Best Sanitary Pads in Nigeria 2022

best sanitary pad in nigeria
best sanitary pad in nigeria

Here we’ve outlined the best Sanitary pads in Nigeria, that’ll give you maximum comfort during menstrual period. Sanitary pads are products used to absorb the flow of blood from a woman’s vagina. Although they are commonly worn during menstruation, women also wear them during the recovery stage of a vaginal surgery, during post-birth bleeding, abortion, miscarriage and any other situation that causes a woman to bleed through her vagina.

It’s advisable to put on one of the best Sanitary Pads in Nigeria during period, like Always, Drylove, Longrich, Kotex, Molped and some Reusable sanitary pads. Unlike other types of sanitary products, pads are not used by insertion. They are made of absorbent cotton, covered with sticky strip that makes it able to lie flat and stick to the pant in its full length.

Sanitary pads come in different shapes and sizes, which determines their ability to absorb either light or heavy flow of blood.

This article delivers an exhaustive list of different brands of sanitary pads in Nigeria, the best sanitary pad in Nigeria depending on most preferred brand, which pad is good for heavy flow in Nigeria and the cheapest sanitary pad in Nigeria.

Types of Sanitary Pads

There are two major types of sanitary pads.

  • Reusable sanitary pads
  • Disposable sanitary pads

Reusable sanitary pads are made from old towels, wrappers or clothes. They can be used over and over, if they are thoroughly washed after every usage. Reusable sanitary pads have existed before disposable pads, they were fondly called “Pieces” because of how they were made. They were used by simply placing them on your period underwear, and fastening them with ropes or clips. Reusable pads are very economical and safe, they can last 3-5 hours in a day, depending on your flow. However, They are no longer commonly used in modern times.

reusable sanitary pad

Disposable pads are made for just a single use. They are stress free, you do not need to wash them after usage because they cannot even be washed, they are simply meant to be disposed after use. Disposable pads are also a good option for ladies who experience nausea as a Pre Menstrual Symptom (PMS). They have become so commonly used that we do not remember the other type of sanitary pad. It’ll be fair to say that the major description of sanitary pads in this article are disposable pads.
While Reusable pads do not come in different brands, disposable pads have different brands.
Some of the best disposable sanitary pads are:

Dry Love Sanitary Pad

drylove sanitary pad

Dry love sanitary pad is light and comfortable. It gives a cool sensation because it contains menthol. There are of two types, one for heavy flow (yellow) and the other for light (pink), it also comes in different sizes. Dry love pad is sold at an average of N400 – N450 for the small size while the big size is sold at N700 – N850.

Longrich Sanitary Pad

longrich sanitary pad

Longrich sanitary pad uniquely helps to relief ladies of menstrual pain. It also contains anti-bacterial properties that helps fight infections and inflammation. It is sold at an average of N500 – N600.

Kotex Sanitary Pad

kotex sanitary pad

Kotex sanitary pad is an American brand that has not been in the Nigerian market for so long. However, it is thick, long , comfortable and leakage free. The average  price of Kotex is between N350 – N450, depending on the location.

Always Sanitary Pad

always sanitary pad

Always pad is one of the oldest sanitary pads. It comes in different sizes and shapes, providing a wide range of options for women. The variety of always sanitary pad falls between a cost average of N550 – N900.

Molped Sanitary Pad

molped sanitary pad in nigeria

The Molped brand is currently the most preferred choice of ladies. It is extra soft, comfortable and less noisy. The brand also provides sanitary pads in different sizes of thickness. The price range is from N450 – N500.

Virony Sanitary Pad

virony sanitary pad in nigeria

Virony has long been in the Nigerian market too. Although it used to come in large sizes of about 20 pieces per pack, in recent times, they have made smaller packs of 10 pieces per pack. The big pack of Virony sanitary pad is within a price range of N1200 – N1350 while the small pack is N450 – 550.

Lady Care Sanitary Pad

lady care sanitary pad in nigeria

This brand is also one of the oldest. It comes in long (green) or portable (yellow) sizes and comfortable thickness. It costs about N500 – N550.
In as much as this list covers the best sanitary pads in Nigeria, none of them should be worn for more than eight hours, else, you’d be at the risk of infections and body odor.

How To Wear Sanitary Pads

Reusable pads are not so much problems because they can easily be adjusted. But due to the sticky strips on disposable pads, if they are worn wrongly, adjusting becomes a problem. It could lead to leakage and discomfort. It is important to know how to wear sanitary pads correctly.

If the sanitary pad is without wings, simply strip off the adhesive, place it on the pant and press it against the pant to be sure it is stuck properly. If the pad has wings, peel the adhesive on the body of the pad, place it on your pant, and press it, then peel the adhesive on the wings and place them gently behind your pant. Ensure the wings are not strictly around the pant or in close contact with each other behind the pant, it helps in avoiding leakage.

It’s okay to wear your pant half way before fixing a sanitary pad on it, but I’d advice you fix a pad on your pant before putting it on. It makes you conscious and intentional about wearing it correctly.

How do you know you wore your pad wrongly?”

I guess nobody totally outgrows this. You know you wore your pad wrongly when either the front or back feels longer, when you feel it more on either the left or side of your butts and when you experience leakage without the sanitary pad been fully absorbed.

Lastly, colors are significant to length (long or extra long) and the size of thickness (thick or maxi thick) of a sanitary pad. For example, dry love sanitary pads are of two colors, yellow and pink. Yellow represents a maxi thickness which makes it effective for heavy bleeding, while pink is light. Ensure you look out for the colors and inscriptions on the pack.

Sanitary pads are necessary possessions of every lady. Each of the best sanitary pads contain at least seven pieces per pack. With this article, you can rest assured of comfort.


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