Men’s Fashion Week: Fashion Trends Forecast 2022

Men’s Fashion Week: Fashion Trends Forecast 2022
slim fit suit mens fashion forecast

The fashion week is a periodic event in the fashion industry. It is an international platform for fashion designers and brands to showcase their collections to potential buyers, stylists and the media, using runway fashion. The event influences trends in current and forthcoming seasons. Fashion week is held in different cities around the world, but the most prominent of them are held in four cities, known as “the big four”. These cities include; New York, Milan, London and Paris.
This article is a compilation of current trends from the recently held Fashion weeks in January and February 2022, in the four notable cities.

Men’s Fashion Week 2022

Men’s fashion week is simply an exclusive collection of men wears or men’s fashion. While some cities around the world are yet to have their fashion week for men. The three notable cities had their fashion weeks in the earliest months of the year.
Here is a schedule of Men’s Fashion Week 2022

  1. Milano: 14 -18 January
  2. Paris: 18 – 23 January
  3. New York: 9 – 15 February
  4. London: 11 – 13 June

Fashion Trend Forecast 2022 – 2023 (men)

Even though, old trends like puff sleeves come back in style, there’s always an annual compilation of menswear to help you check what generation of fashion you fit into. You’re definitely interested in what will be trendy in 2022.

Baggy Pants

Baggy pants for men's fashion week
baggy pants fashion

We’re going back to the oldies but this time, with more style.

Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets for men's fashion week
varsity jackets

They never seem to completely go out of fashion.

Full Placket Polos

Full placket polo fashion week for men
full placket polos fashion

They look just as the name implies. A polo with full length placket like a button down shirt.

Rip and Repair Denim

It looks like a ripped denim that was patched from inside.

High Top sneakers

High top sneakers men's fashion week
high top sneakers

High top shoes are athletic and extend slightly over the ankle.


Jumpsuit for mens fashion week

This year’s fashion forecast introduced unique jumpsuits for men.


Joggers mens fashion week
joggers fashion

Joggers seem like they have come to stay and the comfort they give still make them a good option. From trending in 2020 till date, joggers are still not out of style.


babaclavas fashion

Babaclavas have gone from merely having a visibility on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, to real life fashion. The head piece is one that would stay a while in fashion.

Lowest Rise Jeans

lowest rise jeans fashion

Are skinny Jeans still in style? Definitely not in 2022 fashion forecast for men. The lowest rise jeans have become a best bet.

Black Loafers

black loafers

They provide comfort and save you the stress of lacing up your shoes.

Capri Pants

Capri pants pictures
capris pants

Capri pants are still in style, maintaining a strong trend in 2022 fashion. The pants can be styled to fit different outfits, from casual to sporty.

2022 Fashion Trends for Casuals

Casual cloths are for random or spontaneous occasions and visits. They require comfort and simplicity. The modern look for men are not the normal jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, there’s a little spicing for casual outfits.

Adidas Sneakers

Adidas sneakers pictures
adidas sneakers

They always come back in trends.

Waffle Knit Thermal

wafffle knit thermal

They are not as thick as regular sweaters, they present style and simplicity in fashion.


chinos fashion

Chinos is a good enough to replace your jeans on any kind of shirt. It helps you maintain a smart look.

Cargo and Bermuda Shorts

cargo and bermuda shorts fashion trends

Shorts are generally selective of occasions. If worn properly and with good fabrics, they make you look young.

Vintage Shirts

vintage shirts fashion trends

Vintage shirts are beautifully patterned and soft fabrics. They appear relaxed and reveal the upper body of a man perfectly.

Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

Fashion trends provides options for men to maintain stylishness while preparing for spring and summer heat. Spring/summer outfits are lightweight fabrics.

Short Sleeve Henley

shortsleeve henley fashion

Henley designs draw inspirations from typical T-shirts, but there are 3-4 added buttons for uniqueness.


mens footwear

Summer is a good time to go on sandals, to prevent smelly feet.

Cut-out shirts

cut out shirts fashion

Cut-out shirt is a new trend introduced by Nicolas Di Felix’s in the 2022 menswear fashion collection. They are made specifically for spring/summer seasons.

Sleeveless Sweater

sleeveless sweater

Sleeveless sweater was also introduced during the 2022 fashion week and has become a trend. It could be V-neck or round.

Men’s Suit Trends 2022

Men’s fashion are no longer as constrained as they used to be. Fashion designers have displayed interesting suit options that answers what will be trendy in 2022.

Classic Suits

classic suits mens fashion week

The 2022 model of classic suits are succinct and have some restraint in colors, trousers and jackets. The colors include; black, blue and grey. The trousers can be wide and the jackets are fitted. Classic suits are the best pick for office use and weddings.

Denim suits

denim suit

Denim suits are not original suits, but the jackets give style and beauty on a man’s shoulders.

Double-Breasted Suit

double breasted suit

They give you an official appearance, and are restricted to official purposes. The jacket contains two rows of buttons.

Slim Fit Suit

slim fit suit mens fashion forecast

Fashion weeks always introduce new models of slim suits, experimenting with the style of the trouser and the length of the jackets. In choosing a slim fit suit, consider the physical properties of your body.

Streetwear Trends 2022

Streetwear fashion originated from New York hip hop fashion and Californian skateboarders. It a youthful casual style of fashion.

Nylon Tracksuits

nylon track suit

They are baggy and look sporty. The tracksuits are gender neutral and cut across all age limits.

Camouflage and Cargo

camouflage and cargo fashion

This combination is referred to as the double Cs. It has become a popular trend amongst men.

Faux-fur Hat

Faux-fur hat is a trendy streetwear topping for your outfit.

Men’s Fashion Color Trends

Color gives beauty to a fashion style. The answer to what colors are in for men’s fashion 2022 is plain and mild colors, which includes; Blue, Green, Black, white, ash and grey. Basic primary colors reveal masculinity with class in fashion style, though the tye dye remains an exemption. It comes in different color combinations. Tye dye trend is still in style for 2022 fashion.

Men’s must-haves 2022

Trends or no trends, your dress wardrobe require basic go to outfits that fit for casual and semi-formal locations.

  • Jeans and chinos pants 
  • Button down and polo shirts
  • Blazers
  • Dress socks
  • Sneakers
  • Wrist watch
  • Joggers
  • Leather belts

Men’s Fashion 2022 UK

Men’s fashion in London is in its unique and casual style. If you’re shopping for a vacay in London, your basic outfits should be;


Any jacket of your choice would do,but consider the weather conditions. You’ll need a thick and water resistant jacket for winter and a light weight jacket for summer.


You definitely need a shirt in your jackets. Polo shirts look more appealing in jackets.


Waterproof, boot, sneakers and sport shoes are the shoes for a good outfit in London.


They include; mufflers, simple scarves, winter sweater and so on.


The usual pants are not any different from what is worn in London. Leather, jeans and chinos pants.
Do not wear tank tops or shirts that reveal your armpit, the weather is hardly hot in UK.

The Men’s fashion week 2022 has introduced interesting fashion trends to achieve a balance between men and women’s fashion. The world is drastically evolving in fashion, and the industry no longer belongs to the women alone.