Gym Workout During Menstrual Period

Gym Workout During Menstrual Period
gym workout during period

Periods come with excess fatigue due to loss of blood from the body. It is typical of women to feel lazy, uninterested and other symptoms that accompany that time of the month. Going all the way to a gym may feel like extra labor, especially during the first 2-3 days of your flow, when your body is experiencing changes, you may experience severe pain within this period, it is advisable to take proper rest if your body isn’t responding positively to your workout schedule.
The progesterone and estrogen are low during the entire phase of a menstrual cycle, which results in both psychological and physical effects like depression, heaviness and cramps.
Exercises put pressure on the abdominal region, especially within the first two days, and this increases the chances of infections. The body might require enough nutrients and rest at this stage and exercises may not be ideal until later.

Benefits Of Gym Workouts During Periods.
Gym workouts are not less benefiting during periods, it hardly makes a difference if you do not continue your fitness routine, especially if it is due to natural PMS symptoms. Rather than ceasing your routine during that time of the month, engage in workouts that can enhance body fitness.

  1. Endorphin Release
    Endorphins are known as happy hormones. There are chemicals produced by the brain and nervous system to help you cope with pain. Exercises increases the level of endorphins and serve as natural pain killers for menstrual cramps.
    Endorphins also have psychological benefits in the body. They are known as “feel good” hormones because they trigger feelings that are similar to that of a morphine. Since they are high during exercises, they produce a feeling of euphoria, alleviating anxiety and depression.
  2. Social Influence.
    Going to the gym can help deal with depression and mood swings because it provides company, and they all cannot be having their periods too. Their energy and mood can influence yours. As much as at-home workouts are okay, they cannot deal with certain PMS symptoms in this manner. The gym might just feel like the right place to socialize, ease the tension and enhance your mood.
  3. Medical Benefits
    Walking to the gym or working out in a open air gym (as the case may be), enhances the level of vitamin D in the body.
  4. Free flow
    Exercising helps you experience a free flow of blood by improving the shedding process of the endometrial lining.
  5. Energy
    Fatigue is the most common PMS that every woman encounters during periods. Exercises keep you braced and energized to go about your normal activities.
  6. Regulates Your Cycle
    If you experience an irregular menstrual cycle, exercising helps to correct this and put the cycle back on track.

Best Gym Workouts During Periods.

While exercises are generally healthy, periods may prevent you from carrying out certain exercises. If you experience severe cramps and bleeding during any exercise, take some rest skip your workout routine till you’re done with your periods. Don’t force your body to exercise.

  1. Walking On A Treadmill
    Walking on a treadmill is less stressful than walking on the road or flat surfaces at home. It is a low intensity aerobic exercise that improves breathing in the lungs. It also helps to burn calories.
  2. Elliptical Trainers.
    Working out on an elliptical trainer helps to boost blood circulation around your muscles. This as reduces period cramps.
  3. Leg Press
    Using a leg press machine for workouts during period is very safe and recommended, because it doesn’t necessarily engage your core. It strengthens your back and pelvic muscles. It simply involves putting light weight and pushing it in a particular pace.
  4. Hamstring Curl
    It focuses on the hamstring muscles, which makes it a lower body exercise. They serve as a good remedy for leg pain during periods.
  5. Light Weight lifting.
    The body is tender during periods, heavy weight lift can result in injury and strain. Light weight exercises are good enough to flex the muscles during period.
  6. Yoga.
    It is safe to engage in any yoga position during periods. Although some women struggle with inversion, if you do, then try other positions that may be favorable. They help you stretch and relax. It also relieves you of PMS symptoms.
    You might also want to consider some core exercises like plank, they are more effective in boosting the estrogen and progesterone.

Things To Avoid In Gym Workouts During Your Periods.

  1. Leaking
    You definitely do not want to leak out during your gym workout session. Dealing with embarrassments and PMS would be too discouraging and distracting . If your flow is heavy, double up your pad or try a pad and tampon combo. Menstrual cups are also a good bet, they retain flows for up to eight hours. Take extra underwear if you think it is necessary.
  2. Wearing Colored Gym Outfits.
    While you’re trying to avoid getting stained, choosing a dark colored gym outfit would be safest. If your menstrual products fails you, it would hardly be noticeable in a dark colored outfit.
  3. Dehydration
    Dehydration increases menstrual pain. Ensure you’re well hydrated while exercising, but avoid cold water, room temperature water will enable free flow.
  4. Intense Workouts
    Intense aerobic workouts can increase cramps, opt for low impact exercises so that your body does not become stretched beyond it’s limits.

Note that spotting is normal during the last days of your period, due to stretching the muscles and stress during workouts. However, if they linger for too long or occur during periods, do not joy hesitate to get a medical assistant. Periods are not the best times to be faithful to a fitness routine but they’re also not good times discontinue, set targets that you can easily meet. Women who exercise often during during periods, experience lesser cramps and PMS symptoms. Although it is not compulsory to workout during periods, it is highly beneficial.


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