Travelling to Canada: Awesome Canadian Indigenous Clothing Brands

native jackets canada
native jackets canada

Canada has exciting indigenous clothing which can be worn by any immigrant who values their culture and tradition. Although recent times have proven to be more promising, it is no argument that Canadian designers do not get as much accolades as they deserve. Prominent indigenous brands in Canada have also began to diversify into different types of fashion outfits for various purposes, in order to have a wider reach of customers. In this article, we would be giving you the different pictures of various Canadian indigenous clothing brands.
Travel clothes should be light weight and simple, since you’d be spending half of your time either sitting in a plane (or even at the airport) or sitting in a bus/car. However, the distance and purpose of the journey may be contributing factors. Example, if you’re traveling a short distance for a meeting, it would be okay to prepare for the event from location. Visa Interview dress code isn’t high for someone who is financially stable.
So while you’re compiling a checklist of travel clothings, specifically for what indigenous people wear in Canada, we have provided a compilation of Canadian indigenous beauty brands in this clothing and their significance.

Urban Native Era

urban native clothings
urban native clothings

The Urban Native Era fondly known as UNE, is aimed at giving a social media presence to the indigenous people. It was founded in San Jose by Joey Montoya in November 2012. The first set of shirts releases in this regard was showcased in May 2013, ushering the Urban Native Clothing. The UNE clothings are no longer mainstream but they are still well identified for compelling designs. Amongst all their crafts is the indigenous T.Shirt Canada, which is still highly demanded. Urban Native Clothing It is also now located in Los Angeles, California.

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RESIST Clothing Canada

resist clothing
resist clothing

The Resist company brand is typically a non-urbanized native clothing brand in Canada. There are aimed at promoting the indigenous fashion and people in colonized spaces through Streetwear. The brand exalts Indigenous resistance and the importance of embracing culture. The resist brand in recognized as one of the best in making quality native clothes in the Streetwear category

Wolf Clothing Canada

wolf clothing
wolf clothing

The mission of the wolf brand is to inspire and unite people. They believe “Being a wolf is about going after your goals and dreams. And in the process of that, helping others find their way.” The wolf clothing brand in Canada provide winter wears such as native jackets, hoodies, hats, and so on, hand made by local artists from within the country.

First Nations Clothing

first nation clothing canada
first nation clothing canada

The dresses in this brand are mostly made by independent artist. The designs look simple but artistic, and are made of animal skin. On a more general note, the First Nations are the earliest people that existed on Canada. So the First Nations clothing is simply the earliest style of fashion that existed in the country.
The First Nations that existed in Canada according to six geographical areas in existence today are:

  1. Woodland First Nation: They were located at the boreal forest, east Canada
  2. Iroquoian First Nation: Southern area of Canada
  3. Plains First Nation: Grasslands of Prairies
  4. Plateau First Nations: Their habitation cuts across the southern desert conditions to the mountains and forest in the North.
  5. Pacific Coast First Nations
  6. The Mackenzie First Nation and the Yukon river basins.

SheNative Clothing

she native clothing
she native clothing

SheNative clothing brand is simply the indigenous women’s clothings. The brand is concerned with liberating women from societal limitations. It is well structured with teachings that empower women. It also spreads a sense of nationhood and receives counsel from the community when designing their handbags, graphic Tees and other clothings and accessories.

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Section 35

section 35
section 35

The section 35 took its name from the section of the Canadian constitution that supports indigenous rights. It is inspired by political activities and messages to educate people on indigenous issues through communications. Section 35 is also a street wear fashion label in the indigenous clothings Vancouver.

Indigenous Clothing Vancouver

Vancouver enjoys a relatively warm weather condition, especially due to the currents from the Pacific Ocean. Almost any choice of Indigenous clothing could work in Vancouver because the weather is friendly. However, it may get colder during winter.

Indigenous Clothing Toronto

Toronto is warm and very sunny during summers. The cold time of the year in Toronto is in January and it extends a little more till March. Apart from these months, light Indigenous clothings work better in Toronto.

Indigenous Clothing Winnipeg

Winnipeg has a partly cloudy weather almost all year. The winter is long, snowy and very cold and even if the summers are better, it cannot still be compared to other provinces. So, ensure your choice brand of Indigenous clothes give you layered and warm outfits. Wolf clothings sound like a good idea for Winnipeg.

Indigenous Clothing Ontario

native jackets canada
native jackets canada

Ontario is a very large province and the weather conditions are dependent on where you live. However, winter days are longer and colder in the North than the Southern Ontario province. Keep your wardrobe prepared for the regular change in climate.

Indigenous Clothing Alberta

Alberta experiences more sunny days in and out of summer, more than any other province mentioned here. The weather is usually warm and permits you to wear light Indigenous clothes.

Indigenous Clothing Canada History

What is Indigenous Fashion?

indigenous t shirts canada
indigenous t shirts canada

Indigenous fashion refers to clothing designs and stylish accessories created by American citizens. It is also called Indigenous American Fashion. These clothings may be in form of weaving, tufting and twining resulting from techniques like texture arts, leather, quill work and other material that reflect the American indigenous cultures.
Considering the fact that it is an English speaking country, most people do not actually know that Canada have various indigenous attire which they regard as their Nation dress. The indigenous clothes in Canada have two major significance in their history. The first of these is the era of native Indians in Canada. During this period, every tribe had their unique clothings, jewelries and their style of body art which made up their fashion. It was also easier to maintain these different styles for centuries because the tribes were distant from each other.
The second significance is the Europe colonizers around the 17th-18th century. During this period, the native Indians in Canada lost territories and also the ongoing fashion style they had in existence. The Europe colonizers made the different tribes to start living closer to each other, therefore, they started to accept and wear each others clothes. This change still reflects in the present day fashion in Canada.
Practically speaking, the indigenous clothes in Toronto or that of Winnipeg do not defer very much in style when compared to the indigenous clothes in Ontario or the indigenous clothes Vancouver. The Europe colonizers United the country’s fashion, making is difficult to decipher which indigenous clothings belong to which tribe.

What Did Indigenous People Wear in Canada?

indigenous women clothing canada
indigenous women clothing canada

The earliest people as referred to as the “First Nations” above, simply wore clothes made of tanned animal skin. These clothes include, moccasins, tunics, leggings and so on.
However, depending on the time of existence, the indigenous people wore either clothes attributed to their tribes and cultures or clothes that are post-contact and likened to Canada as a country not any tribe.

Due to technology and the current frame of the world, cultures can easily be borrowed or shared from across different continents. The indigenous fashion of Canada is originally from the country but may not only be totally rocked by its citizens. These various Canadian indigenous clothing brands for travelers listed in this article, have long been in existence and are penetrating a wider range of customers preference.


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