Pants and Bra Business in Nigeria, 2022

Pants and Bra Business in Nigeria, 2022
pants and bra set price in nigeria

With the rise of breast cancer and yeast infection amongst women, more ladies are now taking their undies more seriously, as a lady, you need to go for the best brands of Pants and Bra like cosabella curvy bralette, Cosabella Never say never, Zara pants for women, Savage X Fenty panties, knickey Panties and various other quality sets of undergarments.

What this means is, anyone who wants to venture into pants and bra business in Nigeria is sure to make money from it from different pants and bra sets.

Beyond making money from pants and bra business, this article also opens you up to making good choices during shopping.

So whether you’re looking for the best undergarment brand or you want to know how to start the business, this article provides the answers to all your questions.


Ladies Pant and Bra.

Pant and Bra has always been a thing since the 90s and I can confidently say that there has not been much difference from what it was to what it is today.

That is not to say there are no differences anyway. The 2022 designs are definitely mind-blowing.

Best Cotton Panties Brand

Before we delve further, let me quickly mention that no matter how tempted you are to choose underwear because of how classy they look, you should consider your vaginal health first and choose cotton materials.

Cotton materials have been scientifically proven to be the best underwear material as it promotes comfortability and breathability.

Having said that, there are some brands that stand out more than the others and I have them in a list below.


Cosabella Panties and Bra

cosabella curvy never say never bralettes

This brand is a certified cotton panties brand. Although it’s a US based brand, many Nigerians prefer to make orders from this company both for personal use and for business purposes.

Not only are they dealers in panties, they also sell bras and lingeries. Cosabella has different products like “Never say Never, Curvy bralettes and various panties.

I won’t be exaggerating if I label them among the top 5 undergarment brands. The average price of Cosabella Panties is $17

Zara Pants

Zara is a brand known for selling luxury female clothing. Apart from this, there’s also a section that deals with female underwear and so far, there have been amazing reviews about people who have patronized their brands.

Originally a UK brand, Zara has a Nigerian branch where all items can be ordered from and delivered to your doorstep.

Knickey Panties

knickey panties

One beautiful thing about the Knickey brand is worldwide delivery. Also, depending on the quantity of items you purchase, you might get free shipping to your country.

Knickey also has discounted offers on undergarments, beach wears and lingerie.

Tommy John Pants

The Tommy John brand is inarguably the best cotton panties brand there is. The brand serves both men and women which means it’s also the go to brand for men’s underwear.

Savage X Fenty

savage x fenty pants and bra

The last on the list is a brand that has already become a household name and a go to place for quality underwear.

Many people trust this brand because of the juicy discount offers, stylish products and swift delivery.

To get started, you can either visit or

Pant and Bra Set

pants and bra set price in nigeria

In my life’s journey, I’ve met people who like to look classy all the time and their underwear is not left out.

These people want to wear matching underwear, maintain a brand, design or color consistently.

If you also fall into this category, getting your underwear on set is the best way to go.

You can get these sets at previously mentioned brands or in later ones that we’ll look at.

However, you must note that buying sets may cost you more but it’s worth the investment after all. The average price of pants and bra set is N7,000

Where to Buy Undies in Bulk in Nigeria.

Buying your undies in bulk helps save money as it’s less expensive but the challenge remains where to buy them. For this reason, I have come up with three places in Nigeria where you can get your undies in bulk. Let us take a look at them below.

Eko Market (Lagos Island)

This is inarguably the largest fashion market in Nigeria. It is also known as Eko market. Because of how large this market is, you might need to go through the pain of finding specific stores that deal with bulk undies.

It is best that proper research is made before setting out for the market so you don’t miss your way.


Katangowa market is a one stop for all your clothing items, undies inclusive.

On the market days which are usually Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, you’ll be able to get a bale of undies(that is, if you go there early enough) and have your pick.

If you do not like the idea of going through market stress and sorting out items, avails you the opportunity to order for your bulk undies from the comfort of your home.

If you want to start the undergarment business in Nigeria and you need information on how to go about it, then this next piece is for you.


How to start Ladies undergarment business in Nigeria.

In starting any business in Nigeria, you’ll need to carry out a proper research and market survey of that particular business you want to venture into. This also applies to undergarment business. The following factors have to be considered:

Understand your why

A lot of people underestimate the power of why. It is important for you to ask yourself why you want to go into the undergarment business.

If it is passion about women’s health, or you want to make more money, state it clearly and let your answer decide the next steps you’re going to take.

And when the going gets tough, your answer is one of the things that will keep you going.

Do your homework

You’re not the first person to start an undergarment business so it’s important for you to study previous business models.

Understand how the market works, the market size, research your competitors and the problems they face. With this, you’ll be able to properly set up a business structure that works.

Find a supplier

It is important to find a supplier who’ll ensure that you’ll never run out of stock or quality items.

Finding a supplier should be easy. In the course of this article, I have mentioned some brands and places where you can get quality undies, you can connect with those ones too.

Set up your shop or E-commerce website.

You can choose to have a store like the Eko market stores or have an e-commerce website like, the choice is yours to make.

But regardless of what you choose, ensure that it promotes visibility.

Market your brand

Nobody will know what you sell except you talk about it. Doing your homework is not enough to run a successful business, you need to make noise about what you do too.

Whilst looking at the best cotton panties brand, we’ll discover that all the brands mentioned were international brands.

Pants and Bra Manufacturers in Nigeria.

There are several Manufacturers of Pants and Bra in Nigeria. Below are some of the top Manufacturers.

Hannah Danladi

Hannah Danladi is located in Warri and is a leading manufacturing company of undies in Nigeria.

La Divas intimates

A brand located in Abuja and a major supplier to boutiques and retailers alike.

Malabi’s Lingerie Ltd

This brand has been manufacturing lingeries, bras and pants since 2006 and have continued to deliver top notch quality for Nigerian women.

Where to buy wholesale boxers in Nigeria.

Let’s take a look at men’s boxers and where to buy it in in wholesales in Nigeria.

This article has been centered around women and their underwear and so, I’ve decided to switch things a little.

For men who are looking for the best place to get their boxers at wholesale prices, you can get them from previously mentioned brands.In addition to that, you can also get them at Brief Essentials Lingerie at Magodo, Fatcat at Ifako Ijaiye and Boxers World at Trade Fair Complex.

As I round up this article, always remember that if you don’t invest in good underwear, your body will tell.



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