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Must Read Peter Obi VP candidate Announced

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Peter Obi VP/Running Mate

Peter Obi is the flag bearer and the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party. The Labour party of Nigeria has announced it's Vice Presidential Candidate and the running mate of Mr. Peter Obi. The announcement took place on 7th of July 2022. Senator Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed is the official VP candidate and running mate of Peter Obi. Yusuf Baba Ahmed is 46 years old as at today 7th of July 2022. He was the former senator representing Kaduna North. Doyin Okupe had earlier resigned as placeholder VP giving room for the official candidate to be announced.

Prevoiusly, Doyin Okupe, the DG campaign of Mr. Peter Obi announced himself as the Placeholder VP candidate pending when a resolution would be made on the official VP candidate of the Labour Party.

Doyin Okupe is from the southern part of Nigeria and a Christian, as of today the 17th of June 2022, he's the official running mate of Mr. Peter Obi of the Labour Party.

Okupe explained that in order to meet INEC's deadline, someone has to stand in as a vice presidential candidate. The labour party is in talks with other parties for a possible merger to form a formidable third force. The official VP candidate will only be announced when they've merged with other parties. Okupe concluded that they don't want to choose a VP yet because they want to carry everyone (possible merger with other parties) along.

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