First Date Outfits: What to wear on your first date to feel awesome.

First Date Outfits: What to wear on your first date to feel awesome.
first date for winter outfit

How you appear on your first date matters a lot, whether during winter or summer. No matter how long you’ve known your date, there’s always that little pressure to create an impression, and what to wear is always the major stress. Especially because you want to strike the balance between simplicity and showing off. You need to dress in a simple, good and comfortable outfits. In this article, we’ve outlined classy first date outfits with pictures. Choose any one that suits your date whether for coffee or for drinks.
There are basic considerations to make in choosing your first date outfit.

  1. Comfort
    First dates are already uncomfortable enough. Do not put yourself in awkward positions of adjusting your cloth in every minute. Example, wearing a tight button down that keeps opening up. Simply wear clothes that you feel comfortable in without being body conscious. It helps you relax and not be distracted on your date.
  2. Manners
    Clothes have psychological effects that reflect in your manners. Skimpy dresses would most likely permit flirty talks. In choosing your outfit, consider the kind of conversations you want to have on your date.
  3. Confidence
    Your first date may not be the best time to try out a new style. Go in a style you are already confident in. It makes comfort easy too.
  4. Personality Check
    “How you dress is how you would be addressed” may sound cliché but it is still relevant . Don’t out dress your personality, cloths give an expression of your personality.

Best First Date Outfits For Men

best first date outfit for men

As a guy, your date wardrobe should be filled with fitted cloths in mild colors like grey, navy blue, ash, black and white. Judging the conversations I’ve had with so many women like me, I’ve realized women prefer men on mild colored outfits because it gives a sense of maturity. Wearing a suit for a first date would be too formal so it shouldn’t be an option.
There are different outfits suitable for different kind of dates.

Causal outfits for first date

casual first date outfit

Casual dates are simple. They could involve day-time or relaxing activities. It could be at a bar, picnic, art museum, cinema, bowling or coffee. If your first date is a casual one, you do not need to be uptight. You can go for an Oxford cloth button down (OCBD), chinos pants and sneaker/boot shoes or a buttoned shirt/denim/Leather jackets with a nice polo, jean pants and same choice of shoes. Do not forget your accessories, a nice watch and signet ring (optional) is a good bet.
Pay attention to little details like, wearing matching colors of belt, wristwatch and shoes, ensuring the side of your shoes are neat (especially if they’re white). If it’s an evening date, you have no business with sunglasses.

Beach date outfit

beach first date outfit for men

It is not as common as casual dates and are usually during the day-time . A vintage or patterned shirt, cargo shorts, and nice sneakers would be an awesome outfit. Sunglasses are perfect for beach dates. 

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Dinner Date

There’s a little bit of formality attached to dinner dates, due to the setting and sitting position. However, as a guy, your casual dressing, as stated above, could still pass for a dinner date. A blazer jacket is an option too, but preferably not black.
Your date wardrobe should not include; hoodies, joggers, ties and open toe shoes. They do not fit for first date outfits.

Best First Date Outfits For Ladies

best first date outfit for ladies

Ladies can be a little extra with fashion. It’s probably why they have a lot of options on their table. As a lady, what should matter first in choosing your first date outfit, is the time of the day. Day time dates require casual outfits. So, you could go on a two piece, a nice top on a Jean skirt/trouser or leather pants, with flats or sneaker shoes. Accessories will add some spark to your outfit too.
An above or knee length gown for an evening date is classy, with nice heels depending on the location. It’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable in gowns, rock your jean outfit and own your unique. Bright colors work perfectly for ladies, add the color spark to your first date.
Beach dates are slightly different. A chiffon maxi dress, chiffon/bum shorts (not always necessary) and sandals is a good bet. You’d definitely need a sunglass and hat to shield your face from sun rays. Colorful bracelets and an anklet are beautiful accessories for your beach date.

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Best Colors to Wear For Your First Date

best colour to wear on your first date

Every detail is a contributing effect on the sensuality of a first date, the color of your outfits are significant, so you should be intentional about them.

  • White
    The color psychology of white is purity, peace and clarity. White is associated with light,brilliance and safety. It is fitting for both genders to wear on a date.
  • Black
    Black is a neutral and classy color, it gives men a charming and soft look on a date. Women may also decide to wear black to a date, adorning themselves with simple accessories.
  • Red
    Red is the standard color for love and sensuality. It speak volumes of elegance and enchantment on a woman. Wearing a red dress makes you the center of attraction as a lady.
  • Navy Blue
    It is a romantic masculine color. The color psychology of blue is trust, consistency and truth. While red makes a lady appear sexy, blue does it for the men.

First Date For Coffee Outfits

first date for coffee outfit

There are no particular outfits for a coffee first date. It’s the usual “catching up with a friend” casual day time date. A wool sweater with jeans on flats is a my go-to look. Baggy jeans, loose gowns, crop top, sneakers and low heel shoes are perfect.

First Date Summer Outfits

first date for summer outfit

The summer season is warm and may need you to show some skin. For summer, a loose flowery dress and flats or a fitted jean with a tight top will be a good style for the ladies.
Guys can roll up their sleeves and show those fore arms for summer. No big difference from the usual casual date outfit.

First Date Winter Outfit

first date for winter outfit

Your winter date outfit should include jackets: Denim, leather or bomber jackets. Booth shoes are perfect for winter too. So opt for a Jean, jacket on a nice top and booth shoes.

First Date For Drinks Outfit

first date for drinks outfit

Drinks date might sound a little tricky. Casual dresses are still your best check to not being overdressed. A short gown on sneakers, with some feminine accessories for ladies.
Guys should rock an unbuttoned shirt with a nice polo, black jean and sneakers for their first drinks date.

Outfits For First Dates In Your 40s

first date outfit in your 40s females

Trying to catch someone’s fancy might be a little gawky at this age. The struggle for balance here is to look classy but not desperate, at least, for a first date. You do not need tight or baggy clothes, remember the comfort factor. Try to look modern but not to your discomfort.
For the women, a simple wrap dress or a knee length loose gown with belt around the waist, and low heel shoes would bring out your elegance and femininity. Consider your body type in choosing the length of your dress. You do not necessarily need glittery accessories, a simple neck piece and earrings would fit. Women at this age can appear unapproachable if they show up in up tight outfits like baggy clothes and Turtlenecks.
For the men, chinos pants and a button down shirt on plain sneakers can hardly be wrong. Jean jackets on jean pants are typically okay for youngsters but not for a 40 year old on a first date.

first date outfit in your 40s men

Casual first date outfits in Nigeria

In choosing your first date outfit in Nigeria, the weather should be your first concern. It might only be friendly for jackets during the harmattan or rainy seasons. Ladies should not dress in trendy outfits, find a unique style of dress or jeans and a nice wrap top. Choose a shoe you would be most comfortable in.
An OCBD with Jean/chinos on sneakers is good outfit idea for a guy.

As much as you pay careful attention to all these, remember confidence is what really makes you feel good enough to enjoy your date. Smelling good on a first date should be on your list a fruity and mild cologne affects your aura. Enjoy your date, and be sure to go a second date after this read.

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