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Question How much is day old chicks?

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How much is day old broiler?

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current price of day old chicks in nigeria

The prices of day old chicks varies depending on the whether it's broilers, cockrels, layers or noilers.

Secondly, it's also dependent on the brand/producer. We have different brands, we have AMO, Zartech, CHI Agritech etc.

Amo produces the best broilers noilers and layers.

Zartech is also good. Infact AMO and Zartech are my favorites.

A day old broiler (AMO) is 450 naira

A day old noiler (AMO) is 400 naira

A day old layer (AMO) is 460 naira

A day old cockrel (AMO) is 60 naira

Prices of AMO and Zartech are all the same. CHI has a lower price.

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