Christina Aguilera Hulk’s Outfits, Husband and Children

Christina Aguilera Hulk’s Outfits, Husband and Children
christina aguilera hulk photo outfits

Popular pop star artist, Christina Aguilera rocked different stunning outfits on stage at LA Pride pop event on 11th June 2022, in Los Angeles.
The 41 year old Grammy award winner, had everyone stunned when she pulled up on stage in a muscle padded hulk-like outfit, with a strap across her hips that had a dildo extension covered in silver. The green leather outfit was fully detailed with extra edges on her shoulders, and well carved packs around her belly.

Christina Aguilera performed the hit song “XXX” representing the queer community, in her hulk outfit with Kim Petras. Christina’s graced with two kids. She’s divorced and currently dating Matthew Rutler

Christina Aguilera Outfits at LA Pride

Beyond her music, Christina Aguilera is also known for her fashion explorations. Christina Aguilera’s outfits had beautiful rainbow inspired colors, depicting the LGBTQ+ community. Amazing Christina Aguilera 2022 photos from La Pride has not stopped trending, especially because of the Instagram caption on her post about the queer community, after the show. In her exact words; “Pride is the biggest representative of freedom and self expression. It means living your best life out loud, unafraid, fearless. These are all the things that truly mean the world to me and have always been a part of my message and music. I’m so grateful and honored to have had the love and support of the LGBTQIA+ community foro 20+ years, and to have been able to share these moments and live out some of my fantasies with them”

At the L.A Pride event, she rocked different sensational outfits for her various performances. She started the night with an all red sexy corset, leather trench coat and a thigh length boot to perform her 2002 hit song, “Dirtty”. She wore thick sunglasses with red frame that gave her outfit some statement look.

She united on stage with Mya in a burlesque-type floral yellow outfit with feather accessories across her back, to perform “Lady Marmalade”. Mya came up stage in a yellow outfit too while the iconic medley of Moulin Rouge was in play.

She pulled up in her hulk-outfit, with a dildo strapped around her pelvis to perform “XXX” with Kim Peters. In her exact words, “chaps have always been so fun to play with through out my career, reinventing them for different era and concerts.”

Another set of Aguilera’s incredible outfit was the orange ensemble. She wore a leather bodysuit with confetti pump extensions at her boobs, when she performed “Car Wash”.

Her icy blue mini gown, with braided patterns and full sleeves, suited another performance of one of her hit songs “Feel this moment”, with a DJ set from Paris Hilton.

Christina Aguilera’s last outfit was a rainbow colored imitation of the LGBTQ+ flag, to celebrate the community. During her performance of “Beautiful”, a queer artist, Ben Evans gifted Aguilera a purple trench coat over her rainbow colored bodysuit.

Christina Aguilera Husband

christina aguilera and jordan bratman

Owing to her fame and numerous achievements in her musical career, Christina Aguilera’s fans continue to show more interest in almost every aspect of her life, including her love life. This has got them asking; “who is Christian Aguilera’s partner now?”, “Is Christina Aguilera still married?”
Christina Aguilera started dating Matthew Rutler in 2010, after she divorced Jordan Bratman. The reason for their divorce is not quite known, but at the time of the divorce, they had a 13 year old son named Max.
Aguilera and Rutler have been engaged for seven years now. The couple met on the set of “Burlesque” in 2009, in which Rutler was a production manager. They started dating in 2010 and lived together from 2013, during which Aguilera became pregnant with their first daughter, Summer Rain Rutler. She announced their engagement through a Twitter post on Valentine’s Day in 2014. On the E! News 2015, Aguilera said concerning their relationship, “Our love is secure enough that we don’t need a wedding to prove our love or commitment. We are enjoying our daughter, our family and work for now”.

christina aguilera and matthew rutler

While fans have been wondering if Christina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler are still together, since a wedding date is yet to be announced, Aguilera posted romantic pictures of them on Instagram on February 15 2022, and Rutler’s social media bio still has that he is engaged to Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera Pride LA All Ages

christina aguilera hulk photo outfits

Christina Aguilera’s Pride show at Los Angeles was for all ages because they were no age restrictions indicated during the publicity or upon entry into the show. It was rather advertised as an “All-age LA Pride in the park music festival”. Therefore children below the legal age were present during the “XXX” performance in the hulk outfit with with Kim Petras.
Video snippets as well as live testimonies revealed that Aguilera and Kim Patras indulged in sexual acts on the dildo during their performance. Although some scenes were censored on her social media handles, it caused an uproar amongst Twitter folks, with logical reasons that they were children present at the show and that scene was too explicit for their ages. An all-age La Pride could also mean children La pride.

Christina Aguilera Kids Ages

christina aguilera and her kids

Christina Aguilera has two kids whom she has spent so many memorable times with. She had her first son, Max, with Jordan Bratt in 2008, while they were still married, and her second daughter, Summer, with her current lover, Matthew Rutler, in 2014. Therefore, Max is 14 years old and Summer is 8.
Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratt are successfully maintaining a co-parenting relationship. They attended a birthday party of Max’s friend together.
When she was asked the reason for her divorce with Jordan, Aguilera said; “When you’re unhappy in your marriage, your children are the ones who suffer… That’s the last thing I want for my son”. This statement describes her love and interest in her children. She also retreats from certain demanding tours of her career, to spend time with her children. The pop star artist once said, “I made the decision for quite some time not to tour for a while because I thought it was the best thing to make a more stable, routine life for my children”.

Asides her successful musical career, there are many amazing shades to the life of Christina Aguilera. LA Pride 2022 outfits and performances has been the recent blockbuster in her brand.


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