How to win a girl’s heart in 3 days.

How to win a girl’s heart in 3 days.
how to win a girls heart in 3 days

Unlike men, women are more likely to fall in love easily. I recently saw a tweet about a man who wooed a woman for three years before becoming hers. As always, many will be for or against such but the fact still remains that when a woman loves you, you don’t have to woo her for too long before she gives in. Please note that I’m talking about someone intentional about her life and not some girl who doesn’t have her life figured out. A real woman knows what she wants and won’t put any man through the stress of running after her for too long.
This it is not because she is cheap, it is just the way it is. If you follow the rules I’m about to share, you’ll realize that three days is not too small to win the heart of a girl you love.
Wooing a woman shouldn’t be a hard thing to do.

Steps on how to win a girl’s heart in 3 days

Now that being said, below are ways you can win a girl’s heart in 3 days.

  1. Be confident.
  2. Don’t over-compliment her.
  3. Don’t be desperate.
  4. Subtly initiate a date.
  5. Smell good.
  6. Make her life your business.
  7. Be as sincere enough as possible.
  8. Develop great communication skills by asking open ended questions.

Be confident

That you’re an introvert doesn’t matter in this case. The ability to express yourself confidently matters a lot to a woman. How else would she know you’ll be able to stand up for her when things get sour along the way.

Newsflash, it’s not always about the talking. Sometimes, something as little as your posture also speaks a lot about your confidence level.

Anytime you’re feeling like you want to back out, ask yourself- “what’s the worst that can happen?”.
Failure? Rejection? Insults?.
And then proceed to ask yourself if this is enough to push you back from experiencing love if it eventually works out with this person.

Don’t over-compliment her

It is true that women love compliments. It is even often said that a woman is moved by what she hears, and this has been proven over and over again.

However, you must be careful not to overdo it, otherwise you’ll come off as creepy.

And you could switch up the compliments a little. Telling her she is very beautiful is probably something she has heard from other guys many times. So you have to be specific. You can say something like “you have a beautiful smile, you have great skin”, etc. Remember not to overdo it.

Don’t be desperate

I’m sure that as a man, you also don’t like women who are desperate no matter how genuine they seem.

One of the signs of being desperate is when you want to be around her all the time, not giving her time to access you in her private space.

I know you have a three day target but that’s not a premise for you to choke her with attention. You’re taking the wrong path by doing that.

Subtly Initiate a Date

Outrightly telling her that you want to take her out on a date can be quite risky as she can turn you down.

But when you say something like- “I learnt about a new restaurant that just opened and I would like us to try some food there”, “I have a movie ticket for two and I thought to share it with you”, etc.

Smell good

It is no secret that women love men who smell real good. It’s an outright turn on.

Now, where most men get it wrongly is thinking your deodorant must be very expensive before you can appeal to a woman.
That’s a lie.

A good shave, bathing with a good scented soap and something as simple as a roll on can do all the trick.

After you have done this, try to get close to her because what use is smelling good when she can’t smell it?. Get close enough so she can have a feel of how good you smell.

Make her life your business

Ask her about her goals, her dreams and try to help her draft an action plan that will help her achieve them faster.

Simple questions like- “what part of your day did you enjoy most?” can go a long way to showing that you care about her.

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Be as sincere enough as possible

If you borrowed a friend’s car to go see her, let her know rather than claim ownership of the car.

If she begins to loathe you because you do not have material things, then maybe she’s not just the right one for you. You can consider backing off at this point.

Turn the table around for a moment and imagine that she’s been lying to you all along, how would you feel?.
That’s the same way she also doesn’t want you to lie to her.

Develop great communication skills by asking open ended questions

If you ask her a question like “how are you?”. You can be sure that the response you’re getting from her is “fine”.

But when you ask questions like “who’s your biggest inspiration and why?”.
You can be sure to have a response that will breed more conversations.

If you think you’re going to run out of what to say, you can write a list of things you’d like to know about her and ask.

Communicating with the girl you love shouldn’t be that hard.

After all has been said and done, it is important to note that you can only try to win a girl over. The choice to be with you or not is entirely hers to make.

But if you’re lucky and she says yes, it is important to keep doing the things you did to get her. That’s not the time for you to stop. Keep proving yourself to be valuable and you’ll soon reap the fruits of a healthy relationship.

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