Cute Short Haircut Styles for Ladies

cute short haircut styles for ladies
cute short haircut styles for ladies

When I was a little girl, getting my hair done was very painful even with the most careful hairstylist. I was always agitated any time I was taken to the salon. A few days after the hair has been made, I still won’t be able to sleep properly at night. As if that was not enough, losing the hair was another stress on its own, it was as though the hair stylists were after my destiny.

I’m sure you can relate or you know someone who does. To be very honest, the first time I cut my hair, I looked like a monkey. I had to use face caps and scarves till I was confident enough to let other people see it. Apparently, I hadn’t found my style and I didn’t do proper research before settling for a style.

But as soon as I found it, there was no one who saw it who didn’t give me a compliment. To help you avoid my not-so-good experience is why I am writing this article so you’ll be able to make better choices.

P.S: Since I started cutting my hair, I have been sleeping better at night. Short haircut styles are pure bliss! The advantages are super amazing. It is more affordable than making different hairstyles every week or two. It is easier to care for your short hair and there’s also the part where you get to think well since you can pour water on it at will.

The feeling is so surreal. Nothing comes close. Tell me anything that comes close, I’ll be waiting in the comments section. 

If you belong to the low cut gang like me and are looking for short haircut inspiration, then this article is right for you.

Not to mention that I’ll be touching some points on choosing the right cut and showing you some cool styles too.

So, grab your popcorn and let’s continue the conversation.

Haircut for Ladies with Round Faces.

Before we delve further, it is worthy to note that there are several factors that determine the kind of haircut you should have as a lady. Some of them are your hairline, the shape of your face, and your type of hair.

But for the purpose of this article, we’re going to be looking at the shape of the face and the suitable haircut for each, starting with round face shape. I’m considering this determinant factor more than the others because it is the major thing to look out for. Others can be by-passed. Having said that, if you have a round face, there are pretty cuts you can opt for, however, you should ensure it is not too short, you can go for a curly style, you can also straighten it after it must have been cut to give it a pixie feeling and you can also dye your cut.

You can also have your cut trimmed sideways to give it an Anita Baker kind of style.

Haircut for Black Ladies.

There is a list of short haircut styles that a black lady can go for. I’ll be listing some of them below.

  1. Low Cut with Parting by the Left or Right.
low cut with parting by the left or right
low cut with parting by the left or right
  1. Level 2 Low Cut, that is, not too high or Low.
level 2 low haircut for women
level 2 low haircut for women
  1. Baldie. (Scraping the entire hair off)
bald haircut for ladies
bald haircut for ladies
  1. Sporting Waves Cut.
sporting waves haircut for women
sporting waves haircut for women
  1. High Punk.
high punk hairstyles for females and men
high punk hairstyles for females and men
  1. Low Cut.
low haircut for ladies
low haircut for ladies
  1. Short Bob.
short bob haircut
short bob haircut
  1. Perming.
perming haircut styles
perming haircut styles
  1. Pixie Cut.
pixie cut styles for ladies
pixie cut styles for ladies
  1. Short Cut.
short haircuts
short haircuts
  1. Low Cut with Dye.
dyed tinted low cuts for ladies
dyed tinted low cuts for ladies

These are just a few out of the numerous styles a black girl can rock and still look beautiful in. Now to the next.

Best haircut for girls.

All the haircuts I have mentioned since the beginning of this article are the best.

I hand picked them carefully. Plus, they are styles that I have cut which is why I made the list.

But please note that the shape of your face is really really important. The best cuts on the internet will look terrible if you do not put this into consideration.

And this is why in the next headline, we’ll be looking at haircuts that suit every face shape.

Haircut that Suits every Face.

To start with, let’s look at the face shapes we have. They are:

  • Oval Face Haircut
  • Round Face Haircut
  • Oblong Face Haircut
  • Square Face Haircut
  • Pear Face Haircut
  • Heart Face Haircut
  • Diamond Face Haircut



This is considered as one of the most attractive feminine face shapes. You can try any style at all, either bob, low cut, spongy cut or baldie.

You’re good to go with almost anything.


I already mentioned the style suitable for this face shape but for emphasis sake, I’ll mention it again.

Any style that will take the attention away from your cheekbones is a good fit. Slimming down both sides of your cut is also a good one.


For the oblong face, very low cut (Level 1-3) will suit perfectly. You can also try curly shorts, wavy cuts, perming, gel cuts and side parting.


The square shape is much more masculine which means high cuts (Level 4&5), punks and cuts with side parts should be considered. The trick is to find haircuts common to the male folks and do it.

Pear, Heart and Diamond: Mohawk cut and sponge cut is perfect for these shapes.

In addition, you can use the services of a professional hairstylist to further know which style will suit you best.

Please use the comments section to tell me which shortcut you’re going to rock this weekend.



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