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Our mission is to provide a safe space for trusted discussion and learning platform for students, web developers and all who want to have a perfect discussion and interaction irrespective of the category.

Ensure you read it before proceeding with your member registration to our website.

Who Can Access LectureForum?

The LectureForum website is accessible by everybody. However, your access to the site is limited without membership registration. You cannot contribute either question or answer without registration. We would maintain confidentiality with the information you provide during registration in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
By completing your registration, you have full responsibility of your account and whatever goes on with it. So, preserve your password and log in details to prevent non-consented activities through your account. If by any chance there is a breech of security, file an immediate complain or [email protected] Some details may be inquired of you to confirm your ownership of the account, before actions proceed.

Who Cannot Use LecturerForum?

Individuals below the age of 13 are highly prohibited from using or owning a LectureForum account, except with the consent of a parent or guardian. The parent may need to go through these terms and conditions and agree to it, his actions must also have a legal backing.

Privacy Policy
Our Privacy applications are presented on our Privacy Policy. LectureForum is not accessible by people who have not agreed to our Privacy Policy.

 Account Termination

Your account may be terminated if you go against our laid down terms and conditions, if you are suspected of fraudulent activities or reasons that the website considers valid. You may also decide to disable your account if it deems fit for you to.

Features And Feedbacks

Our website features are subject to change, due to consistent attempts at improving our services to you.
Your feedbacks on our features and services are of utmost importance to us. So feel free to leave feedbacks

Inputs And Contributions.

User Content

You may put out questions, answers, comments, reviews and relevant information on the LectureForum website through texts, files and photos. We regard this information as “your post” .
However, by using our website, you agree that your information is accessible by the public. You also grant us the license and absolute liberty to use, translate, distribute, modify, copy and display your materials or information (including your username and display picture) for adverts and marketing tools to partners, the media, organizations and individuals who are in direct collaboration with LectureForum. This liberty extends to other users of LectureForum. They can translate, copy and use relevant informations posted by co-users on the LectureForum platform, and respectively attributing LectureForum as source information. Your posts or contents are not bound by any form of privacy from the public.
You also agree to these uses, without receiving any form of compensation whatsoever, but you do not loose ownership rights over your contents. You comply and acknowledge that the preservation or disclosure of your contents, in whole or in parts, is solely dependent on the LectureForum website.
You may effect changes or delete your contributions at any time, from your profile dashboard. Whatever changes effected by you would be displayed to the public.
You give us authority to act as agents and take necessary actions against unaccredited use of your content by third parties outside the LectureForum platform.

Content Risk

LecturerForum is open and accessible by everyone to ask and receive questions and answers and to interact. Considering this model, we do not review, edit or determine the authenticity, accuracy, validity and legality of any content. Like every other platform where people post contents and interact, absolute reliance on any knowledge gained from LectureForum, is at your own risk.
LecturerForum has no responsibility to bring down content that are indecent and offensive to your traditional, religious or moral bias. By entertaining our service, you agree that you may be exposed to some opposition on your belief.
We are only liable to terminate contacts that breech the terms of agreement stated here. Therefore, we urge you to employ scrutiny in relying on answers.

Content Right Of LectureForum

The name, logo, platform, existing and future features, databases, APIs and other intellectual properties of LectureForum (except users’ questions and answers) are sole properties of LectureForum and its affiliates. You do not have the right to tamper with, create a derivative work or copy our content. You do not have the right to impersonate the LectureForum and send mails in its name.
Therefore you agree, that our contents remain an exclusive property of LecturerForum.

Binding Agreements

By registering and using our service, you understand and agree to the stated terms and conditions. If not, do not continue with membership registration.
The language employed here is English, although there may be translations for your convenience, every reply or conflict resolution would be in English.

The informations on is for public purposes. While we try to maintain accurate and current information, we make no sort of representations or warranties about the reliability or quality of informations on the website. Depending on contents is at your risk.
We would not be liable for any damage in connection with informations from this website.

Changes To Terms And Conditions

We may make Adjustments and modifications to these terms, with no prior consent of users. However, you may be notified of these changes, if you do not agree with these terms and conditions at any point, you have an option of cancelling or terminating your accounts.