Latest Ghana Weaving Hairstyles that will enhance your Beauty 2022

Latest Ghana Weaving Hairstyles that will enhance your Beauty 2022
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Ghana weaving hairstyles is one of the most popular hairstyles in Nigeria and Africa at large. We have compiled a list of latest and trendy Ghana weaving hairstyles with pictures that broke the internet in 2022. Ghana weaving is achieved by feeding in extensions while making the hair. Ghana weaving with a natural hair lasts for at most  two to three weeks with a relaxed hair. The weaving has evolved from being just a part of the Ghanaian culture to a fancy hairstyle for women all around and beyond Africa. Ghana weaving is the general term for different trendy hairstyles.

Ghana Weaving Hairstyles for Ladies

Ghana braids have a variety of styles for any length of your choice and in any size, it is one of the most popular hairdo amongst Nigerian women. In this article, we shall be exploring the top most popular Ghana weaving hairstyle that has also attracted women from other continents.

Ghana Weaving Shuku


Shuku is achieved by braiding the hair into an bun. It is an old traditional hairstyle that has it’s roots in the Yoruba culture. However, it has transitioned from being the hairstyle of the Yoruba royalties to an attractive hairstyle for modern ladies. This transition was accompanied with some tweaks and various techniques of the hairstyle. These new styles of Shuku are;

High Bun Shuku

high bun shuku hairstyle in nigeria

The bun or hump is created at the middle of the head.

High Bun Shuku with Braids

high bun shuku with braids hairstyles

The high bun Shuku with braids is simply combining high bun Shuku and braids. There are various styles to achieving this, like letting half of the fall to the back in simple braids, creating two braids, one on either sides of the head or creating braids from the sides to the back of the head.

Low Bun Shuku

low bun shuku hairstyle

To achieve this style, the bun is created in between the middle of the head and the neck.

Double Bun Shuku

double bun shuku hairstyle

The double bun Shuku is achieved by creating two buns on either sides of the head, one on the left and the other on the right.

Ghana Weaving All Back

All back Ghana weaving never seems to be going out of fashion, even in the coming years. It is no doubt, the simplest and most economic hairstyle still in trend. It fits every shape of face in its desired size. It is achieved by weaving the hair from the front of the head to the nape of the neck, in different styles.

All Back in Zag Zag

all back zigzag hairstyle

The hair is weaved in a snake like zig zag pattern. It may seem complicated but it gives some level of uniqueness to the style.

French Braids

french braids hairstyles in nigeria

French braids is a form of all back ghana weaving style, that involves parting the hair into two bold sections. The sections are weaved into bold braids in a V-shaped pattern, from almost the same starting point at the front of the head, to getting parted into different sides while the braids get bigger.

Two Step Ghana Weaving

two step ghana weaving

Two step ghana weaving involves weaving a portion of the hair above a layer of braids. It doesn’t accommodate a variety of styles but it can be achieved in various hair partings. The partings include; center, side triangular or c-shaped parting.

Side Swept Ghana Weaving

side swept ghana weaving

This style is fondly called the Lemonade style, because it originated from Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. It is achieved by weaving the hair to the side, usually from from left to right, and letting it fall loosely. The hairstyle has been trending since 2016.

Big Ghana Weaving styles

big ghana weaving hairstyles

Big Ghana braids are the latest for ladies because they are less time consuming. You can achieve it by simply increasing the size and thickness of each hair section and also the hair extensions before braiding. However, ensure that the extensions are tightly fed into the hair, to prevent it from getting rough.

Simple Ghana Weaving Styles

Ghana weaving hairstyles are generally not complicated or time consuming, but this depends largely on your desired size. Small Ghana braids are more time consuming because they require tiny and almost invisible lines.
Looking for simple ways to style your hair? Here are a few suggestions.

Flow Curls

flow curls hairstyles

Curls are not selective of any kind of ghana weaving, they retain the simplicity of your hairdo by giving it a babyish feel and appearance.


corn rows ghana weaving hairstyles

One of the latest and simple fashion for your Ghana weaving hairstyle, is adding thin cornrows in between the Ghana braids.

Hair Accessories

Adorning your hair with beads, cowries, or gold cuffs enhances the beauty of the hairstyle.

hair accessories in nigeria

Ghana Weaving Styles for Round Face

As much as some hairstyles are versatile and can look good or almost every face shape, it is safer to consider your face shape while deciding your next hairstyle. For ladies who have a round face, you should look out for hairstyles that can make your face a little longer, else your head may look just round and ruin your beauty enhancement intention. Add more length to your hair, either a little longer than bra length or at waist length. Besides, long hairs are the latest.
Any other kind of parting would look better than a center parting for a round face. Center partings do not add more length to the face. Although French braids is an exemption, the hairstyle gives a unique look even when it’s center parting, it is suitable for a round face.

Difference between Ghana Weaving and Cornrows

Ghana braids are often misunderstood for cornrows because they can both achieve similar styles. The main difference between the two hairstyles is the feed in extensions that Ghana braids require. Cornrows are simple weaving that are done using an underhand, upward motion in a continuous row, while Ghana weaving feeds in extensions above the braids, creating a ring like shape on them. Ghana braids look like large, stylish cornrows. To achieve them,

• Wash your hair, dry and comb it properly to detangle every strand
• Using a tail comb, part the hair vertically in equal thickness and desired size
• Start with a desired hair section, braid it by dividing it into three places with your fingers and overlapping the left over the middle section, then the right over the middle section
• After overlapping different hair segments twice, start feeding in the hair extensions while you keep braiding till that section is completely braided
• Wherever the hair stops, continue with the extensions till you achieve your desired length.

Use edge control to maintain your front and side edges, and a soft hair cream for your hair partings.

Carrying an overdue hairstyle may affect your hair negatively by causing it to pull out or break.

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