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Top 10 Secret Websites to Make Money

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Digitalization has provided a lot of alternatives to making money online. Earning through websites is one of them.
However, due to the fact that fraudsters have also taken advantage of this, it has become difficult to tell which website is genuine. But there are still legal websites that are less congested and offer payable opportunities.
We have provided a list of some websites to make money with the basic knowledge you should have about them.

On ACX, you can work as a narrator or producer to produce audio books for publishers or authors.

Udemy is a great place to take trainings or courses. Therefore, it creates a market place that enables you sell courses, tutorials, trainings and so on.

Etsy gives a wide range customer base for hand crafts like jewelries that are less than 20 years. You can sell your crafts on the site.

JustAnswer is a paid question and answer platform, where people pay to have specialist answer their questions. You earn by answering questions concerning a field that you’re specialized in. provides one of the easiest way to earn. That is, through online surveys, tasks, sign-ups and even games.

Shopify is a popular e-commerce site for drop-shipping. It also has a paid feature that gives you access to design template.

You can give your used electronics like phones and laptops to Gazelle. The site offers you cash, packaging materials and covers the shipping fee.

Fiverr is a popular marketplace for online gigs, especially to freelancers. You can work with clients at a negotiable price.

Upwork serves the same purpose at fiverr.

Making money on websites may not always require financial investment but it alway requires a time and consistency.

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