Amazing Event Decorations in Nigeria

amazing event decorations in nigeria
amazing event decorations in nigeria

Awesome event decorations give event venues the required beauty and amazing colourations needed for events to flourish. One of the best event decorators in Lagos, Nigeria is D&H Event Decorators. Event decoration refers to designing an event venue for practically any occasion. These days, weddings have become the main target of event decorators. They are consistently working on beautiful and simple event decoration ideas for weddings, as a form of market strategy. Their creativity stretches to both hall decorations for wedding and also open field wedding decorations in Nigeria. Whenever we talk about event decoration, people tend to easily affiliate it to weddings.  Beyond attending weddings to show support or just for the love of it, so many young people aim at taking good pictures most likely for Instagram and other social media platforms. Hence, the need for a good decoration for the event. This articles covers the latest wedding decoration pictures, white wedding decorations in Nigeria, traditional wedding and other types of event decorations.

Types of Event Decorations in Nigeria

The different types of event decoration in Nigeria is based on the kind of occasion. Decorations give the guests a glimpse of what the event is about. There are also decorations made from certain decoration materials.

  1. Birthday Decorations
  2. Wedding Decorations
  3. Anniversary Decorations
  4.  Kids Party Decorations
  5.  Baby Shower Decorations
  6. Office Decorations
baby shower decorations
baby shower decorations


baby shower event decorations
baby shower event decorations


office decorations
office decorations


anniversary decorations
anniversary decorations


birthday decorations
birthday decorations

However, wedding decorations are much more versatile. The location of the wedding determines the kind of decoration materials and designs to be used. Other types of decorations do not really require so much diversity. For example, a kids party will always be a kids party, no matter the venue, the only difference may be the colors, and quality of materials for either indoor or outdoor.
Below are wedding event decoration ideas.

White Wedding Decorations in Nigeria

white wedding event decorations
white wedding event decorations

White weddings are totally contemporary, the decorations are expected to be highly sophisticated. You could make use of three colors at most, because too many colors may turn out to look busy and disorganized. There are two kinds of white wedding decorations, depending on the venue.

Open Field Wedding Decoration in Nigeria

open field event decorations
open field event decorations

This is an outdoor setting, which saves you the stress of throwing fabrics. An open field with a carpet grass setting may not require so many flowers around, the feel of nature substitutes perfectly. Fire works will give it some class statements.

Hall Decorations for Wedding in Nigeria

hall event decorations for wedding
hall event decorations for wedding

Hall decorations are indoor. If the size of the hall is small, focus more on the seat or tent for the couple or the stage. You do not also need to throw fabrics across a small hall, throwing side to side is the best bet for a better decoration. Be mindful of the ceiling too, if is not covered, ensure is clean and doesn’t give any sense of distaste to your work
Big halls allow you to be practical with your creativity, especially when it concerns the sitting arrangements.

Traditional Wedding Decorations

traditional wedding event decorations
traditional wedding event decorations

Traditional weddings are within the confinements of culture. The extent at which you can be creative is a little limited, because you have to stick to the colors and significant meanings of everything used. Traditional weddings are usually canopy open field, the work is particularly on the tent for the couple, since a canopy has already been provided for guests.

Essential Tips for Event Decoration

In the process of repeating the same task over and over, it’s possible to run out of creativity. However, there are certain things to help you think of new ideas.

The sitting arrangements may affect the entire design, especially if the hall is not large. Try out different arrangements in your own time, not just when you have an event at hand. Break out of the usual.

Your stage is the center of attraction. Use obvious flower vessels, with mild colors of flowers. While you’re trying to beat the color of the day, do not paint the venue with the color. Let the color of the light be in sync too.

The aisle may seem like it is the less noticed, but it is the center of activity. If it is a Nigerian wedding, then it’s the dance stage for Aso-ebi. Use neutral colors for the aisle. Except in cases where the couple would want a flex banner of their picture for their aisle, in a Nigerian wedding.

Do not fail on your lighting, either stage lights or chandelier. The colors of the light has a way of affecting the mood of the guests or the atmosphere generally.

You do not just need fabrics, you need quality textured fabrics. For durability sake and also for customer satisfaction.

Learn to defer services that are way below your standards. It helps you maintain some standards for your brand.

Be up to date on new event decoration materials to keep your decorations current.

Best Event Decorators in Nigeria

d&h best event decorators in lagos abuja nigeria
d&h best event decorators in lagos abuja nigeria

In Nigeria, there are notable names that you can’t neglect when it comes to event decorations. They give event venues the expected beauty and colourations. We have quite a few of them, but I’ll be referencing D&H Event Decorations. They’re known for giving event venues absolute and attractive beauty and expected colourations needed for events to flourish.

D&H Event Decorations have its head office located directly opposite Kiss Apple event center along Lagos Badagry Expressway Toll Gate Magbon.

Office number: 08103697110

Mobile: 09161687888

Event Decoration Materials

The equipments and materials required for Event decoration are quite expensive. You do not have to get them all at once, some are prior to others and require more urgency. Shop for the most important materials first, if you aren’t buoyant enough to get all that is needed.
Here is a list of event decoration materials.

  • Popular colors of fabrics, like white, black, green, burgundy, navy blue, burnt orange and trendy colors.
  • Different types of balloon. Led, latex, foil and so on
  • Balloon gums
  • Different types and colors of flowers and flower vases
  • Florescent lights
  • Garlands and confettis
  •  Chair covers and table ware
  • Office pins, thumb tac and ribbon
  • Balloon pump
  • Center pieces

These are the basics and most important. However, you may decide to buy other items like,

  • Lighting with special effects
  • Lounge furnitures
  • Cocktail tables
  • Carpet grass rug
  • Plastic chairs and tables

In cases, where these are available, it gives you an added business advantage of renting out items for use.
Event decorations share half of the bulky task in event management because it requires skill and professionalism. It also follows trends in each passing year. This year’s trend is superseded by simple event decorations that solely maximize use of fabrics (even to make ribbons) and the advent of different kinds of rubber and ceramic plants.


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