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For the second time in her nine years marriage, Cha Cha Eke announces her divorce through a social media post. She made the first announcement concerning her separation from her husband, Austin Faani, in 2020. After the uproar from her fans on suspicions of domestic violence, she reversed her words on the divorce through an Instagram video and she claimed to be bipolar. Rumors have it that she was still in the marriage, despite the physical abuse she suffered from her husband.

On the 28th of June 2020, Chacha Eke made a social media post, informing the public that she had quit her marriage. There was no actual reason stated in the post, but it hinted a situation of physical abuse. She clearly stated “LEAVE NOW OR LEAVE AS A CORPSE. Many have died pretending all is well whilst wishing, hoping, praying for a better tomorrow. I do not want to “die” or go inexplicably “missing”. Her post carried a lot of prayers and well wishes from prominent nollywood stars, in the comment section, this indicates that the issues in her marriage may not have been totally hidden. There are also hints that the issues may be life threatening, since she added, “if push comes to shove and I am incommunicado; my lawyers, the welfare department and the Nigerian police force have my testimonials recorded video clips/statements set for public release on all social media apps and national newspapers”.

Chacha Eke and Austin Faani have been married for 9 years with four children. However, no information was disclosed concerning their children.

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