Latest Abaya Styles in Nigeria 2022

Latest Abaya Styles in Nigeria 2022
beaded abaya styles

Abaya is a loose-fitting full body length gown, usually worn by Muslim women. It is worn over casual clothes and is most rampant in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia. Over time, it has evolved from being a religious outfit to fashion trend, women of different religious backgrounds and countries have found it fashionable and attractive.

Abaya Styles For Ladies

Abayas are no longer as restricted as they used to be, they have become must-haves for ladies who love to keep their wardrobe trendy. No matter what your style is, you can always find it with these Abaya gown styles.

Floral Printed Abaya

floral printed abaya

This type of Abaya is well patterned with bright flowery colors and it is made of silk material.

Maxi Abaya

maxi abaya

The maxi Abaya is not a very flowing garment. It doesn’t cover your feet, so you can showcase your heeled or flat shoes.

Full Abaya

full abaya

It is loosely fit and doesn’t show any part of your skin, except your hands, toes and face. It is made of thick fabrics.

Batwing Abaya

batwing abaya

A batwing Abaya is very versatile and elegant. It is made up of double sleeves that extends from the upper arm to the fore arm.

Nigerian Abaya Styles

Abaya in Lagos and every other part of Nigeria are not the usual plain patterns, they come in various designs and fancy styles.

Abaya on Jean

abaya on jeans

Abaya paired with jeans gives you a sophisticated outfit.

Kimono Abaya

kimono abaya styles

Neutral colored Abaya fits for a kimono style. It gives you the chance to showcase what you are wearing underneath the Abaya.

Beaded Abaya

beaded abaya styles

The beaded Abaya is one of the most sophisticated evolution of Abaya in Nigeria. It gives you an intriguing outfit instead of the usual plain and boring style.

Summer Abaya

summer abaya styles

The weather condition in Nigeria might not always be suitable for the usual crepe fabric Abaya. There are light textured fabrics to help you feel ventilated. Example double/thick chiffon Abaya.

Price of Abaya Styles in Nigeria

The prices of Abaya is Nigeria differs with style, designs and stores. If you are uncertain on which store to get one, simply try certified online stores like alibaba, jiji or jumia. The average price of Abaya in Nigeria is ₦23,000

Chiffon Abaya Styles

Chiffon is a transparent fabric that is made of nylon and silk, and has a rough feel. Chiffon Abaya is light weight and suitable for formal occasions.

Double Layered Chiffon Abaya

double layered chiffon abaya

A double layer Abaya consists of two of more opposite layers, overlapping each other on the dress. It gives a luxurious look.

Butterfly Abaya

butterfly abaya styles

Butterfly-styled double layer Abaya is a gorgeous double layer with loose sleeves that hang loose under your arm.

Open Front Chiffon Abaya

open front chiffon abaya

It has a slim fabric belt around the belly, which makes it look like a robe. However, you can freestyle it into a kimono by letting it fly.

Double Face Chiffon Abaya

double face chiffon abaya styles

It is a two piece design, in which each piece has a different color and design from the other. A plain piece is worn inside while the other, that may be patterned, is worn over it like a jacket. Ensure your double face chiffon has good matching colors.

Abaya Lace Styles

Price of Abaya in Nigeria
abaya lace styles

Abaya gowns do not usually come in full length lace styles. Lace embroideries are usually used as designs for chiffon abayas, either at the sleeves, the chest, the hem or wherever the fashion designer deems it fit for a design. Abaya gowns with lace are fashionable for Muslim weddings or red carpet events. Laces are good with any kind of chiffon Abaya.

Abaya with Stones

Just like every other type of dress, stones speak a high volume of elegance and class. There are different kinds of stones for clothes, one of the best is the Swarovski crystal stones.
Stones appear beautifully on plain and neutral colored Abaya gowns.

Dubai Abaya Designs 2022

Dubai is fondly known as the city of fashion. It is an Islam state, therefore, Abaya is rampant amongst the women. Some of the latest Dubai Abaya designs are already listed above. They include, Abaya with stones, batwing Abaya and double face chiffon Abaya. Other recent designs are:

Satin Pleated Abaya

satin pleated abaya styles

Satin is a soft and smooth fabric. It is shiny on the top but dull and rough at the back. A satin textured Abaya with pleats at desired places is a sophisticated Dubai design.

Bouguessa Abaya

bouguessa abaya styles

It is a perfect blend of classic and contemporary Abaya. It consists of straight line designs and contrasting colors. It is simple to wear and very comfortable.

Statement Sleeves Abaya

Price of Abaya in Dubai
statement sleeves abaya styles

Plain abaya with statement sleeves look lively and attractive. The sleeves makes the gown look simply gorgeous.

Kaftan Styled Abaya

kaftan abaya styles

Kaftan styled Abaya is loosely fit with round hem and edges.

Khaleej Style

khaleej abaya styles

Khaleej Abaya takes a little breakout from the regular rules of the hijab dressing, which states that the whole skin must be covered except the face and hands. The Khaleej Abaya allows a part of the hair to be revealed.

Latest Abaya Design, 2022 Saudi Arabia

saudi arabia abaya styles

Saudi Arabia is another hub for Abaya gowns for ladies. The fashion and use of Abaya May have evolved everywhere else around the globe, but wearing of the garment is infringed into the State’s law, to hide the body of their women from men who are not related to them by any means.
Therefore, a typical Saudi Arabian Abaya gown is meant to cover a woman from neck to toe. Unlike other countries where a simple hijab is accepted, Abaya is worn with gloves and a veil with narrow slits for the eyes. This is to keep the entire body of the woman away from the public, according to religious dictates.
The common Abaya design in Saudi Arabia is an embroidered sleeve with plain and unadorned garment. The common colors and black, dark blue and other dull colors.

Ensure your Abaya is well fitted on your shoulders. If the loose-fit looks like it’s beyond your size, go for another one, a belt might not manage that properly.


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