Physical Intimacy: Best Exercise for Couples

Physical Intimacy: Best Exercise for Couples
best exercise for couples

You’re definitely searching for the best ways to build intimacy between you and your partner because you’ve come to terms with the saying that “true love requires efforts”. It is not a lie that love could happen naturally, but no long lasting relationship happens like that, and no love is true until it is faced with the test of time.
Physical intimacy activities is not just a recommendation for couples at the mercy of a dying relationship/marriage, but also couples who intend to maintain a lasting relationship. Most relationships begin with excitement, passion and a high note in sexual desire, it is not strange for these things to depreciate after a number of years. While sex is one of the major sparks in a relationship, it is impossible when the physical intimacy is affected.
However, it is possible to have sex without intimacy. But that would be the most unhealthy relationship to keep.

What Is Physical Intimacy?

Physical intimacy refers to sensual activities and closeness between two people. It is literally being in someone’s face and getting into their personal space through hugs, kisses, cuddles, holding hands and everything that involves contact. It is the preceding factor for mental and emotional intimacy. It is not entirely about sex but the basic contacts that initiates sexual desire.
Just as you need spice to make a good meal, you need intimacy exercises to make a good relationship. This article explores intimacy exercises as ingredients to a lasting and heart warming relationship.

Physical Intimacy Exercises.

People may have different love languages but there are kind gestures that appeal to the heart and makes people more vulnerable.

Obvious kind acts.

Give your partner long and tight hugs without talking at that moment. Close your eyes and try to listen to each other’s heart till you feel yourselves loosening up from inside. Build a trust that not every hug will lead to more sexual activities.
Send and reply texts at different hours of the day and develop a habit of giving random kisses before you leave them.

Listening Exercise

Sit on opposite sides facing each other, and take turns with talking or ranting. While one person is talking, the other person should be silent and listen. At the end of the exercise, you would need to briefly rephrase what you said to each other.

Soul Gaze

You know the belief of the eyes holding a person’s emotions? It is true. Stare into each other’s eyes, you can blink but still keep the gaze without talking. It makes you focus on each other and try to find your thoughts.

Cuddling And Caressing

This exercise could be done lying side by side, running your hands through your partner’s hair, tracing your finger tips on each other’s body, or a mild massage. It could also be hugs from behind while standing. Be comfortable enough to get lost in each other’s touch.

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Deep Breaths

Sit on opposite sides, put your heads together, close your eyes and breathe. Try to synchronize your breaths even though it doesn’t happen at first trial.

Fun Relationship Exercises For Couples

Be intentional about getting acquainted with unfamiliar scenarios with your partner. Explore, be willing to bend the rules together, any thing that breaks your usual routine. It gives a sigh of relief and reignites your hearts through the memories that comes with it.

Date Nights

This may not be a new thing but it is definitely off the routine. It could be movies, dinner or something you both agree on.

Travel Cruise

You can decide to take a weekend or more days off, pack your bags and go on a trip or vacation.

Storm the gym

You may have been doing your workouts at home, which is fine. But you’re taking a turn from routines, so find a gym, go out and exercise together.

Cook Together

It doesn’t matter who does the cooking regularly. Find a new recipe and cook something new together.

Hobby Rules

Of Course, you may have different things you love to do with your spare time. But find a time to try each other’s hobby together. The man may love to watch football while the lady loves Korean drama. This rule says they’ll have to do each of these activities together.
There are a whole lot of fun exercises you can think of, initiate new break out ideas and plan towards them.

Communication Exercises For Couples Therapy

Communication is a common issue amongst couples. Sometimes we do not intend to hurt our partners but due to difference in communication style, we get overwhelmed and stressed because of not being understood.

Be Patient and Understanding

Every intimate relationship requires patience and understanding. The big deal about communication may not necessarily be what was said but the approach. Understanding each other would help you streamline the kind of approach your partner is attentive to.

Honesty Hour

Some issues may not be understood or settled at the spur of the moment. Be willing to pour your thoughts and emotions when the atmosphere is relaxed. Tell your partner how you feel about their habits, be willing to listen to each other without putting up defenses when you’re wrong. 

Compliments and Appreciations

A good word is like medicine to the soul. Cheerful compliments register in the mind, do not give them sparingly to your partner. Appreciate their looks and the little things they put efforts in.

Fitness Exercise for couples

There are some body exercises that increase the intimacy among couples. It’s advised that couples engage in these kind of exercises not only because of their physical health but because of their relationship. These exercises include:

  • Jugging: this type of fitness exercise increases the togetherness among couples as there is no competition in it. You’ll be running side-by-side with your partner while discussing other matters. 


  • Weight lifting: while doing this, your partner will definitely cheer you up to encourage you.


  • Biking: like jugging, this is another sporting exercise that increases the togetherness among couples as both couples go side-by-side during the exercise. 


  • Outdoor tennis: this has proven to be the most popular fitness exercise that tends to bring couples together. While doing this, couples tend to have fun and lots of laughter.

Self Intimacy

Self intimacy is about owning your feelings, sharing them with your partner and willing to nurture them. It is deciding to share your emotional intimacy with your partner.
Intimacy is properly about two people willing to let their guards down for each other and being at their peak of transparency.

It is possible to enhance your sensual connection with your partner through these therapeutic exercises for couples. Also consider self intimacy as a main factor to improving your relationship with your partner.

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