Latest Slippers for Ladies in Nigeria 2022

Latest Slippers for Ladies in Nigeria 2022
leather slippers for ladies

As easy as slippers look, they are a “must have” for every lady. As easy as they may appear, our wardrobes aren’t actually complete without them. Shoes and sneakers are absolutely beautiful, but you definitely cannot wear them always. There are causal outings that demands the comfortability of slippers.
Slippers are every day foot wears that compliment almost every outfit, especially because they are versatile, they can be styled in different ways. You can never really have too many slippers.

Latest Palm Slippers For Ladies 2022

No matter how comfy you want your feet to feel, always do it in style, and because you have a lot of options, it might be a little difficult to tell what kind of slippers fits an occasion. Just as your dresses and trousers depends on location, your slippers do too.

Travel Slippers

travel slippers for ladies

For any kind of trip, either road, air or train, you need comfy, light and soft slippers that can help you move freely with your luggages. Travels are not really comfortable for most people, don’t add to your discomfort using the wrong choice of footwear.

Casual Slippers

casual slippers

These are random everyday slippers. For visits, strolls and spontaneous outings. Your major concern here should be how well it matches your outfit. Slides (either plain or furry) go better on Jean, you can use a mule for your dresses.

Work/semi formal slippers

semi formal slippers

The stress at work has a way of telling on your footwear. You might go on heels or flat shoes to work, but you need something comfy to walk around with when the stress becomes overwhelming. A casual slippers would be my go to in cases like that.
Mules or slippers heels are trendy foot wears for almost any kind of event, especially when it is not a strictly formal event.

Beach Slippers

beach slippers

Beach slippers should preferably be rubber, the water may damage any other quality. You need casual but classy slippers that would fit your hat and sunglasses.

Latest Fancy Slippers For Ladies 2022

Keep your slippers collection in style by changing it into the latest slippers fashion. There are different types of trendy and fancy slippers for ladies.

Clog Slippers

clog slippers

Clogs are a pair of slippers that helps to keep your toes warm and comfy by having a closed front slip-on that covers a good part of the feet. They are easy to put on and fit for both outdoor and indoor use. The latest outer sole of clogs slippers are made of rubber while the insole feels soft and cushioned to provide the warmth and comfort for the feet. The latest clogs are furry clogs and crocs.

Orthopedic Slippers

orthopedic slippers

Orthopedic slippers provide support to the foot and ankle. They are basically designed for people who suffer foot ailments or poor foot mechanisms like arthritis, but they are generally recommended for foot support and to prevent foot pain. The latest insole for orthopedic slippers are the gel and padded insole.

Boot Slippers

boot slippers for ladies

Boot slippers are easy slip-on that covers from the toes to the ankles. They are for home use, to prevent your feet from cold.

Mule Slippers

mule slippers for ladies

Mules are slip-on shoes that do not have constraints on the heels, and covers the toes fully. They could be high heeled, low or completely flat. The backless slippers are trendy and fit for almost any event.

Flip Flops

flip flops

Flip flops are easy slippers which exposes the feet but keeps the sole protected. There are for home use, to allow air penetrate your feet when the weather is not really favorable. Flip flops are the most affordable slippers because they are not made of expensive quality. They are usually unisex.

Moccasin Slippers

moccasin slippers

Moccasins are stylish slippers that are worn with pajamas. They keep the feet warm and dry and can come in various kinds of quality.

Scuff Slippers

scuff slippers for ladies

They are a type of fancy slip-on slippers that have rough outer sole to enable tractions and prevent you from slipping. Scuff slippers may look like clogs but they are made of different outer sole.

Latest Slide Slippers For Ladies

Slides are light and loose heel foot wears that can be easily unisex. They have beautiful side to side straps that do that separate the big toe from the other toes. Slides consistently top the charts in trendy slippers because they always have new patterns and designs.

Leather Slippers For Ladies

leather slippers for ladies

There are different types of quality, but leather always stands out and is usually associated with class. Leather shoes have been in existence for centuries and still remain the best option if you’re interested in high quality. They always look good and give you a feel of elegance.
Some of the unique characteristics of Leather foot wears are;

  1. Durability
    Leather slippers are highly durable, they can last for as long as you you want them to, without loosing their shine.
  2. Versatility
    Leather slippers come in different styles and modifications. Leather quality is always very stylish for any kind of footwear.
  3. Non-Selective
    Leather slippers can easily fit any kind of outfit. Either casual, formal or travel outfits.
  4. Comfort
    They are comfortable and fit properly. Leather slippers are not known for going over size no matter how long you wear them.

Fashion Slippers for Ladies 2022

fashion slippers for ladies

Fashion slippers cover beautifully decorated or ornamented slippers. They bring the spark in your casual outfit on days when you want to go simple and classy. They are better off on plain and dull colored outfits. Fashion foot wears are not limited to a type of style. They can come in any of the above mentioned type but are distinguished by colors and ornaments, which gives them their unique place in trends.

The latest slippers style gives you a wide range of options, there’s no chance that your wouldn’t find your taste. This is the best time to get beautiful slippers if you have none.They are as essential as shoes, because they are substitutes and can serve for different purposes with all the comfort you need for your feet.



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