Latest Hairstyles for Ladies in Nigeria 2022

Latest Hairstyles for Ladies in Nigeria 2022
latest hairstyles in africa world

Do you want to know the latest trendy hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria?, in this article, we have carefully researched the latest trendy hairstyles with pictures for ladies in Nigeria. Keep yourself updated with the latest hairstyle for ladies in Nigeria in 2022.

Hairstyle For Ladies With Attachment 2022

Below are the trending and best hairstyles for ladies in this 2022.

Lemonade Braid

African hairstyles
lemonade braid hairstyle

Long side-swept cornrows differentiate lemonade braids from other hairstyles for African women. Lemonade braids have resurfaced in a huge way in terms of fashion. 

Whereas side braids have been prevalent in numerous cultures for many years, Beyonce’s braids in her blockbuster album popularized the cornrow hairstyle and cemented braided forms as one of the best hair on demand for black women. 

Lemonade braids may integrate many various kinds and methods by mixing and matching anything from color to portions to edges. For a sweeping effect, some ladies choose large braids along the side, while others like little cornrows fashioned towards the rear for a stylish finish. Whether you’re looking for anything little, medium, big, or giant, we’ve got you covered.

Some of this braid styles are

  • Beyoncé lemonade braid
  • Small lemonade braid
  • Big lemonade braid
  • Center part
  • Top knot
  • Lemonade braid with bead
  • Jumbo triangle part and lots more

French Braid

Nigerian beautiful hairstyles
french braids nigerian hairstyles

Because they distribute strain and weight equally over your head, French braids are quite pleasant to wear. They’re fantastic for keeping your hair in place, especially short hair around your face. You’ll try French braiding each side of your hair separately in this session so you can see what you’re doing in the mirror.

All of the hair is separated into three parts and collected near the scalp at the same time. A French braid, on the other hand, begins with three tiny pieces of hair around the top of the head that are braided together toward the nape of the neck, adding more hair to each area as it crosses in from the side into the middle of the braid structure.

One of the main feature of french braid is that one can easily plait self. Its type is

  • Waterfall french braid
  • Side french braid
  • Loose french braid
  • Inverted french braid
  • Double french braid

Half cornrows Half Braid

Best hairstyles in Nigeria
half cornrows half braid nigerian top hairstyles

After all fact, half cornrows  half  braids is a stunning look that may help to highlight your great attributes while drawing attention away from your flaws. That’s how to switch up your braided hairstyle properly; your hair surrounds your face, so that’s the main thing to notice about you. 

Considering choosing a hair style, it’s often helpful to look at photographs of similar haircuts to get an idea of what you want. Look for hair ideas that fit your natural hair and face shape.

It’s time to maintain your half cornrows and half  braids looking amazing, especially now that you’ve gotten a great haircut. Make sure you maintain a regular hairstyle. Pay very close attention to the parcels or things you purchase and place in it. 

Excessive hair manipulation can lead to destroyed hair, thinning hair, and hair loss. Hair is a true symbol of beauty. As a result, the hair offers a variety of ideas to assist make it more attractive.

Golden Goddess Locs

Best hairstyles in Nigeria
golden goddess locs

Goddess locs are a Synthetic Locs byproduct that has a more fashion, more exquisite loc hairstyle because to its shinier, silkier loc look and gently flowing curled ends. Goddess locs are characterized by their curled hair ends and lack of sealing at the ends.

Initially, goddess locs were solely created with human hair; however, with the growth of the hair extension business, goddess locs which was before with synthetic hair are much more prevalent.

Hairstyle For Ladies in Nigeria 2022

Bantu Knots

Top hairstyles in the world
bantu knots hairstyles with braids

Bantu knots are a classic African hairdo that is black in color. On the top of the head, Bantu knots have little coiled buns. Bantu knots, also known as Zulu knots, are best used on hair that is medium to long in length. Short hair, on the other hand, can still achieve them; it’s just more difficult due to the need to separate the sections.

A hairstyle in which hair is segmented off, perverted, and wrapped in such a way that it stacks on top of its own to form a stemmed knot. The hairdo has since been updated in a variety of ways, but it continues a mainstay for Black women all over the globe, particularly those who wear their hair in organic fashions. 

They are a powerful symbol of women in their culture adopting an organic hairdo brought down through the ages, and they are worn with pride by African women of some ethnic groupings.

Pick And Drop

Top hairstyles in the world today
pick and drop hairstyles

In the 190s and early 20s, pick and drop was a popular defensive hairstyle. This fashionable hairstyle has resurfaced and is causing a stir.

The tree braid style is braiding extensions into the root of your hair for about an inch or two, then leaving the rest of your hair loose and curled. It’s an excellent protective hairstyle since it guards against damage and split ends. Healthy development and length retention also come from less manipulation. 

Because the braids are small and delicate, they’re simple to put in and last for a long time. They are cost-effective, despite the fact that they necessitate a significant number of extensions.

Marley Twist

Top hairstyles in the world
marley twist hairstyles

Marley twists have a similar build to dreadlocks, but they’re considerably quicker to put together because they only demand 2 layers to twist around each other, rather than one thread being beeswax-locked. 

These twists acquire its fluffy aspect from the needed hair pieces, which are suitably named following reggae superstar Bob Marley and are similar in structure to genuine hair. The ultimate product is usually a carefree and joyful hairdo that pays homage to its musical inspiration.

 Marley twists are a must-try for anybody who like tall tales or just needs to feel like that of a goddess. There are no flashy charms or bright colors required.

Big bun

Best Nigerian hairstyles
big bun hairstyles

A woman’s best friend is her big bun hairstyle! It’s even better if it’s as big as possible! Long hair buns for women are always fashionable, never go out of style, and can be worn with any outfit. You can quickly achieve one of these looks by styling one or more buns, ranging from classy and chic to childish and glamorous.

They’re really simple to work with. Simply tie your hair into a ponytail, pull it through the hole to the top, and wrap it around the shaper to create a doughnut-shaped bun. Use a hair band to hold the shape in place, and kirby grips to tuck or wrap the excess hair around.

Latest Hairstyle For Ladies

Crochet Braid

Crochet hairstyles
crochet braid hairstyles

This unique braided

Half cornrows Half Braid

is a super-stylish and easy method to flaunt a new and updated haircut while still protecting your natural hair. It’s commonly achieved by looping synthetic hair extensions through your natural hair with a crochet needle like instrument. 

Plus, because there are so many various hair types, the number of crochet hairstyle alternatives is virtually unlimited – whether you want a lengthy hairdo or are eager to go short this time, there’s always a beautiful crochet style to explore. 

Here are some of the greatest crochet hairstyles to attempt for your next stylish ‘do, ranging from beautiful full-bodied curls to sleek bouncy bobs.

Dread Lock

dreadlock hairstyles for ladies

Dreadlocks, or simply dreads, are a terrific protective style and adaptable way to wear natural hair. To achieve a rope-like look, portions of hair are matted and twisted together. Although the style is popular, there is a lot you need know about the procedure and how to preserve it before you begin.

Dreadlocks are braids in which stray hairs are tucked into the dread and secured with the rest of your hair. The technique you selected to start your dreads and the age of your dreads will determine the care schedule. Its types are

  • Budding
  • Babylocs
  • Teen locs
  • Mature locs
  • Freelocs and more.


Twist braids, which involve two sections of hair twisted into a braid, are a common method among black hairstyles. Twists, also known as rope twists, are braided into a spiral rope that allows for natural hair extension via dreadlocks or high-quality commercial textured strands.

A glam hairdo that does not necessitate a lot of styling? With these twisted components, anything is possible! Simply moisturize your scalp on a regular basis and follow your stylist’s advice, and you’ll have these stunning locks for a long time.

Different twist styles are a great alternative to braids because they’re both impressive and simple to do. It’s time to take a look at this diverse collection of today’s most popular twist braids for women on the internet.


ponytail hairstyles

A ponytail is a hairstyle whereby some, all, or none of the hair on the head is pushed away from the face, gathered and fastened at the back of the head with a hair band, clip, or other similar item, and then left to hang freely from there.

Ponytails are most typically gathered at the top of the skull or at the base of the neck, although they can also be worn on the side of the head (which is regarded formal), and on the very crown of the head. Its type is

  • Long ponytail
  • Short ponytail
  • The braided side ponytail
  • Sleek black ponytail
  • Curly blonde afro puff and lots more

Kinky twist

Hair extensions are used in kinky twists, but only after your hair have been braided for around an inch from the root. The style then transitions to a two-strand twist with curled tips.

Who says a pixie with kinky twists can’t exist? You can do it with this hairstyle. These laid-back looks are our favorites since they’re so much fun to experiment with.

This include

  • Shoulder length for kinki twist
  • Easy kinky twist
  • Light brown kinky and lots more

Finger Wave Curl

The style of the Roaring Twenties suits everyone, whether your hair is blonde or brunette. You can wear more or less expressive make-up depending on the situation. Mousse will be your best friend for generating finger waves if you have a very short hairstyle, such as a pixie cut. 

Byrdie recommends buying a mousse like the Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam, which provides control, shine, and definition. A rat-tail comb with small teeth is required for both long and short hair. A hooded hair dryer could be an excellent buy if you have frizz-prone hair. Its common type is

  • Long finger wave with bangs
  • Long luceous retro waves
  • Formal finger waves updo and lot more 

Trending Hair style

Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid thickens even fine hair, making it one of the most popular braided hairstyles.

The Dutch braid is braided close to the head, much like the French braid. When braiding, begin at the top of your head and work your way down. Without the use of hair clips or clips, all hair can be kept out of the face with this braiding technique. If you part your hair in the middle and braid a Dutch braid on each side, the hairstyle looks even better.

Fishtail Braid

The movements of our hands in constructing a fishtail braid are identical to those used by men and women in ancient Greece, including those who clothed the Caryatids’ human inspirations.

To create a fishtail braid, divide your hair into two equal portions and bring them to the same side of your head. Each part should be held in one hand. Then, on the outside border of one of the larger parts, detach a little section of hair with your index finger.

Feed-in braid

Feed-in braids are plaited hairstyles in which the braid is formed from the ground up with extensions rather than just placing them. So, “feeding-in” sections of hair to the main braid allows it to gradually increase in size, and also protects your edges from severe tension caused by excessively thick extensions.

Feed-ins is so-called because they allow you to feed in little strands of hair extensions while plaiting.

Hair style For Ladies Weaving

Zig Zag Braid

It’s ideal for someone who enjoys colorful designs that stand out. You don’t need a reason to have a distinctive hairstyle. It’s ideal for someone who enjoys colorful designs that stand out. You don’t need a purpose to have a distinctive hairstyle.

For both men and women, zig zag braids are really fashionable. These patterned hairstyles can give your hair a new lease on life. There are so many different methods to do them, and these braids are suitable for both men and women. You can get creative and imitate one of these possibilities if you get bored with the normal designs.

3d Ghana Braid

The 3D braid follows next. Because they are more stylish than standard 2d braids, these braids have become popular. 3d braids, on the other hand, give the hairdo additional body, texture, and thickness.

Furthermore, because of the beautiful motifs, this Ghana weaving style will be observed by everyone, and people would want to learn how to make it. You’ll need braids that are similar in color and texture to your hair to achieve these braids.

New Pencil Hairstyle For 2022

Abuja Line Style In Kenya

Abuja lines have become a trendy fashion trend that does not appear to be going away anytime soon. It’s the go-to alternative for modern ladies of all ages because it’s low maintenance, easy to install, and you can get so many distinct Abuja hairstyles in Nairobi that suit all face shapes owing to stylists’ inventiveness. There are also varied lengths, textures, and colors, so you can easily get alternative ideas to inspire your next Abuja lines hairdo by walking into any beauty product shop.

Pencil Line Braid

The idea that you have to get your hair extensions in one color is no longer valid. You can now have black and reddish-maroon hair extensions braided into your hair in Ghanaian cornrows styles, as shown in the picture above.

 The updo is perfect for an office atmosphere, and the bun on top of the head helps to accentuate the face. Because this is one of the Ghanaian braids hairstyles with a mid-parting, it is best avoided by women with round faces. The smaller cornrows are ideal since they keep the hairdo from seeming stale.

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