Nigerian Universities Courses List and Number of Years

Nigerian Universities Courses List and Number of Years
nigerian university courses list and number of years

This article opens you to a complete list of Nigerian university courses and their years of study. University courses have different numbers of years and this depends on the complexity of their various fields or on the results you have. That is, either O’Level and A Level or just O’Level . You should prepare your mind for the duration or number of years of a course before deciding to study it.

6 Years Course List

There are very few 6 years university courses in Nigeria and they are all professional courses.

Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and surgery takes six years of study in the university because it is a highly sensitive field that involves lots of practicals to enable students become professionals. Some consider a seven year course because the students take one year of housemanship before they become practicing doctors.


Pharmacy was formally a five year course, but with recent academic developments, the degree has been improved from Bachelor of Science Pharmacist (Bsc/B. Pharm), to a Dr in Pharmacy (D. Pharm). Although this has not been adopted by every Nigerian University, it has made Pharmacy a six year course.

Veterinary Medicine

Although it has to do with animals, veterinary medicine also takes six years of study in the university.

5 Years Courses List

While six year courses are purely sciences, five year courses in Nigeria cut across pure science, social science and arts. Five year courses are also professional sources.


It is a pure art course. Although law takes five years of study in the university, you would need an extra one year in a law school to become a practical barrister.

Agricultural Science

Agric is not particularly a course but a faculty. All courses in faculty of agriculture are five year courses. These courses include: soil science, forestry, fishery, botany, etc. It falls under science.


Architecture is a social science five year course. It is broad and practical.


Engineering is also not particularly a course but a faculty. Each course specializes on a particular field of engineering. They include, Civil, mechanical, electrical engineering and so on. All the courses in Engineering faculty are five year courses.

Estate Management

Estate management is a course in the faculty of environmental science.


It is a professional health science course. Nursing takes five years in a university for a BSN degree (Bachelor of Science in Nursing).

4 Years Courses List

There are so many four year courses in Nigerian Universities. They are usually non-professional and less competitive courses, ranging from pure science, arts and social sciences. Here is a list of 20 four year courses in Nigerian universities.

  • Micro biology
  • Theatre arts
  • International relations and diplomacy
  • Public administration
  • Business administration
  • Education courses
  • Computer Science
  • English and literary studies
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Political science
  • History and international relations
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Mass communication
  • Human kinetics
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Geography and planning
  • Accounting
  • Banking and finance
  • Philosophy and logic

3 Years Courses in Nigeria

There are no full time three year courses in Nigerian Universities. Attaining a bachelor’s degree takes 4 – 6 years in Nigeria, depending on the choice of course. The only exception is school of Nursing and cases where the individual has an A’ Level result.
School of nursing and midwifery takes three years of study, after which you become a Registered Nurse (RN).
An A’level result enables you to gain direct entry into 200Level in any university and course. Therefore, it reduces the number of years for that course by one year. That is, if it were a six year course, it becomes five year, if it was five then it becomes four and if it was four, it would automatically be three years of study.
There are different programs through which you can get an A’level result. They include, IJMB, JUPEB and diploma. They take approximately two years of study. There also tertiary institutions for A’level results. They are COE and polytechnic (OND).

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List of COE Courses in Nigeria

A college of education is a tertiary institution that deals with education courses and offers an NCE qualification upon graduation. Every COE course in Nigeria takes three years of studies. Some of these courses are

  • English/ political science
  • Biology/chemistry
  • Chemistry/physics
  • Chemistry/mathematics
  • English/French
  • Biology/Geography
  • Computer education/ physics
  • Fine and applied art
  • Yoruba/social studies
  • Adult and non formal education
  • Agricultural science
  • Christian religious studies/ Hausa (or any preferred Language
  • Islamic studies /economics

List Of Polytechnic Courses in Nigeria

A polytechnic is similar to a university. It offers courses slightly below the university degree level. It is focused on technical, practical and applied knowledge more than just theories. Polytechnic courses are diploma courses. Most university courses can also be found in a polytechnic. One of the major differences is the absence of professional courses in a polytechnic.
The two polytechnic qualifications are OND and HND. An OND (Ordinary National Diploma) is received after two years of study and offers the holder a HND certificate and a direct entry access to any university of their choice.

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The number of years you spend on studying your course affects your general life plans. If your goals do not involve spending more than four years in school, you should avoid professional courses. Five and six year courses are usually professional and more competitive. In Nigeria, they may take even more years due to certain hitches in the educational system.

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