Best Date Outfits for Guys 2022

Best Date Outfits for Guys 2022
flannel trousers best date outfits for guys

Brain storming for a date outfit can be quite tasking for a guy, but it shows the kind of importance you attach to the occasion. As a man, you’ll need to appear in a simple, good and comfortable outfit.
Even if it’s your 10th or 1st date, there are important tips you must not forget. In this article, we have outlined the best date Outfits any guy can think of. All you need to do is to choose one.

Compared to ladies, guys do not give so much critical thoughts on how to show up to an event. It’s always the usual blazers, denim and sneakers or some casual random clothes.

What not to Wear on a First Date

First date outfits involves all shades of anxiety and nervous anticipation. Below are what you shouldn’t wear:

Graphic T-shirts

graphic t shirt date outfits for guys

Graphic tees are very unattractive and inappropriate for a first date. They make you look like a teenage school boy.

Cargo Shorts

cargo pants date outfits for guys

Keep your cargo shorts out of your date wardrobe. You definitely don’t want your date to regard you as a juvenile.

Open Toe Shoes

open toe shoes date outfits for guys

No matter how casual your date might be, open toe shoes are too informal and do not fit that kind of occasion.

Sweat Pants

sweat pants date outfits for guys

Sweat pants are comfortable but keep them out of your date wardrobe. Jeans and chinos are most suitable.

How To Look Good On A Date (For Guys)

We understand how much you want to make a good impression without making it obvious that you tried hard to show up in style, here are necessary hints to attaining that.

Wear Dark Colors

Dark or muted colors are a safe bet for your date outfits. Bright colors may be too distracting especially when it’s dinner date. Neutral color shades help you keep the attention on yourself and the conversation.

Know Your Body Frame

You do not have to spend so much to wear clothes that fit. You can wear a nice polo on a broad shoulders/chest, if your body frame is slimmer, you may have to consider wearing a jacket. Avoid baggy pants too.


Accessories give some spark and sophistication to your outfit. Get a nice, but not too big, wristwatch, a signet ring and a tiny neck piece.

Dinner Date Outfit For Guys

Dinner date outfits should look cozy and relaxing. The atmosphere is usually romantic, so try to pull some simple and attractive look for your date.

Chinos Pants

chinos pants date outfits for men

A Chinos pant is a better option for the evening. They are simple and versatile, you can wear them with almost anything.

Oxford Button Down Shirt

oxford button down date outfits for guys

It is a classy and unique button down shirt with strong collar that doesn’t flop or consistently need to be adjusted. You can attain a semi-formal look by tucking them in your chinos pants.

Dress Shoes

dress shoes date outfits for guys

Dress shoes are not for your suits alone. Get them well polished and rock it to your dinner date.

Dark Jean Pants

dark jean pants date outfits for guys

Dark colored jean pants like black, are replaceable options for chinos pants.

Date Outfits For Guys, Winter

Winter dates are cold dates, as much as you want to dress in style, go for warm outfits. Jeans and Chinos are the typical go-to pants, so we’d be giving ideas on how to rock them for winter dates.

Round Neck Wool Sweater

round neck wool sweater date outfits for guys

It is a fully knitted sweater, that keeps you warm. Avoid loose sweater, it is unattractive for a date. You can wear an Oxford button down shirt in it.


jackets date outfits for guys

Choose a leather or denim jacket with a nice round neck polo in it.

Boot Shoes

boot shoes date outfits for guys

Boots are ankle high shoes. They provide warmth for your feet, which makes it suitable for the winter.

Men’s Date Night Outfit, Fall

Autumn which is also called the fall, is a period between summer and winter, when the whether starts getting dry and cold. It is called the fall because leaves start to fall from their trees during this season. It is the best season for men to rock textured fabrics.

Flannel Trousers

flannel trousers date outfits for guys

Flannel trousers are made of flannel fabric, which is soft and warm. Neutral colored flannel trousers are very versatile for any kind of upper body dress.

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Cashmere Sweater

cashmere sweater date outfits for guys

Cashmere sweater can come in different styles. A pull-over, crew neck or V-neck sweater. It is warm and soft, which make it easy against the skin. You can wear them underneath a blazer.

Suede Shoes

suede shoes date outfits for guys

Suede shoes in natural colors like brown, compliments fall outfits. It gives a room temperature feel to your feet.

What to Wear on a Summer Date for Men

Summer seasons are usually hot or warm. You need light clothes to be comfortable. Simply opt for nice polos, jeans/chinos, and a good pair of sneakers. Be mindful of black outfits, they can make you feel hot and uncomfortable, which is what you should be preventing.

What To Wear On A Coffee Date For Guys

Coffee dates are casual date where you literally meet over a cup of coffee. It is usually not for couples, but singles who might be entangled, it is stress free and relaxing. For your coffee date outfit, remember your jean and chinos options.

Polo in a Button Down

polo in a button down date outfits for guys

The button down may not necessarily be the usual Oxford style. Leave the buttons open and fly it over a nice polo. However, if you wish to go on Oxford, you may decide to leave it unbuttoned or not but do not tuck it in.


sneakers date outfits for guys

A pair of white sneakers would be a sure bet. Sneakers can easily fit into different kinds of outfits and locations. Ensure the sneakers are not high above your ankles.

Vintage Shirt

vintage date outfits for guys

Vintage shirts are soft textured with patterns and a mix of at least 2-3 colors. They’re good with a pair of relaxed jean and sneakers or boots, for your coffee date outfits.

Date Jacket For Men

Jackets come in different textures and styles, not every kind of jacket is suitable for a date. Due to this, choosing your perfect date jacket can be difficult but we have provided the best options to help you choose.

Denim Jacket

denim jackets date outfits for guys

Denim jackets are casual and versatile. They fit on any kind of outfit and weather condition.

Bomber Jacket.

bomber jackets date outfits for guys

A bomber jacket is elastic at the waist length and has a zip in front. The most common type of bomber jacket is in leather.

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Fur Jacket

fur jackets date outfits for guys

Fur jackets are in different sizes and length. A short fitted fur jacket can warm you up during your winter date.

Outfit for Date with Girlfriend

This kind of date is the best time to dress up for your girl, you can always guess the kind of outfits your girlfriend loves to see you in. Choosing an outfit for a date with your girlfriend should not be as strenuous as every other kind of date outfit.

Before you leave for your date, make sure every detail is perfect. From brushing your hair and fixing your accessories to ironing out every wrinkle.

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