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Current price of LG TV in Nigeria Today

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Current price of LG TV 


First of all, let me take you down the memory lane of how in times past, it was just black and white TV in many homes until technology advanced more and we began to have coloured TV sets.

Personally, I was always very excited to sit in front of the TV set every time I got back from school. I have had good memories just by watching my TV set.

Fast-forward to a few years later, South Korea came up with a more advanced technology in the form of LG electronics.

Originally, LG electronics was named GoldStar when it first started 63 years ago and was founded by Koo-In-Hwoi. Although, for television sets, it was first introduced in 2009 at IFA Berlin before it started spreading like wildfire to the rest of the world.

For those who might be wondering what LG means, many people believe it is the initial for the original name of the company, "Lucky" and "GoldStar". However, the company's tagline is known as "Life's Good" which may also be the name of the company.

Every year, many brands launch smart TVs into the market and one might really get confused as to why LGTV should be chosen above other brands. The following reasons will convince you as to why LGTV is your best choice.

Why you should choose LGTV.

1. LGTV's organic light emitting diodes are suited to high quality video formats with bright displays in response to the level of ambient light in the room.

2. LG has been leading in minimal, stripped back smart TV interface since 2014.

3. LG uses a dynamic metadata for better visuals.

Some of the TV products LG offers include the following-

Rollable OLED TV,
Nanocell TV,
Ultralarge TVs,
8K TVs,
FHD smart TVs; and

As a leading brand, LG continues to produce smart inches which will be listed below.

LG TV major brands.
LG plasma TV.

LG plasma TV is built to support and enhance an exciting gaming experience. They reduce motion blur and ghosting to barely visible levels with fast motion transitions and seamless gameplay, all at the highest resolution.

Key specs.

Display- 50 inch.
Screen type- Plasma.
Dimensions- 1176.1mmx716.5mmx52.5mm.
Resolution standard- HD ready.
Resolution pixels- 1024x768.
Speaker output rms- 20W.
Sound technology- infinite surround.
Power consumption- 175W, 0.3W (standby).
Screen size(cm)- 126.

LG Smart TV.

LG Smart TVs are built to eliminate noise and create more dynamic colour and contrast. The low resolution images are upscaled and reproduced as sharper, more vivid images.

Key specs.

Display type- FHD.
Screen size- 43.
Resolution- 1920x1080.
Picture mode- vivid, standard, eco, cinema, sports, game, HDR effect, expert bright room, expert dark room.
Speaker- 20W.
WiFi- Yes.
Bluetooth- Yes.
OS- Web Os Smart TV.


The LG OLED TV has an extremely low input tag with an incredible 1m response time. It is the world's first model to support the incredible Dolby Vision ®

Key specs.

Display type- 4k OLED.
Resolution- 3840x2160.
Refresh- Refresh rate 100Hz.
HDR- Cinema HDR.
Speaker- 40W.
AI UX- Yes.
Mobile connectivity- Yes.
Block access to harmful sites- Yes.
WiFi- Yes
Bluetooth- Yes.

LG Ultra HD TV.

Behind LG Ultra HD is pure and bright colours with high consistency from wide viewing angles. This technology gives more precise backlight control and also helps to prevent backlight bleeding and Halo effect for greater contrast and a more detailed picture for whatever you watch.

Key specs.

Display type- IPS 4k display.
Picture process- Quad-core processor.
Clarity- Noise reduction.
Magic remote control- Yes.
IP control- Yes.
Remote- Magic remote included.

Types                          Price (N)

24 inches LED TV      40,000-50,000

26 inches LED TV       45,000-55,000

32 inches LED TV        75,000-100,000

43 inches smart TV.     150,000-250,000

49 inches HD LED TV    170,000-260,000

49 inches Ultra HD TV    230,000-300,000

55 inches smart LED TV  230,000-290,000

55 inches full HD TV       460,000-500,000

55 inches OLED TV         600,000-1,000,000

60 inches Ultra HD TV    350,000-400,000

65 inches Ultra HD TV     500,000-600,000

70 inches Ultra HD TV     800,000-900,000

75 inches Ultra HD TV     1,400,000-1,800,000

77 inches signature (Ultra HD) 7,000,000-8,000,000

86 inches Ultra HD TV     4,500,000-5,000,000

98 inches Ultra HD TV      5,400,000-9,800,000

It is important to note that there are variations in prices, which are dependent on many things such as location, time of purchase and currency exchange rate.

When it comes to getting an LGTV product, many people continue to ask where they can get these products. My best advice to you is this, you can get LGTV products at LG brand shops and other accredited shops around you.


If you're looking for any smart TV that offers the best TV experience, then LG is your go-to brand.

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