Price and Requirements of Nigerian International Passport

cost and requirements of nigeria international passport
cost and requirements of nigeria international passport

If you actually want to get your international passport within the shortest possible time, then this article is for you. Getting international passport in Nigeria is so stressful that one might easily give up along the process. But I’m going to share with you a secret of how I got mine within two weeks without knowing anyone. There are 32 and 64 pages international passports having different validity periods. The cost of different types of international passport in Nigeria ranges from 25,000 naira to 70,000 naira. They different types of international passport have same requirements. Renewal is always after expiration and it’s easier than fresh application.

Types of International Passport in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are different types of international passport with different validity periods, They’re;

  • 32 pages with 5 years validity period
  • 64 pages with 5 years validity period
  • 64 pages with 10 years validity period

Cost of International Passport in Nigeria

Below are the different passport types, their validity periods and cost of getting them. The different cost of international passport in Nigeria is heavily dependent on passport type and validity period.

Passport TypeValidity PeriodPrice ₦
32 pages5 years25,000
64 pages5 years35,000
64 pages10 years70,000

Requirements for International Passport in Nigeria

Adult (18 years and above)

The following documents should be ready before you proceed to apply for international passport in Nigeria

  1. Letter of Identification from LG/State of Origin
  2. National Identification Number (NIN)
  3. Passport Application form (There is an option to print the form you fill online)
  4. Passport Photograph (2 passport photographs)
  5. Marriage Certificate where applicable
  6. Birth certificate or Declaration of age (If your DOB is from Dec. 1992 and must be issued by National Population Commission for adults born within Nigeria)
  7. Guarantors form duly signed by commissioner of oath. You’ll have to print the guarantors form, then find someone who’s eligible to sign the form, then proceed to court. An eligible guarantor is one with an international passport. To get the guarantor’s form, click Here
  8. Acknowledgementslip and evidence of payment.

Minor (under 18 years of age)

  1. Completed passport application form attached with one passport size photograph.
  2. Evidence of Nigerian Citizens of parents.
  3. Birth certificate (If your DOB is from Dec. 1992 and must be issued by National Population Commission for minors born within Nigeria)
  4. Letter of consent from either parent.
  5. Acknowledgement slip and evidence of payment

How to apply for International Passport

Below are the steps to online application

  1. Visit the Immigration Registration Portal
  2. Fill the required details and continue (Note: standard passports sometimes appears as “standard e-passports”) It’s usually for regular citizens while official passport is for government officials and diplomats.
  3. Fill in your personal details, contact numbers and next of kin details.
  4. An “Application ID” and “Reference Number” would be generated.
  5. Pay Online (32 pages/ 5yrs is 25,000, 64 pages/5 yrs is 35,000, 64 pages/10 yrs is 70,000)
  6. After registration and payment, you’ll get an appointment date.
  7. Make sure you have all your documents listed in this article ready. (You’re to go with both the originals and photocopies of all your documents for easy verification)
  8. Proceed to the office of submission and biometric capturing on your appointment date.
  9. Collection. (After capturing, count begins officially. You’ll receive SMS once it’s ready. Make sure your sim is not in DND mode. You’ll get it in 2 to 4 weeks.

Important things you must know about capturing

  • Don’t wear white: This is because you’ll be captured against a white background
  • Make sure you don’t change the colour of your hair after registration.
  • No dropping earrings.
  • Don’t wear off shoulder dresses.

How to Easily Renew Nigerian Passport

You can do this from the comfort of your home.Passport renewal is not stressful like the fresh application. Follow the steps below to renew your passport

  • The very first thing you’ll do is to login to the immigration portal through the official Immigration Portal.
  • Click on passport menu
  • Click on “Passport Type” from the drop down, select “Standard e-passport”
  • Select the country from which you’re processing from e.g Nigeria.
  • Click on “Start application”
  • Correctly fill the form and complete the required fields.
  • Agree to terms and conditions by ticking “I accept full responsibility for the information provided in this form”
  • At this point, after ticking the box, the portal generates an application ID and reference Number unique to your application
  • Make sure you print the acknowledgment form and “Continue application”.
  • Click on ”Proceed to online payments”.

Note that the only authorized payment methods are: Innovate1pay, Net post pay, Pay Arena, Teasy, Saana pay

  • Click on “Continue” to proceed
  • There’s also an option for card or bank payments, select “proceed” to make payment.
  • Finally, if you have chosen card payment, you’ll have to complete the online payment, but if you’ve chosen the bank payment, print slip and proceed to bank to make payments.


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