Best Sexual Intimacy Exercises for Married Couples

Best Sexual Intimacy Exercises for Married Couples
intimacy exercises for married couples

If you’re looking for best sexual intimacy activities for married couples, this article is for you. Intimacy exercises in marriage has proven to be the binding force between husband and wife. Sex might not be the only indicator of intimacy, but it describes intimacy at its peak, especially when it is between a couple. It is typical for couples to become indifferent or be drained of sexual desire, at some point in their marriage. But being unbothered about rebuilding and increasing intimacy in marriage is a bigger problem. Children, responsibilities and life generally, may take a toll on your sex life with your partner. As much as it becomes so much to worry about, it can be fixed.

What is Sexual Intimacy?

Sexual intimacy simply refers to sexual intercourse between two people that are emotionally attached to each other. It is not like a physical casual sex, which the both parties may not necessarily be attached to each other in any sense.

How to Be More Sexually Intimate with Your Husband

Sexual connections can feel very satisfying and fulfilling. It is realistic as much as it is stereotypical that women become uninterested in sex as they age and they are much more concerned when there is no intimacy from their husband while they are younger.
Acknowledge the supremacy of communication in resolving discomforting issues in your marriage. Sit with your husband or go out of the house, if it is not suitable enough, maybe because of your kids, talk about your intimacy level. It helps the both of you to be more intentional about it. You both might have new fantasies, be willing to let them out and explore together.
Pay attention to your body and the kind of dresses/lingeries you wear. To say men are attracted to physical appearances may be cliché but not lacking truth. However, peoples’ sense of attraction may change or be modified with time, communication should reveal this.
Sometimes, routines can make you exhausted. It also makes you feel stuck and tired of being together. You can travel for a week a two, and share sexual intimacy through flirty phone talks or sexting. It helps to build tension, thereby, increasing your sexual desire and attraction to each other.

Marriage Intimacy Exercises

Research shows that intimacy problems are the most reported from couples during therapy. If you begin to feel an intimacy decline in your marriage, there’s a high tendency that you’re right, while some would seek therapy which is highly recommended, others may find it uncomfortable and seek therapeutic intimacy workshop in marriage. If you are one of them, here are marriage intimacy exercises that may help.


Touching is a sensual activity that can be carried out anywhere and in whatever position. Be attentive to your partner’s gestures when you touch each other, look out for the part of their body that increases pleasure by observing their facial expressions, breath and vocal cues. Touching should not always lead to sex, just enjoy the moment of navigating each other’s bodies with your hands. It builds intimacy.

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Sex Questionnaire

You should learn to ask and answer sexual questions from your partner comfortably. It could be through games, bed time talks or sexting. Communicate your turn-ons, climax and fantasies. It may not seem easy, so start with shallow questions. Sex questionnaire makes you more vulnerable to your partner.

Non-sex activities

Engage in new activities beyond sex. Example trying different kinds of kisses, you may decide to read about them or watch videos together. Discover things you both find funny, laugh together, cringe on outrageous acts and have a good time.

Sensual Games

Games help to create memories and reignite the initial connection you had during your first few years of marriage. Play off-limit games by making rules on what you shouldn’t do in bed, you could also play no hands game, where you have to kiss each other without touching.

Soul Gaze

Set a time duration to stare into each other’s eyes without saying anything. Try to sync your breath while you do this.

Intimacy In New Marriage Life

Intimacy for new couples is not tasking. It is in fact, one of the obvious features in their marriage. In the 3 to 4 years of your marriage, at least, you do not necessarily need a third party interference in resolving an intimacy issue, except in certain rare cases.
As much as, the beginning of your marriage is the time to fit yourselves into comfortable routines, it is also the time to prepare for days these routines will wear the relationship out, by searching and keeping intimacy exercises practical. This helps to strengthen your physical and sexual connection.
There is no perfect formula that regulates intimacy in new marriage life, understand your partner and be willing to adjust despite the age. For young couples in their 20s, you have reserved interest and energy to make love often, it may not be the same for new couples that are older in age, understand yourselves and develop an intimacy activity that works at the time.

Physical Intimacy In Marriage

Physical intimacy refers to contact or closeness between couples, it involves sex but is not entirely about sex. It could be hugs, kisses, cuddle, holding hands and so on.
Physical intimacy makes you more confident of your partner’s love and builds trust.
Here are essential tips to physical intimacy in marriage.


Ensure that your partner is comfortable with whatever activity you’re engaging him/her in. Even if they do not express themselves verbally, observe their facial expressions and body language. If they are uncomfortable with it, you should stop.

Spot the Cancer

Sometimes, when your partner is not responding positively to any exercise you initiate, they could be an underlying issue. It could be an offense or related to upbringing. Some people grew up in families where physical intimacy was absent, it could lead to reluctance in physical affection later in marriage.

Do not Impose An Expectation

Understanding is essential in your marriage because there is no perfect formula. Do not be easily frustrated or angry when your partner does not react in a certain way you expect. Communicate your feelings to help you predict what physical intimacy activity would work.

Intimacy in marriage is solely dependent on the persons involved, not religious or societal standards. Therefore, intimacy in Christian marriage may be different from that in a Muslim marriage because the individuals are different. Encourage intimacy exercises and consistently improve on them, do not wait till your marriage is at a dead end.

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