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Question Snacks made with flour in Nigeria

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Popular Nigerian snacks made with flour

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There are so many snacks made with flour in Nigeria. In fact, the consumption of wheat flour in Nigeria is very high due to the variety of snacks that can be made with it. However, this list contains the the most popular and easily accessible snacks made with flour in Nigeria.


  • Puff puff
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  • Pancakes
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  • Meat pie
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  • Nigerian Egg roll
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  • Nigerian Fish roll
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  • Doughnut
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  • Chin chin
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  • Peanuts
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  • Samosa
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  • Spring rolls
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  • Buns
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  • Chicken/ Goat shawarma with beef
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  • Cinnamon rolls
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 Some of the snacks here, are not originally Nigerian, they are adopted foreign recipes. You can make them all in the comfort of your home

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