Top 10 Abaya Designers in Dubai

illi abaya designers in dubai
illi abaya designers in dubai

The modern Abaya fashion has gone beyond Muslim or Arab countries, it has appealed to so many women from other religion and countries. This has helped to promote Islamic designers, particularly Abaya designers. The best of these abaya brands are from Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
We would be having a look on the top 10 abaya designers in Dubai, in no particular order. You should consider shopping classy Abayas from the best.

Best Abaya Brands in Dubai

Abaya designers in dubai provide a perfect blend of modesty, elegance and class. You would always get the best abaya from the following brands


bouguessa abaya designs
bouguessa abaya designs

No brand beats Bouguessa’s ability to fuse skills from the Abaya culture with world fashion art, and make beautiful designs. They give a sense of sophistication to abaya with mostly straight lined abayas.

Noor the Label

noor the label abaya designs
noor the label abaya designs

It is unique in making abayas in a range of colors. From bright and neutral colors to dark colors.

Diva Abaya

diva abaya
diva abaya

Diva Abaya uses different luxury fabrics with ingratiating cuts and patterns to make their abayas. These fabrics include: crepe, silk, fursan and so on.


illi abaya designers in dubai
illi abaya designers in dubai

This brand was launched during the pandemic and is currently recognized for edgy sleeves and ethereal embroideries. The brand stands out for its mint, rainbow and beautiful colors of robes and kimonos, which represents another evolution of abayas that women seem to love.

Chi-Ka Collection

chi ka abaya collections in dubai
chi ka abaya collections in dubai

The Chi-Ka collection offers abayas that fits the taste of the local and contemporary woman, giving room for different class. Their abayas exude elegance and a statement of femininity, as well as fashion.


mauzan abaya collections in dubai
mauzan abaya collections in dubai

Mauzan abayas are unique for having clean cuts without rumps. The designer, Rafia Helal, seemingly gets her inspirations from her potential customers.

Nafs Design

nafs abaya design in dubai
nafs abaya design in dubai

There are not so many brands that offer formal Abayas. Naf design is one of them. Their Abaya can be worn for formal and semi-formal occasions. They also add interesting details to the Abaya, such as, sliced cutouts, graphic hemlines and pleats.


kamin abaya desgn in dubai
kamin abaya desgn in dubai

Kamin abayas have flooded the media with flattery Abaya designs, made of neutral colors of grey, tan, brown, and so on.


zehra abaya designers in dubai
zehra abaya designers in dubai

Zehra is the best bet for matching abaya and hijabs. For mother and daughter and for friends.


wings abaya collections
wings abaya collections

Wings brand give abayas a western or technological feel. Their sci-fi inspired theme is the most popular.

Abaya Fabric Dubai

When you decide to change your Abaya wardrobe, your first question should be “which fabric is used for Abaya?”. The fabric used determines the quality and price of the Abaya. It also helps you make the right choice of abaya. As much as patronizing the right brand is necessary, knowing the right fabric is also a necessity.
Some of the most common abaya fabrics in Dubai are:

  • Silk

This fabric is often used for luxurious abayas because it is of high quality. It has a soft and smooth feel.

  • Chiffon

Chiffon is usually made of polyester. It is light weight and transparent, perfect for hijabs. It can also be used for maxi abayas.

  • Nidha

It is also used for luxurious abayas. Nidha is 100% polyester and perfect for hot weather.

  • Linen

Linen is a very strong fabric and a good conductor of heat.

  • Georgette

It is similar to chiffon, the major difference is that it is non-transparent and stronger. Georgette is often used for Indian wears such as saris and other Asia gowns.

  • Crepe

Crepe fabrics are suitable for kimono and other jackets because they look flattery. They are of great texture and provide utmost comfort.

  • Satin

Satin fabric is almost like silk. The major difference is that it has a shiny and smooth surface and a rough feel on the back. It is suitable for simple abayas.

  • Jersey

Jersey is a very versatile fabric. It is stretchy, which makes it suitable for skirts, tops and body con dresses. Slim fit Abaya is made of jersey fabric.

Luxury Abaya Brands

Luxury abayas are simply abayas of quality fabrics and sometimes, embroideries. They are usually very expensive and give a class statement in fashion. Luxury Abaya brands cut across Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi. Some of these brands already mentioned in this article include: Noor the label and Diva Abaya. Others are:

Haal Inc.

The Haal abaya brand speaks diversity. It gives your abaya collection some sense of colors, embroidery details and subtleness. It is a Saudi Arabian based brand, founded by Mariam Bin Mahfouz.

Rana Radi

Rana Radi offers comfortable sports Abaya. Enough proof that you can rock abayas for almost any activity, and still kill the fashion.


Gudufah means veil in Arabic language. It has been in existence since 2013 and is recognized as a very luxurious brand. Their abayas are made of high quality fabrics with highly professional finishing.

By Nouma

By Nouma abayas range from ankle to knee length. The brand is a Kuwait based brand and was good enough to be featured in New York’s fashion week.

Hessa Alfalasi

The brand stands out in sophistication by fusing technology with fashion. Hessa Alfalasi’s abaya comes with beautiful lace, 3D embroideries and quality fabrics. They are becoming a trend for weddings.

The Cap Project

They offer maxi abaya, and with a break out from the usual dull colored abaya, they produce any Abayas is vibrant with shouty colors. They produce limited pieces of abaya for purchase, and will not reproduce a single design multiple times, regardless of the demand. In the exact words of the designers; “We just want girls to feel they have something exclusive and that’s just for them”.

The Nora Collection

They offer the best simple abayas for evening strolls and casual events. Nora’s collection of Abaya ranges from kimonos to monochrome abayas and other simple styles.

Cheap Abaya Brands

Cheap abaya brands are quite relative. The least price of abayas is $30. The prices differ with vendors, fabrics and also with countries. While the UAE are known for quality and luxurious abayas, Nigeria offers abaya for as low as $10 (N6,500). However, Nigerian Abayas are of lower quality. Hence, they are not durable.
Deira market in Dubai have pocket friendly abayas compared to other parts of Dubai.

These various abaya designers in Dubai consistently make modest fashion easier and more approachable for women.


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