Best Attire for US Visa Interview

best attire for us visa interview
best attire for us visa interview

There is no rule or style on what to wear to a visa interview. In fact, the US embassy reached out to Nigerians sometime in April 2019, urging them to dress in whatever makes them comfortable, while coming for their visa interview. Whether the embassy is in Barbados, Philippines, Schengen, UK, New York, or any part of America or the United States. They clearly stated that your dress code is not necessarily a criteria or consideration to gaining the US visa.
However, on general terms, your outfit depends largely on the location and the kind of event at hand. Seeing that this is a formal setting, it is advisable to be formally dressed for a US visa interview. It may not necessarily be a strictly formal attire (like suit) but ensure you do not look too casual and accessorized.
The cliché expression of “your first impression is your best impression” is not too aged to be truthful. So, this article contains careful details on how to pick the best attire for a US visa interview.

Visa Interview Dress Code for Male

us embassy visa interview dress code for male
us embassy visa interview dress code for male

The easiest way to figure out something appropriate for the visa interview, is to first see it as a job interview in a large scale business company, of course the US embassy is not small.
Here are some interesting male dress code for visa interview.

Neutral colored button down shirt.

casual visa interview dress code for men
visa interview dress code for men

Preferably white, cream or sky blue. Give the shirt a suitable pair with dress pants or chinos Keep the pair on dress shoes, preferably leather

You may want to compliment your formal shirt with a dull shaded long tie, if you are comfortable in it
Tuck in properly and show off a black belt that does not have obvious designs or loops.
If the weather is friendly, get on some neutral colored blazer jackets.

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Female Dress Code for US Visa Interview

us embassy visa interview dress code for female
us embassy visa interview dress code for female

For ladies, the most important thing to remember is you do not need vibrant and obvious colors of clothes, lipstick and even nail polish. Formality has a lot to with this, because colors like baby pink or yellow do not really fit into a professional and formal setting. Also, keep your makeup nude and light
The female dress code for a visa interview should look like this.

us visa interview dress code for ladies
us visa interview dress code for ladies

A chiffon top or formal button down shirt
Paired with a knee length skirt or dress pants
One inch, low heeled or flat shoes
A knee length gown paired with blazers is a good option too
A medium sized hand bag.

Avoid too many accessories. You do not need items like sunglasses or shades, bracelets, anklets and so on.
Cover your tattoos if you have any. They inflict certain sentiments.
Avoid skin tight clothes that make you body conscious. Your visa interview may be interrupted if you are uncomfortable.
Ensure proper hygiene. Shave your beards, give your hair a nice cut or go on good looking braids, mild fragrance and neat fingers.

How to Dress for U.S Visa Interview in Nigeria

While reaching out to Nigerians concerning their U.S visa interview, during the Facebook live session on April 19th 2019, the consular officers were asked if dressing is being considered during interviews. In their exact response,
“No it’s not a consideration when doing your interview. Be comfortable. Don’t feel like you need to put on a suit if you don’t usually wear a suit. Wear what you would wear if you are going to any normal appointment. We want you to be you. We want you to be as relaxed as possible for the interview. Talk to us”.
This response gives a hint on how they expect you to show up. Your visa interview is like every other formal appointment.

Dress Code for U.S Visa Interview in Philippines

Philippines is not different from any other country when it comes to the dress code for U.S visa interview. The US embassy doesn’t also impose a dress code for this purpose. However, if you must be casual, you should be smart casual or semi formal. Formal outfits are not really subject to weather conditions, so the best outfit for U.S visa interview in Philippines is a button down long sleeve with dress skirt or trousers and a flat shoes. If you want to wear a suit, it’s totally okay.

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Casual Female Dress Code For U.S Interview

casual visa interview dress code for ladies
casual visa interview dress code for ladies

Casual clothes are not really the American way of showing up for a visa interview. But, since they are really no rules, you can bring in your style with some caution.
Take off clothes with bold prints, graphics and colors from the list. You also do not need sporty clothes like joggers. They make you look unprepared and do not match the event and location.
Avoid tight pants, low neck tops, low waist trousers, leggings and denim. Colors do not matter here, no matter how neutral toned these set of clothes are, they do not still fit for a US visa interview.
Jumpsuit and gowns are casual but they still fit perfectly for a visa interview. Simply ensure that they are not sleeveless.
Flat and mule heeled shoes are casual and still stylish enough. Opt for simple primary colors.

Dress Code for US Embassy Barbados

Whatever reason takes to the US Embassy has to be formal and professional. Of course, hang outs do not happen at the embassy.
So whether you just got a job there, or a meeting or a visa interview, you are expected to look like what the place is meant for. Location does have a lot to do with dress codes. Therefore, corporate outfits would be the best outfit to the US embassy.


Can I wear watch for a US visa interview?

Of course you can! Your watch should be either brown or black and not too big to fit into your formal outfit. A leather watch gives you some class.

Can I wear Jeans for US visa interview?

No! Jeans are too casual to wear to wear to the US embassy, it would be safer to keep them aside and substitute them with chinos.

What should I wear to US embassy?

Wear formal or cooperate clothes. This does not differ with countries. The activities and functions of the embassy does not change with location.

In conclusion, we have consistently shown you throughout the article that the best attire for US visa interview is a formal attire. However, prioritize your comfort and confidence, because it will matter a lot during the interview.


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