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Nurses and NYSC

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Do nurses go for NYSC?

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Going for NYSC as a nurse depends largely on the Nursing program you went through. There are three types of Nursing programs.


  1. University Nursing Program (BSN)

     The nursing degree here is earned by studying nursing in any university of your choice. The award type is BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) A nurse with BSN degree can go for NYSC.


  1. ND/HND College of Nursing program

      The Nursing program allows you to run National Diploma and Higher National Diploma. With an ND/HND degree in nursing, you can go for NYSC.


  1. College of Nursing and Midwifery

        You run this program under a University Teaching Hospital. The award type is RN (Registered Nurse) or RM (Registered Mid-wife).  You cannot go for NYSC with an RN award.

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