Best Fitness Exercises During Menstrual Period

Best Fitness Exercises During Menstrual Period
fitness exercise during period

Working out during period helps women as it gives relief and enhances your mood. Here are the list and pictures of best period workouts for ladies. As a lady on your period, the thought of working out during period to some extent, would seem absolutely impossible for you.

Looking from your perspective, it’s understandable that you would feel that way, however, seeing your period shouldn’t put a stop to you observing your exercises.

In essence, exercise contributes so much, health wise, when you are menstruating. Likewise, fitness exercise can have remarkable effects on you if you continue with them during menstruation. This will lead us to the effects certain exercises can have on you while on your period.

Effect of Exercise on Periods

Carrying out fitness exercise during menstruation sure has some effects on your period, and these effects could either be positive or negative. Either way, let’s take a look into that from both perspectives.

What are the positive effects of exercise on Periods?

Here are some benefits of exercising while menstruating:

  • Mood Enhancement: Scientific researches have found that women could experience mood swings during menstruation, which is normal, due to alteration in the brain’s chemical balance caused by hormonal fluctuations. Depression is a common feeling when you are seeing your period. So, one way exercise is of help is that it helps to enhance your mood and keep your mind and brain refreshed. 


  • Helps to keep dysmenorrhea in check: Uterine contractions during or before menstruation causes severe pains when seeing your period. Normally, the pain is felt in the lower abdomen, the back, or the thighs. Dysmenorrhea is either primary or secondary. Primary dysmenorrhea is recurring menstrual cramps which could be a result of other diseases present in the body. And secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by infections or disorder in your reproductive organs. Having a normal fitness exercise during menstruation can help you subdue the pains caused by dysmenorrhea.


  • Low PreMenstrual Syndrome(PMS): this syndrome is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. This is because, when you become a victim, it could cause damage to the whole of the body system. This syndrome could affect your pain areas such as breasts, pelvis, abdomen, muscles, etcetera. It could also lead to what is referred to as GI Tract (gastrointestinal tract), which could cause you to be nauseated, or cause constipation etc. And then, anxiety, fatigue, excessive hunger,etc can also come with PMS. But fitness exercise during menstruation can keep this syndrome in check.

There are many health benefits of exercising your body during menstruation such that one could write a book on if we are to go on listing and discussing them individually. 

Let’s briefly delve into another part of this section, which is;

What Could Possibly be The Side Effects of Fitness Exercise during menstruation?

Medically and scientifically, it has not been found that exercising during periods could have any negative effect on you. However, it has been found that drawing yourself past the limit–excess or intense exercise, you could go while seeing your period can cause some health complications.

According to science, there are hormones responsible for menstrual cycles, and there’s a balance between these hormones. It is said that very intense exercise can cause the balance between these hormones to be broken, and the aftermath of it could be; missing your period, breakthrough bleeding, period pain(known as dysmenorrhea), and possibly change in your flow.

Can We Do Abs Workout During Periods?

Yes and No! The reason for this is that, during your menstruation, it is possible that you won’t be able to do Abs Workout because of how you feel. However, it is a Yes, depending on the body system of the person, and vice versa. It’s something you can train yourself to do. To know more about the effect of abs during period, Read Abs Workout During Menstrual Period

Can exercising during periods make you lose weight?

It’s not found anywhere that you can burn some fats if you workout while menstruating, at least for now. But it could elevate your physical state and make you feel good.

Can We Do Planks During Periods?

Doing Planks during periods is not just a yes, but it’s even recommended. This is because you get to straighten your back when doing it. 

Can We Do Squats During Periods?

Like planks, squats is also one of the beneficial fitness exercises to do during menstruation, and it is highly recommended because it helps to keep you active. Want to have an extended knowledge on Abs during period?. Also Read Abs Exercise During Menstrual Period

Can We Do Stretching During Periods?

Stretching during menstruation has its own numerous benefits. There are two types of stretching recommended for those seeing their periods: Yoga and Tai Chi. These two can help in improving your blood flow, help you relax and ease tension. So, it is a Yes.


Can We Do Cycling Exercise During Periods?

Cycling exercise is deemed as an aerobic exercise, and research by experts have found that such exercises increase heart rate, and it is crucial in relieving ladies in their periods of cramps. You can also try out swimming. Want to read more on effects of cycling during periods? Read more on Cycling During Menstrual Period

Weight Training During Periods

As mentioned prior to getting to this point, working out with the aim to burn some calories in your body during menstruation is unheard of. However you can involve yourself in weight training exercises during periods.

Can We Do Leg Workout During Periods? 

During leg workout, back muscles, abdominal muscles, and even pelvic muscles are loosened and eased. And it is of great benefit to someone who’s menstruating.

Exercises for Period Cramps

The idea of exercising if you have period cramps, could be the worst advice you can get from someone. But sadly, let me put it that way, it is very beneficial to go for some exercises when you are plagued with cramps. Some of the exercises you can consider are: Supported half moon, wide-angle forward bend, head to knee pose, reclined bound angle pose, etc. Note that stretch exercises are mostly suitable to combat period cramps.

Glute Bridge and Kneeling abdominal twist are also exercises you can try out.

Pilates During Periods

Speaking of pilates, then you should mean flexibility, balance and posture. This form of exercise is focused on strengthening the body. Pilates exercise is constantly challenging your limit. It’s somehow similar to Yoga, and it helps to keep you fit. 

During menstruation, it’s necessary that you keep yourself fit, as such, pilates is a good start in your exercises while seeing your period.

Is Running During Periods Good or Bad?

During Periods, it will happen that you will lose interest in doing many things, but you should try to keep up with, if you don’t do anything, running. Running increases your blood circulation, helps you against PMS, and so on. Hence, running during periods is good for you. Do you need other workout? Read Top 20 Body Exercises you can do from home.


[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”s57do943ev” question=”By the way, do you agree with this? ” opened=”0″]That having been said, while some fitness exercise during menstruation could help you in the long run, how you go about it matters a lot. A good thing might become a nightmare for you if not done rightly.[/wpdiscuz-feedback]

Hope this article helps you, see you around.


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