catchment Area

You have more chances of gaining admission into the University in your state of Origin, especially if it is not very competitive.

Do not loose hope if you’re denied admission into a university this year. Try polytechnics, COE or other Advanced Level programs like Diploma, IJMB, JUPEB, etc. Also consider learning a skill while you’re awaiting the next JAMB.

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