Human Hair Wig Price in Nigeria

wigs with bangs
wigs with bangs

The human hair wigs trend seem like one that may not leave the fashion space soon. The natural feel and and texture of the wig makes them the preferred choice of ladies. This has increased the search for cheap and affordable human hair wigs with questions like, “what is the price of human hair wig?”. This article guides you on human hair wig pictures and necessary information on the different types of trending human hair wigs and their prices to help you make the right choice. This includes, water curls human hair prices in Nigeria, ponytail wig price in Nigeria, bone straight, afro wigs and even cheap human hair wigs in Nigeria.
If you’re interested in shopping the right wigs, this article is definitely for you.

Types of Wigs and Their Prices

Wigs have saved ladies the stress and fatigue of sitting at the salon for long hours and monthly expenses on changing hairstyles. Human hair wigs in Nigeria are gotten from Asian countries like China, and the most durable, from Vietnam. In some cases the hair is gotten as raw donors.You can make your choice from the different styles of human hair wigs below.

Bone Straight Wigs

price of bone straight human hair
price of bone straight human hair

Bone straight wigs are the most trending human hair wigs in Nigeria. As the name suggests, bone straight wigs are straight, sleek and classy, well knotted at the weft. Due to how straight they are, you cannot really style them, they are meant to fall flat on your shoulders, depending on the length. The wig comes in different varying lengths, from 8 to 30inches and beyond. It also comes in different colors.
Like every other human hair wig, the price of bone straight wig depends on the vendor, gram, length and the type.
There are three types of bone straight wig.

Single drawn bone straight

It comprises of different hair lengths. It is thick at the top and thin at the bottom. Single drawn is the cheapest type of bone straight hair.

Double drawn bone straight

The double is slightly higher in price because it is thick from top to bottom and has equal length.

Super double drawn bone straight

It is a perfect combination of both single and double drawn. It comprises of about 80% hair strands of equal hair, it is very thick and also very natural. Super double drawn is the most expensive bone straight.

Price of Bone Straight by Length

Vietnamese Bone Straight

  • 18” – N94,000
  • 20” – N105,000
  • 22” – N114,000
  • 24” – N120,000

Raw Donors

  • 10” – N31,000
  • 12” – N34,000
  • 14” – N40,000
  • 16” – N46,000
  • 18” – N50,000
  • 20” – N57,000
  • 22” – N61,000
  • 24” – N66,000
  • 26” – N71,000

Chinese Bone Straight

The price for 10” is N32,000

Pixie Curls

pictures of pixie with curls human hair
pictures of pixie with curls human hair

Pixie curls wig has deep curly strands, from the weft to the bottom. It could be long, to give a feel of elegance or short, which is fondly called “low cut wig” . It is also tangle free.
Below is the price of long pixie human hair curls.

  • 16” (200 grams) – N25,000
  • 20” (200 grams) – N37,000
  • 16” (300 grams) – N46,000
  • 20” (300 grams) – N53,000

For short curls, the price range is N10,000 to N25,000

Wigs with Bangs

wigs with bangs
wigs with bangs

Like every other hairstyle with bangs, wigs with bangs make you look younger. It could be curly, straight or bob, the bangs just make the difference. It is fondly called fringe wig. The price of wigs with bangs ranges from N20,000 to N40,000. It could be more, depending on the vendor, the type of wig and the length, but it cannot be lesser.

Bob wigs

bob human hair wigs
bob human hair wigs

Bob wigs were usually worn in British courts, but they have made way into present day fashion. A bob wig is simply a short wig with bobs. They are affordable and represent a simple fashion style. The price of bob wigs is from N15,000 to as far as N40,000 and sometimes more.

Deep Wave Curly Wig

deep wave curly human hair wig
deep wave curly human hair wig

Deep wave curly wigs have smooth body waves and tight curls. It is bouncy and gives a feel of elegance. The price of deep wave curly wigs range from N48,000 to N90,000.

Magic Curls

magic curls wig
magic curls wig

Magic curls are similar to deep waves. The major difference is that magic curls have no curls from the weft to the middle and sometimes it curls inwards. The price of magic curls range from N50,000 to N75,000


pictures of ponytail wig
pictures of ponytail wig

As much as ponytail extensions can be made and sold separately, you can park your curly or straight wig into a ponytail, if they come with frontals. Ponytail wig price in Nigeria is from N2000 upwards. It depends on the texture of extension used.

Frontals and closures attract extra charges to the price of the wig. It could be about N10,000 to N15,000 extra. But they’re always worth it because they make the wigs look so natural, like they are an extension of your hair.

Cheap Human Hair Wigs in Nigeria

Cheap human hair wigs refer to human hair wigs that are almost the same price as synthetic wigs, but are still of a higher texture and durability.
Some cheap human hair wigs in Nigeria include:

Human Hair Blend

Human blend simply refers to wigs that are not 100% human hair. They rather have a mix of both human hair and synthetic. Some may have 50:50 percentage of the two, while others have a 70:30 percentage. The ratio may affect the price of the wig. Human hair blends come in different wig styles, ranging from bob wigs to curly wigs, including bone straight wigs.
They can be sold for as low as N12,000.

Asian Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs from India and China are very cheap. However, they do not have so many length options, the most available length is 10 inches. Asian human hair wigs can be sold for as low as N18,000

Afro Kinky Wig

afro kinky affordable wig
afro kinky affordable wig

This kind of wig defines simplicity and class. Compared to the other types of human hair wigs, it is very affordable but still manages to give you a very beautiful result. They are also very easy to maintain and highly durable.
Get yourself an Afro kinky wig for as low as N7,000. You can also get an afro bun for N2,000 and rock it till you get tired. The fashion never really goes out of sophistication.

Note that the vendor you decide to patronize influences the price of the human hair wig incredibly. Some recommended human hair vendors in Nigeria are Becca Ville, Mizwanneka and Temmy’s hair.


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