Squats During Periods: What you Need to Know about Period Exercises

Squats During Periods: What you Need to Know about Period Exercises
squats during period

Squatting is a popular compound exercise that requires several muscles of the upper body to work with the muscles of the lower body. It also engages the core muscles. It is typically a full body exercise.
There are no medical or scientific side effects against squat exercises during periods. Workout modifications are entirely dependent on the individual, as much as exercising during periods is beneficial, there is no general rule on what works for everybody. PMS symptoms varies with people, therefore, healthy workout routines also vary. It should not be considered healthy if it causes more harm to the body.
From daily conversations and experiences with women, I have realized that understanding your PMS symptoms should be your guide in drawing your fitness plans during periods. Therefore, this article analyses squats during periods from different perspectives and as an everyday workout.

When is Squatting Considered Unhealthy During Periods?

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) are commonly identified by the following symptoms.

  1. Mood swings
  2. Fatigue
  3. Nausea
  4. Stomach upset
  5. Cramps (lower back, abdominal/pelvic region, thighs)

Each of the these symptoms have tendencies of fueling the other. Squats on other hand, involves lowering the hip and knees on a standing position. This exercise can be very unhealthy if you are experiencing severe cramps during periods, because it exerts a lot of tension on your lower back and may intensify the pain around that region. Squatting with weight is also too intense and considered unhealthy during periods, there’s a chance of developing prolonged pain at the knee joint because your body lacks the required energy for rigorous activities during periods.
Any form of squat exercise that intensifies the PMS symptom or causes spotting during periods is unhealthy and should be avoided.

Healthy Squats During Periods

There are mild squatting exercises that produce the same result, Example, squatting without weight or jump squats. Basic squats are healthy during periods, don’t go extra in trying other types. There is no specific number of times that makes the exercise more effective, have a target number and try to beat it up without over working your body. Physical fitness is more about how consistent you are than how many rounds of exercise you can go at once.
Squats are also healthy when they’re carried out at the beginning of your periods, they help in strengthening the core.

Does The Type of Squat Matter?

The quick answer to this is “Yes”, the type of squat matters a lot. There are different purposes and muscles involved in different squats. Squats are of various intensity.

  1. Basic/Body Weight Squats
    Basic squats do not require extra activities from your hands, it is the regular simultaneous downward movement of the hips and knees. All you need for a body weight squat is just you.
  2. Jump Squats
    Jump squats is an additional jumping activity to basic squats. They require you to jump from your squat position, raising your hands above your head simultaneously, then jumping back to a squat position. It activates the muscles in your leg, glutes,hamstring and lower back.
  3. Dumbbell Squats
    As the name implies, it engages your core and requires you to do a basic squat with dumbbells in your hands. They are quite strenuous and require more energy.
  4. Side Kick Squats
    It involves adding kicks while lifting yourself up. Side kick squat is fun and engaging.
  5. Sumo Squats
    In sumo squats your legs are wider and your toes are facing opposite sides. It targets your glutes and inner thighs.
  6. Wall Squat
    A wall squat is simply doing a basic squat against a wall. So instead of sitting in the air when you lower your hips, you would simply rest them against a wall.
  7. Narrow Squat
    The narrow squat requires you to do a basic squat with your legs together.
    Squat is the most versatile form of exercise, they give room for adding new moves and new equipment like resistance band, barbell, dumbbell and so on.

Do You Loose More Weight When You Squat During Periods?

No you do not! General workouts help in weight loss, it is not more effective during your periods. Your body might be undergoing hormonal changes at that time of the month, but there’s no medical or scientific proof to claim that you burn more calories due to those changes. Exercising during periods only helps to fight against PMS symptoms and improve the body’s metabolism during that time.
However, some women burn more calories during periods,but it is not as a result of exercising, it is simply difference in body type.

Benefits Of Squat Exercise

Squats are very effective low body exercise that strengthen your muscles, you should make squatting a part of your fitness routine.

  1. Butts And Hips Enlargement
    This is the most popular benefit of squatting. It is the most natural means of adding some butts and hips. Squatting does not just make you feel good, it makes you look good.
  1. Strengthening The Lower Body
    Squats are focused on the glutes and quadriceps. They help to create stability for the knees and ankles, the tendons, bones and ligament around the leg. They improve balance.
  2. Weight Loss
    By building up the muscles, squats help you to burn calories faster.
  3. Preventing Injuries
    Injuries are as a result of weak ligaments and tissues around the leg. By strengthening these ligaments and tissues, squats avert the chances of your legs being prone to injuries.
  4. Cardiovascular Fitness
    As a full body exercise, squats strengthen most of the major muscles in the body. Therefore, they improve cardiovascular fitness and enhance the heart rate.

Squat exercises are fondly known activities for athletes, but they are recommended for your regular workouts because of the advantages. The versatility also makes it fit into different categories of workouts, they could be mild or intense, but no matter how mild they can be, if you don’t find it favorable during your periods, don’t struggle through it, give your body the rest it deserves.


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