Workout from Home: Top 20 Body Exercises to keep you fit and healthy

Workout from Home: Top 20 Body Exercises to keep you fit and healthy
home workout for fitness

There are different kinds of effective workouts you can do from the comfort of your home. These workouts will keep you fit and healthy. Some of these home workouts do not need any equipment. In this article, all home workouts are covered.

A gym membership does not also authenticate your workout routine. Trust me, you can achieve all your fitness goals and more with stay-at-home exercises that will transform your body.

Types of Body Fitness Exercises for your Health

Here are some of the very best of the body fitness exercises that you can do From the comfort of your home.

Push Ups

1.Lie on your rug or exercise mat.
2.Lift yourself by pushing your body above the mat. Make sure your palms are flat to enable them support your body weight.
3.Lower your body to the floor with your hands. Your hips aren’t supposed to be lower than your upper back when you do this.
4.Your legs can be together or apart.

Basic Air Squats

1.Stand with your legs apart. Toes and knees facing forward.
2.Stretch your hands.
3.Push your hips backwards and bend your knees till they obtain a 90-degree angle position.
4.Keep your back straight.
5.Pause for some seconds and raise your body to a stand point again.

Jumping Jacks

1.Stand straight with your legs together.
2.Lower your knee slightly and jump.
3.Spread your legs wide and raise your hands to almost clap as you Jump.
4.Jump again and bring your hands down and feet together.

Walking Jack

This is usually for people who cannot engage in a jumping Jack. The steps are exactly the same, the only difference is, you walk instead of jump. However, you don’t take casual steps.

Abdominal Crunch

1.Lie face up, with your legs slightly apart.
2.Bend your knees to make your feet balance on the mat.
3.Lock your fingers behind your head.
4.Lift your shoulder about 2 inches off the mat. Keep your neck straight by keeping your eyes on the ceiling
5.Hold on for 3 seconds, before lowering yourself back on the mat slowly.
6.Rest for some seconds before taking the next movement.

Donkey Kicks

1.Go on all fours to assume the posture of a donkey.
2.Keep your back and neck straight.
3.Push one knee backwards, without straightening it, and raise the leg to make the feet face forward.
4.Do the same with the other knee.

Inch Worm Walk

1.Stand straight at the end of your exercise mat.
2.Bend your waist and put your hands on the mat, just an inch away from your feet.
3.Walk on your hands till you stretch out your full height on the mat, with your feet/toes in the same position.
4.Move your feet and walk on them to meet the position of your hands.

Proper Planks

1.Place your hands in a wide distance under your shoulders on the mat.
2.Keep your legs together, your hills up and toes grounded to the mat/floor.
3.Ensure your head and back are the same position by keeping eyes slightly ahead of your hands.
4.Hold the position for 20 seconds.

Forearm Plank

1.Kneel on your exercise mat.
2.Bend your elbow and rest on your forearm.
3.Straighten your legs backwards and hold for 20 seconds.

Side Plank

1.Lie on your side and straighten your legs.
2.Position your elbow directly underneath your shoulder and keep your forearm pressed to the mat.
3.Keep your other arm straight up or on your waist.
4.Hold the position.

Invisible Jump Rope

1.Stand straight with your legs together.
2.Spread your arms slightly from your hips, like holding a rope across it.
3.Jump slightly in the same position.
4.Repeat motion.

Bird Dog

1.Go on all fours.
2.Keep your head and shoulder on a straight line.
3.Point out your right hand forward and straighten your left leg backwards.
4.Hold the position for 10 seconds then switch to the other opposite.

Mountain Climbers

1.Begin with a proper plank position.
2.Inhale and hold in your belly button.
3.Raise your right knee toward your chest.
4.Return it back to its position as you do the same with your left knee.
5.Repeat until your pace increases.

Dead Bug

1.Lie face up on your mat.
2.Tuck in your belly button ensure your back is flat on the mat.
3.Keep your head straight.
4.Raise your right arm straight above your head.
5.Raise your left leg and bend your knee, drawing it close to your chest.
6.Bring your right arm against your left knee and push it 2inches above the ground.
7.Hold position for 5 seconds in each opposite.


1.Lie face up with your palms flat on your mat.
2.Bend your knees to stamp your feet on the mat.
3.Lift your hips upwards to maintain a parallel with your knees.
4.Hold the position for 10 seconds.
5.Lower your hips gently and slide your legs till your back is comfortably on the mat.

Hollow Hold

1.Lie straight on your back, with legs together and hands by your side.
2.Tuck in your abdomen.
3.Tighten and release your thighs for a couple times.
4.Raise your legs 2 inches above the ground and hands straight, above your head.
5.Hold this position for 10 seconds.

Forward Lunge

1.Stand straight with your legs wide apart and hands akimbo.
2.Take your right leg forward with a long step.
3.Move your body weight forward to rest on the right leg.
4.Lower your body in that position, till your left knee is only a few inches from the ground.
5.Repeat movements before switching to the other leg.

Bicycle Crunch

1.Lie on your back.
2.Interlock fingers behind your head.
3.Lift your right knee to your chest and raise your left elbow against it. These movements must be simultaneous.
4.Do same with the other opposites. Ensure your shoulders control the movements of your head and neck.


1.Begin in a squat position.
2.Move your elbows slightly away from your hips, raise your forearm and keep your fingers together.
3.Frog jump and kick your legs into a plank position.
4.Do a push up and jump back into the squat.


1.Sit with your legs straight and your palms on the ground beside you.
2.Spread your fingers and keep your shoulder blades down.
3.Hold your belly button in and squeeze your thighs from inside.
4.Lift your hips, and straighten your legs properly.
5.Hold position for 10 seconds.

Body exercises in your closet are as simple as dancing to music, especially when no one is watching. They are typically immune to pandemics or vacays, because all you really need to be fit is just you.


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