Latest Abaya and Prices

abaya styles and prices
abaya styles and prices

Abaya gowns are loosely fit dresses usually worn by Muslim women, especially in Arab countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and so on. In Nigeria, it’s predominantly worn by people from the northern region, Kano, Kaduna, Kastina, Abuja etc. Abaya can be found largely in southern States like Lagos, Port Harcourt etc.  However, they have become so fashionable to women across various countries, tribes and religion. Hence, there are frequent questions popping up as regards the price of Abaya in different parts of the world, such as “How much is abaya in Nigeria”.
The abaya fashion was formerly restricted to dull colors, without ornaments and with no room for varying styles. But with its evolution to different parts of the world, there are currently different types of Abaya sold for different amounts. This article provides the prices of these abaya gown styles, such as, Abaya styles with stone, chiffon Abaya styles and the latest Abaya.
Since we also know that Dubai is the hub for luxury fashion, we have answers for your search on where to buy cheap Abaya in Dubai, best Abaya shops in Dubai, Abaya market in Dubai, wholesale abaya shops in Dubai and the luxury Abaya Dubai online.

Price of Abaya in Nigeria

The Nigerian market is flooded with different Abaya gown styles, to suit both Muslim and Christian women in the country. There are two states that are likely to have a good number of prospective customers: Lagos and Kano. This is because Lagos is the center of commercial activities in Nigeria, and Kano is the second Muslim populated state in Nigeria. There are 9,196,008 number of Muslims, with a population of 9,383,682 people.
However, the price of Abaya in these two states may be slightly different due to class and demand. The price of Abaya in Kano is cheaper, check out Kwali online Business Kano, for beautiful abayas available within the state. While the price of Abaya in Lagos is more expensive.
Below is the average price of Abaya in Nigeria for popular styles.

Abaya with Statement Sleeves

abaya styles and prices
abaya styles and prices
kaftan abaya with sleeves
kaftan abaya with sleeves

This refers to Abaya gowns with extra details on the sleeves. The price range of this abaya is N17,000 to N20,000

Abaya with Trousers

The average price of Abaya with trousers is N12,000 to N15,000. The Abaya comes in form of a robe, paired with trousers.

Abaya with Embroideries

abaya with embroideries
abaya with embroideries

It falls within a price range of N25,000 to N30,000. Since this style of Abaya is covered with beautiful embroideries, the price depends largely on the embroideries used.

Khaleej Abaya

Khaleej abaya is chic and elegant. The average price is N15,000 to N19,000.

Plain Abaya

It falls between the prices of N23,000 to N26,000. It is the oldest style of Abaya, without embroideries or patterns.

Bubu Abaya Gowns

This style of Abaya imitates the Nigerian loose fit gowns with patterns and contemporary designs. It sells at a price range of N12,000 to N20,000

Monochrome Abaya

It goes for N5,000 to N8,500, and has a single color running through.

Abaya with Slitted Sleeves

As the name depicts, the sleeves are slitted for statement. Either from the arm to the elbow or the elbow to the forearm/wrist. The average price is N13,500 to N17,00

Price of Abaya in Dubai

Dubai is internationally recognized as the home of luxury. Although Dubai Abayas are usually expensive, they are of high quality and beautifully designed.

  • Kaftan Abaya – $28 to $30
  • Abaya with trousers (kimono) – $60 to $65
  • Lace Abaya – $75 to $80
  • MonochromeAbaya – $35 to $40

Other Abaya styles in Dubai are sold at an average price of $30 upwards. This also includes the general Abaya price in UAE. The prices may differ with vendors and the texture of the fabric.

Best Abaya Shops in Dubai

There are a number of shops we can recommend for stylish and classy Abayas in Dubai.


It is one of the most prominent Abaya shops in Dubai mall and had outlets in Downtown Dubai and Mirdif. Kashka simply means “elegance”, and their Abayas represent this meaning in bright colors and beautiful patterns.
Location: Al khor building, Baniyas Road, Deira.
Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 6:00PM, Monday to Thursdays.


Hanayen is the largest and most recognized Abaya store in Dubai. They have survived over 30 years in Dubai with about 12 retail stores. You can get almost every available Abaya style in Hanayen store.
Location: Arabian Court, Dubai mall, Downtown Dubai
Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 12:00AM

Dazzle Abaya Boutique

If you’re looking for where to buy cheap Abaya in Dubai, Dazzle Abaya Boutique has you covered. Their Abayas have simple designs and neutral colors
Location: NMC Building, Abu Hail Centre, Deira, Dubai.
Opening Hours: 9:00AM – 1:30:PM


Their abayas express femininity through flowery, beaded and soft fabricated Abayas.
Location: Dubai Mall, Downtown, Dubai
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 12:00am

Louzan Fashion

Louzan fashion provides Abayas with contemporary designs that match the taste of Arab women. They have outlets in City Walk and the Dubai mall, Jumeirah 1.
Location: Dubai Festival City Mall
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm


Chi-ka is recognized for supplying Abaya with prints, in different monochrome colors. They blend the Japanese kimono into the Abaya fashion, creating the robe style.

Location: Chi-Ka Gallery Shop, 69 Alserkal Avenue, 17th Street, Al Quoz 1, Dubai.
Opening hours: 10:00AM – 7:00PM

Abaya Shops in Dubai Online

You can shop your luxury Abaya in Dubai online, on prominent stores that have established branches for delivery in different parts of world. Some of these are, Amazon, Aliexpress, Konga and so on.
Other Abaya shops in Dubai online include:

  • (GIS)

Abaya Market in Dubai

There are not so many Abaya markets in Kubwa, but some worthy mentions are:

  • Abu hail center, Deira
  • Abaya Mall, Mirdif
  • Mamza center
  • Naïf market

Wholesale Abaya Shops in Dubai

You can easily order your wholesale Abaya on online stores and have it delivered at your desired location. Some trusted online stores for wholesale Abaya are:,, and so on. Some physical stores are, Abu Hail Centre, Hanayen and Ayesha Abaya Boutique (Abaya Dubai).

Best Abaya Shops in Deira Dubai

Deira is the place to shop for Abaya without breaking the bank. Some prominent Abaya shops mentioned in this article are located in Deira.

  • Abu hail centre
  • Kashka
  • DazzleAbaya boutique
  • Naïf

Abaya fashion is the ideal way to maintain modesty and still be in style, especially for Arab/Muslim women.


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