15 best ways to win a girl’s heart

15 best ways to win a girl’s heart
how to win a girls heart

There are about 3,890 searches on the Internet (Wikipedia only) about winning a girl’s heart. This can only mean one thing, many men are really intentional about the women they love and they want them to reciprocate the love as much as possible.

Winning a girl’s heart is pretty straightforward and easy. This is not to say that girls are cheap but I strongly believe that they’re not as complicated as men portray them to be.

So, if you’re looking for legit ways to win a girl’s heart without being manipulative, then this is for you. Now get in right here for some tips.

How to win a girl’s heart.

  • Understand her love language and speak it well:

Take a moment to imagine that you’re from a different tribe from the person you’re eyeing and you both do not have a common language. No matter how much you love each other, when one of you speaks, the other person doesn’t understand because you do not speak the same language. 

So also is the concept of love languages. No matter how much you’re willing to spend your life with this person, if you do not love her the way she wants to be loved, you’ll be pouring water into a basket.

An act of kindness, helping her get things done, a sincere compliment, a thoughtful gift, a mild touch such as holding hands, hugs and kisses and spending time with her could go a long way to winning her heart. You just have to find out what works best for her. But ensure you don’t overdo things.

I strongly recommend “Five love languages” by Gary Chapman if you want to understand the concept of love languages better.

  • Sell yourself:

 It is no secret that women love men who have a sense of purpose and direction. If you do not have ambitions, dreams and goals, she’ll soon find your chase very boring as there would be nothing exciting to look forward to with you because as you may already know, women are very futuristic.

Present your vision in the best way possible:

If you’re very visionary, she’ll have no choice but to be with you.

  • Help her discover her potentials:

Recommend books, courses and relevant materials to spur her self development process. It doesn’t matter what phase of life she is at the moment, a woman is usually attracted to a man who wants her to become a better version of herself.

And for potentials that have already been discovered, help her maximize them. 

  • Find a common interest and engage in it together:

This creates an avenue of bonding and it cannot be overemphasized. Now let’s take a moment to assume that you both don’t have a common interest, you can find something she loves and also take time to know the basics so you both can have something worthy of discussion. 

If she loves dance classes, you can volunteer to drive her down or ask her to teach you a few moves.

Remember that you don’t have to go overboard when trying to win her heart.

  • Communicate your desires properly.

Let her know what you want. Don’t give her a chance to second guess what you want from her.

  • Respect the boundaries she has put in place:

If she doesn’t appreciate calls at certain times or finds some things quite inappropriate, it’s best you respect these choices of hers to avoid appearing as a pervert to her.

  • Have core values that drive you.

It makes you more attractive to her:

Excellence, Integrity amongst other things are some of the tricks you can use in winning a girl over. It presents you as someone who’s not mediocre and it is only a matter of time before she says yes to you.

  • Honesty should be your watchword. Don’t pretend to be what you’re not

Girls like it when guys show their true selves- because it’s a sign of confidence. Don’t try to change who you are to impress her, because she’ll see right through that anyway.

Be honest about everything. When you first meet a girl, don’t pretend to be someone or something that you’re not. Girls love guys who are honest,and they’ll be turned off if you lie or exaggerate. 

Either in appearance or conversations, maintain honesty at all times. Read Also How to win a girl’s heart in 3 days

  • Do not resort to manipulation or reverse psychology

Sure, you have made an effort. You can’t just show up looking like a slob and expect the girl to call for you. But there are good ways and bad ways of making an effort!.

  • Whenever there’s a competition around, ensure you’re not threatened. Your confidence will make her fall for you the more.


  • Be vulnerable to a large extent:

Don’t overdo it anyway. Girls love men who are unashamedly transparent.

This will bring out reciprocation as she’ll also start to share information with you too. 

  • Have a lot of night talks:

I recently saw a tweet on Twitter that says “talking to someone at night makes you fall in love”. 

It is very true, I have been there before. As a matter of fact, I’m still there. 

Why do you think most people stay up at night to talk to their loved ones?. That’s the time many people are retiring to bed. They have a clearer mind and your conversation is what will occupy their thoughts until they drift off to sleep.

Therefore, if you want to win her over, this is something you should try. Read Also How to make a girl fall madly in love with you

  • Be friends with her friends so that when she discusses you with them, they’ll encourage her to get closer to you. 

Respect boundaries but when you have the opportunity, such as their birthdays or other important dates, get them thoughtful gifts and check up on them. If she has a best friend, this is the person you should be friends with.

  • Be considerate of her needs and desires.

Understand that you can’t always have your way all the time and make her know that you understand this.

  • Treat others right too.

If you treat her like a princess but make the waiter at the club less of a human, that’s going to be a turn off for her.

As much as all these 15 tips are great, don’t forget that it might not work on the girl you intend winning over. You’ll have to observe, and more importantly, maintain consistent communication with her. 

You don’t want to tell her you love her today and then isolate yourself for three months only to come back and repeat the same thing. That would be a total turn off.

Except the girl in question is a player, you cannot constantly maintain an open line of communication alongside all these tips with a lady and not make her yours.

Kindly use the comment section to tell me which of these tricks you have used that worked for you. I’ll be reading.


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