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We respect user’s privacy and want to inform you on the use and disclosure of your information and data when you use our service. By using this service, you agree to the terms and conditions of this policy, so if you you do not understand this text or require extra information, kindly reach out to us via our email address [email protected]

Information Collection And Use

LectureForum uses information collected to monitor the services used, examine possible issues, maintain security and remember information to help you access your account effectively, keep track of visitors’ navigation around the site, traffic and other demographic information.

Information Provided

We collect your personal information such as your name and email address if you are registering a member account with the service. The informations you provide will be accessible by the public. We may use your email address to send you service related notifications and help you regain access to your account in cases where you loose access or forget your password.
You also provide user content information. Your questions, answers, contributions and their accurate data such as their time and date, are available to the public with your name. This information you provide may be displayed by search engines and displayed on other web platforms in agreement with our terms and conditions.
If you connect our services to any social media accounts, either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the information received may include your user ID or your username with that social media service. We will collect any information your have permitted that social media to share with us and it maybe used in accordance with this privacy policy.

Use Of Cookies And Information Collected Automatically.

We use cookies to control adverts on our websites, obtain a certain information from the user, learn about visitors preferences on our website and save your username and password.
We analyze specific informations that maybe not be personal to the user, through the use of automated technologies. This information include; information related to the device you use to interact with our services such as IP addresses, location information, Type and language of browser, identifying unique devices and other informations relating to your mobile phone or device. The information related to how you interact with our service would also be collected. It includes your exit pages and URL, type of platform and number of clicks, domain names, landing pages, pages viewed in the specific order which they were viewed, the amount of time spent on a page, date and time which the service was used.
Our services might be customized with location based features. Therefore, we may collect informations about your location, both general and specific informations like IP address and GPS functionality on the device while it is used to access our services. If our services are accessed using a mobile phone, and you do not want to give us a tracking information of your location, simply turn off the GPS or any location tracking function on your mobile device, as long as it enables you to do so.
LectureForum may allow Google and other third party clients to advertise and become advertisement partners. These third parties may choose to use cookies or web beacons to run these adverts on our website. Through the use of cookies, they may collect non personal information about your use of the service. Each of these third parties are guided by their own policy privacy, LectureForum has absolutely no control over their use of cookies. If you wish to discontinue third party cookies, kindly visit their websites to learn about their various privacy policies and how you can opt out or surf through the web browser for each website to disable its cookies.

How Your Information Is Shared

Personal Information: LectureForum will not disclose your personal informations to third parties without your consent. However, when you grant consent, we do not have control over the third parties’ dealings with your information.
We can share your personal information with third parties, with intents that they offer you services or in cases where the third parties are offering joint service with LectureForum. For instance, your personal informations may be shared with third parties who put out questions, answers and contributions of LectureForum through their services, so that they can create contents and adverts for you. In cases like this, the third party’s use of your personal information will be within the boundaries of this privacy policy.

Non-Personal Information: Under this privacy policy, there are no restrictions to the disclosure and use of non personal information for research and marketing purposes. The information collected will be left anonymous so that it does not identify you.
By technological means, the third party advert services that LectureForum allows on their service, may send adverts directly to your browser. This automatically makes your IP address accessible to them. They use cookies, web beacons or other forms of technology, to monitor the effectiveness of their adverts and manage their contents. Your personal informations are not accessible by these third parties, but if a third party adverts uses LecturerForum to run its adverts and you respond to it, they may assume you to be their target audience. When this happens, we can no longer control the activities of the third party advert. Kindly reach out for the privacy policy of that third party for relevant informations.

Security Measures On Your Information

LectureForum employs technical, administrative and physical measures to safeguard the privacy of your personal informations against disclosure or unauthorized use. However, we cannot assure you of absolute security on the information you have provided to LectureForum or guarantee you that they may not be altered. In cases where where there is a suspected compromise, you will be notified.
For safety measures, in choosing a password for any services, use a password that contains alphabets, numbers and non alphanumeric characters, avoid using pure dictionary words. Do not use passwords that are already in use for your business or person accounts on another platform.
Do not also disclose sensitive personal informations.

Children Restrictions

LectureForum does not take deliberate actions in requesting or collecting personal informations from individuals below the age of 13. We encourage parental advisory if anyone below that age, gains access to the internet by any chance. If we realize or receive a report hat we have personal informations of that child, without going through a parent or guardian, that child’s information would be removed immediately.

Retention Of Information

You cannot completely erase or cancel all your information from LectureForum, even after a period of inactivity. Back up informations may be retained even if your account was deleted, especially in cases where you have shared information with social media or other services. Data would be retained too, if your account was deleted or restricted on the grounds of illegal or suspicious acts.


This privacy policy only concerns online activities between LectureForum and its users. We are not responsible for advert links that you may click out of interest, when you leave our services to another website or channel, our privacy policy is no longer effective.
By completing your membership registration and looking into, you have understood and accepted our privacy policy, and you are willing to abide by its terms.


This privacy policy was written on 12th May, 2022. We have rights to modify and publish our policies on our website, without any form of approval or consent from users and visitors.