Fastest way to get UK Visa from Nigeria

apply and get uk visa in nigeria
apply and get uk visa in nigeria

Do you reside in Nigeria, have a burning desire to visit the UK, and want to know how your travel visa can be processed? By following the instructions in this article, you will get a visa for Nigeria and arrive at your destination with the fastest visa process and without stress. You’ll also learn about the UK Visa requirements and how to effectively process the fees, UK visa processing time, list of approved banks, work visa, Student visa, transit visa, visitor visa etc. Let’s have it rolling!

Types of UK Visa in Nigeria

We are all aware that obtaining a visa from Nigeria is necessary before departing for the UK. The varieties of UK visas that could be issued in Nigeria are brought up by this. They range from family visas to business visas, transit visas, settlement visas, student visas, and many more.

UK Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens 2022

You need a visa before you may enter the United Kingdom (this depends on your purpose of travelling). Nigerian citizens must fulfill a number of conditions in order for their visa to be processed. These specifications include;

  1. Letter of leave approval
  2. International passport ( this must be valid for a minimum of 1 year or less)
  3. Country’s bank statement (your bank transaction is mandatory)
  4. Payslip from employer ( if you’re working under a company, your payslip is also mandatory)
  5. CAC certificate ( this is for applicants that are self employed)
  6. Letter of introduction ( this is also essential if you’re working under a company)
  7. Accommodation and lots more

UK Visa Application

Once you are aware of all the prerequisites a citizen of Nigeria must meet in order for your visa to be approved, you may submit your application. How do you go about that? Continue reading!

  • First, among the types of visas given above, choose the one that best fits your travel needs.
  • Visit their official website to begin your online application (make sure any information filled in the form are the same as the other document provided to avoid your application being rejected).
  • Provide the necessary paperwork
  • Plan a time that works for your appointment for a UK visa.
  • Lastly, attend the interview and await confirmation (whether processed or denied)

How to Pay for UK Visa Fee in Nigeria

Paying the required amount is a necessary step in the UK visa application procedure in Nigeria. Depending on the kind of visa you are applying for and the length of your stay, a charge may need to be paid. There are lots of payment options for UK Visa in Nigeria. You may pay with either a Mastercard or a Visa card. Others include the skrill app, via flat (5000 included), TLScontact (either in Abuja, Ikeja, or Victoria Island in Lagos), and other online options.

List of Approved Banks for UK Visa in Nigeria

Many banks are known to exist in Nigeria. Though not all of these banks are permitted to accept payments for UK visas. However, below is the Nigerian banks that have been authorized to accept payments for valid UK visas;

  • Access Bank PLC
  • Fidelity Bank PLC
  • First Bank of Nigeria plc
  • First city monument Bank PLC
  • Guaranty Trust Bank PLC
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC
  • Sterling Bank PLC
  • United Bank for Africa PLC
  • Union Bank of Nigeria PLC
  • Wema Bank PLC
  • Zenith Bank PLC and lots more

UK Visa Nigeria Processing Time

Nigerians often inquire about the length of time it takes to obtain a UK visa from their country. The answers to your query are given below if you fall into that group.
You will have to wait for days after completing all the requirements for obtaining a UK visa. The UK embassy would review your application during this time period and check all of the supporting documentation you submitted with other pertinent data to determine if it is accurate. Your visa may take up to 30 days to complete and be prepared for travel.

How to Get UK Work Visa from Nigeria

The decision to apply for a U.S. work visa from Nigeria relies on the kind of employment—short-term, long-term company, investors, etc (their fees are not the same as well).

To get started, go to their official website and choose work visa from the category list. Continue the process as directed and wait for your appointment. However, your application must include information about your employment.

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How to Get UK Visitor Visa from Nigeria

You need a UK visitor visa in order to travel if you wish to see a family or someone close to you who lives in the UK. How do you get a visiting visa to the UK? Follow the following steps;
Go to Uk immigration official website and click on the visa and immigration option

Then choose the standard visitor visa option
Then continue with your application online
When you are done, then you pay your visa fee
Then you choose your appointment location (either in Abuja, iIkeja, and Victoria island) after the TLScontact page pop up. After this, you are done.

How to Get UK Transit Visa from Nigeria

Depending on the length of your trip and your point of origin, if you are traveling via the UK to another country, you may require a transit visa for the UK. However, there are several papers that, if you have them, negate the requirement for a transit visa to the UK. the procedures for obtaining a transit visa for the UK;

  1. Visit their official website
  2. Choose the transit visa option
  3. Fill in the necessary information needed
  4. Then you proceed to make payment through TLScontact (the most effective and simplest way to make payment and book an appointment)
  5. Schedule your appointment

How to Get Nigerian Visa from the UK

You may find it interesting to know that you can get a visa for Nigeria directly from the UK. What approach would you take? If that’s the question you’re asking, the solution is simple. Next do the next several procedures to get a Nigerian visa from the UK;

  • Visit Nigeria immigration official website
  • Choosethe type of visa you want to process
  • Fillin the online application form (make sure you provide the right and accurate ).
  • Aftersubmitting the form, a page would pop up. This is the approved website where you would pay the fee (payment in dollars)
  • Schedulea date for an interview in the Nigerian embassy in Uk for your interview.

You would receive an email to know if your visa is approved or denied.

Regardless of the reason for your trip, flying from Nigeria to the UK is a lot of fun. You make new acquaintances, see exciting locations, further your education, and, in the end, have tales to share with loved ones. A visa is crucial while traveling since it will save you from embarrassment by proving that you planned your trip in advance. It is suggested to submit and have your visa granted at least six months before your trip.


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