Best Fashion Schools in the World 2022

Best Fashion Schools in the World 2022
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In today’s world, fashion design has become a very competitive field. While some fashion designers may choose to learn under direct mentorship, it is important to be knowledgeable that fashion design degrees are accessible on different levels as a college/university course of study. There are bachelor and masters degree level courses that focus on fashion designing.
The best way to climax your fashion design interest is by studying in one of the best, prestigious and famous fashion schools in the world. It goes beyond a course of study to receiving mentorship from renowned lecturers and gaining access to experienced designers.

Best Country To Study Fashion Designing

We would be considering the best countries to get a degree in fashion design, and the reason why they stand out amongst other countries in the world. 

United States

The US has a respectable reputation for innovations and marketing. It has multiple options for degree courses. The country is the hub of the world top fashion schools that offer business and art courses in the fashion industry. US has a broad range of creativity.

United Kingdom

The UK has successfully owned fashion for themselves after lending from French designers. The country’s fashion schools are favorable to international students due to affordable tuition fees. It has beautiful and stylish environments that depicts beautiful fashion.


France is also known for esteemed fashion institutions. Paris, the capital city, is embedded with so much style and beauty. It is an inspiration of art. Paris fashion week is an eye opener of stylistic beauty and class in fashion


Italy is one of the countries with the strongest influence in fashion trends and designers. Milan is the home of historical and present day arts and notable fashion leaders.


Belgium approaches fashion with confidence. Fashion students are offered affordable rates for study.


India is known for complex hand crafts, colorful fabrics and extravagant clothings. It is the only country in Asia that is recognized in the international fashion industry. They possess a unique style is their fashion.

Fashion Design Colleges

Here are top fashion design colleges to help you achieve your fashion dream.

L’Ecole Supériere Des Arts Et Techniques De La Mode (ESMOD)

It is the oldest fashion school in Paris, it led the invention of tape measures and mannequins. It has a total of twenty one schools around the world and four campuses around France. It has graduated renowned students such as Thierry Mugler.

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Central Saint Martins, University of the arts, London

CSM gives full-time courses for undergraduate and post-graduate disciplines. Some of these courses are; interior designs, drama, art and fashion. It is one of the oldest art colleges in England and has produced prominent personalities within its society, one of which is Stella McCartney. CSM offers a one year diploma program for people interested in shorter postgraduate studies in fashion. It has an academic reputation of 96.9%.

Polimoda, Florence, Italy

Polimoda is a private fashion school in the city of Florence, Italy. Beyond offering the usual undergraduate and masters program in fashion, the school offers a good range of seasonal programs during summer,winter, spring and autumn. These programs include; Bespoke fashion, fashion jewelry, design management, etc. They are one of the top 20 fashion schools in the world. Polimoda offer current programs from experts and international guest lecturers.

Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.

Royal Academy is one of the oldest in the whole of Europe. Their degree programs in fashion design offer unique specializations in pattern design, cultural studies, tailoring, graphics and so much more. They give their final year master’s students, an independence of producing a fashion collection inspired by a celebrity or artist of their choice.

Top Fashion Design Schools in The United States

Savannah School Of Arts And Designs (SCAD), Savannah.

SCAD hosts a top student fashion show in USA, to showcase student’s work. The school has hosted top prominent designers in fashion for guest lectures, students’ critique and panel discussions. Some of these fashion designers are Tom Ford, Vera Wang, Karl Lagerfeld and so many others. It is highly ranked in fashion designing and the other forms of design programs it offers.

Drexel University, Philadelphia

Drexel University offer courses in computer aided and technical design, styling and advertisement. They encourage practicals by asking students to make entries of their design for national and international competitions.

Columbus College of Art And Design, Columbus. Ohio

The school focuses purely on fashion design undergraduate programs . It is known as one of the best fashion schools in Ohio.

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Fashion Schools In New York.

This is a compilation of top ranked schools in the fashion industry in New York, that have produced notable alumni that influenced fashion trends in the world.

Fashion institute of Technology (FIT), New York.

FIT is the most famous and most desired school for students aspiring to be professional designers. Their courses are aimed at training excellent designers and professional business strategists in the fashion industry. Their undergraduate degree programs include; Jewelry and accessory design, fabric styling and fashion business management.

Parsons The New School, New York.

Parsons is recognized internationally as one of the best fashion schools. The school is more intentional about fashion design, offering programs that focus only on fashion designing. They are respected for expertise in all sorts of design including interior designs.

Pratt institute, New York

Due to the school’s location(New York), students have great access to human and material resources. The students gain opportunities to internships, and and seminars from guest lectures from across the industry.

Fashion Design Schools in Carlifornia

Carlifornia College Of Arts, San Francisco, C.A

The school offers undergraduate programs in jewelry design and textile, alongside fashion design. The have won so many industry awards.

Fashion Institute Of Design And Merchandising, Los Angeles, C.A

FIDM offer programs on fashion design, footwear, textile and costume design. They encourage practical knowledge amongst students. One of their graduates got hired to tour with Rihanna as a wardrobe team member.

Otis College Of Art And Design, Los Angeles, C.A

Students of Otis university are surrounded by experts, and under a mentorship program of top designers, organized by the school. Their undergraduate programs are purely focused on fashion design.

Fashion Design Schools Online

Technology has made it possible to cope with the distance barrier. Online students of fashion design can simply apply for a course in any USA/UK fashion school by gaining access to the school’s registration link.

Top Fashion Universities in UK

London College Of Fashion

The London College of Fashion offers a broad range of degree programs. Some of these include; Fashion design Technology, fashion buying and merchandising, fashion marketing and much more. The college believes in using fashion and it’s importance to achieve social and economic transformation.

Kingston University

Kingston provides accommodation for students and is ranked number 3 in UK in the fashion industry. The school focuses on teaching students the influence of social and cultural history in fashion.

The University of Edinburg

The Edinburg University Scotland, encourages personal creativity and innovative designs in their students, they promote this creativity and nurture potentials. They offer other degree programs beyond fashion designing.
Other Fashion Colleges in UK are, Staffordshire University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Leads College of Arts and much more.

Fashion Design Courses For International Students.

Fashion Design courses in either UK or US , for international students, depend on the choice of school. Different schools offer different degree programs, some are already listed in this article.

Invest in your fashion design interest. The world is advancing and people cannot always trust direct mentorship, a fashion design college helps you relate professionally and earn the trust of prospective clients.


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