Latest Handbags for Ladies 2022

Latest Handbags for Ladies 2022
arabesque ladies handbags

Bags are the type of accessories that speaks volume of class. Women love bags so much because it gives a form of sparkle and confidence to your outfit, it also helps to keep your personal items handy. They are not necessarily selective of outfits, but might be selective of occasion. Of course you cannot carry a beach bag to a wedding event.

Bags For Ladies In Nigeria

Women are highly competitive, and it reflects in their fashion. There’s a wide range of bags for Nigerian ladies, because there’s always something fancy that satisfies their desire to outshine each other.
Some types of these bags are;

Fold over

fold over ladies handbags

A fold over bag is simply one that enables you to fold the top over the bottom, and form a flap.

Clutch Bag

clutch bags women handbags

It is a purse without shoulder handles or straps. It may be big or small in size.

Drawstring Bag

drawstring bags women handbags

A draw string bag is closed by drawing two strings together and opened by drawing them apart. It also comes in the fashion of a back pack.

Wristlet Bag

wristlet bags women fashion

As the name implies, a wristlet bag has a small loop or strap that can only be worn around the wrist.

Beach bag

beach bags latest ladies hand bags in nigeria

They are big plastic or wool bags meant to carry items to the beach.

New Hand Bags Design 2022

Leather is the most rampant quality of bags. However, there is a surge of innovative quality for bags that carry unique designs. Some common materials that are readily available for hand bags in recent times are, vulcanized fiber, paper board, denim, crotchet. The fashion world has also evolved from using plain rectangular/square bags to styled and beautiful designs for leather bags and other qualities.

Circle bags

circle bags women fashion

Circle bags are the unique breakout from the norm. They are round in shape and could be clutch, cross body or whatever type you want it in. They can fit for any form of occasion.

Easy Sling Bags

easy sling bag

An easy sling is a new and trendy design for bags. They have straps that can be adjusted and can be worn over the shoulders or across the body.

The Arabesque

arabesque ladies handbags

The arabesque design has a good zip closure, and the bag is made up of just the front and back. There are no sides.

Bag Arts

bag arts print

Bag arts refer to a new non graphic way of designing bags. These arts could be painted drawings or names of people. They’re most common on Cotten bags

Chain Bags

chain bags for women fashion

Recent bag designs have chain straps instead of the usual plain ones.

Small Bags For Ladies

Small bags are fondly referred to as mini bags. It would be right to call them abbreviated versions of normal bags, because they come with the exact properties except in size. They are usually palm lengths or a little longer, and have cross body, round straps or may be strapless.
One unique type of a mini bag is pouch. A pouch is made of light and soft fabric, it can carry only small and light items like jewelry. It may be a zip pouch or a drawstring. A pouch looks colorful and attractive, and it can be made of different types of quality.
Mini bags are very casual and stylish and can fit for almost every kind of occasion, depending on the kind of items you might need to go with.

Trendy Hand Bags In Nigeria 2022

Fashion presents new styles each year, with catchy options that you might find overwhelming. This article provides the exact types of trending hand bags your should have in your wardrobe.

The Shopper Tote Bag

shopper tote bag women hand bags

The shopper tote bag is a big rectangular shaped bag, with medium straps, used in shopping. They can take as much personal items as you need for your shopping.

The Bucket Bag

bucket bags for ladies

As the name implies, it has a bucket like shape, flat bottom, long straps and beautiful drawstrings.

The Shoulder Bag

shoulder ladies bags

The shoulder bag has long straps meant to go over the shoulders. They usually have side zipped pockets, with a perfectly zipped closure for the main bag.

The Cross Body Bag

cross body bags

The cross body bag has a longer hand compared to shoulder bag, long enough to cross the body in a slant manner. It is comfortable, especially when you have heavy items in your bag, the weight won’t rest on either of your shoulders. The cross body bag is on of the most versatile and trendy bags.


miniaudiere hand bags

It is an ornamented jeweled case with hinged frame and top closure. It has a shoulder strap but it’s use is optional.

Fanny Bag

Fanny bags
latest ladies hand bags in nigeria

It is also called a belt bag because it is usually attached to a belt strap. It a mini bag.


backpack bags latest ladies hand bags in nigeria

A backpack is no longer tied with the stereotype of entirely belonging to students. There are fashionable and trendy backpacks in different sizes. There are perfect for your picnic dates.

The Bowler Bag

bowler bags latest ladies hand bags in nigeria

A bowler has short straps and is medium shaped. It looks like concave shape at the top.

China Hand Bags For Ladies

China handbags are simply imported bags in Nigeria that are made in China. According to research, China was one of the countries with the largest export of hand bags in the year 2020, and till date, they are still known for producing high quality bags. Beyond just bags, China is known for their unique innovations, meeting simple societal demands.
China bags come in various styles and quality, from leather bags to denim and crochet. Their products are quite affordable with all the designers taste you need to revive your fashion sense. Some prestigious designer brands with sources from China are; Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Armani and some selected designs of Prada.
China bags are available on online stores such as Jumia, jiji, konga and Alibaba.

Hand bags are generally a must-have for every lady, you definitely need one to stuff your makeup and extra items into. Check the recommended online stores for the latest hand bags and their prices. Prices may vary depending on the quality/style of your choice, and depending on the store too.


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