Latest Ankara and Chiffon Maternity Gown Styles in Nigeria, 2022.

Latest Ankara and Chiffon Maternity Gown Styles in Nigeria, 2022.
latest ankara chiffon and english maternity gown styles

Tight clothes can harm baby during pregnancy. This is why you should stop wearing tight jeans. Whether long or short, maternity clothes remain the best during pregnancy. Here, we have shown Ankara maternity tops and gowns with beautiful designs, chiffon and English maternity gowns. Before we continue with maternity gowns, let’s take a moment to discuss the awesomeness of Ankara materials. It is an identity, one that speaks about the richness of our culture as Nigerians and Africans at large. What’s more? Many foreigners are beginning to adopt this sophistication called Ankara. It comes in various designs, patterns, and colors which brings out the beauty even more. If you had an option of choosing amongst many designs of the Ankara fabric, I bet you’d be confused about which one to go for because each one is unique.

Now to the topic of the day.

Ankara maternity gowns are very fashionable to say the least. Many women who have worn them before can testify; I particularly love them because they are very comfortable too.

This dress is suitable for pregnant women, new moms and people who want to hide their big belly without having to use waist trainers or engage in discomforting activities.

Newsflash! Even women who do not belong to any of the categories listed above can wear it. That is how blissful wearing an Ankara maternity gown can be.

Depending on the style, an Ankara maternity gown can be worn to your workplace on Fridays, can be worn to your place of worship and you can rock it to your Owambe. Amazing, right?!.

In today’s article, we have a lot of sub topics on maternity gowns we’ll be reviewing and I’m sure you’ll love them. Let’s get started.

Maternity Gowns in Nigeria.

Most women are very conscious of their weight during pregnancy and so they want something that will help hide their bumps and also maintain their fashionable look.

These styles are not bland styles at all. From the colors, design, fabric to the tiniest details of these gowns, everything is suited to help the Nigerian future mum comfortable in her looks.

Important factors to consider when choosing clothes during pregnancy

Before choosing a maternity gown, there are three most important factors to consider which I’ll list below.


That a maternity gown must be comfortable doesn’t mean it has to be loose. A maternity gown can be a body con and still be comfortable.

You have to ensure the belly area is not tight, the material is lightweight and you can walk in them without any hint of discomfort. You want to make sure that you and your baby are fine.


I’m sure you don’t want to buy a gown that will fade quickly or you won’t be able to use it for a long period of time. You can even go as far as getting a dress that will still be useful to wear after childbirth.


The size of the gown you’re getting should really matter. You don’t want to get something too big or too small that will lose its fitting after childbirth. (Assuming you want to continue wearing them).

Long Ankara maternity gown.

Maternity gown styles in Nigeria
long ankara maternity gown styles

This is for people who love long, flowing dresses. Depending on the style, some long Ankara maternity gowns have been designed to accentuate a woman’s curves to ensure pregnant women still look classy regardless of their pregnancy stage. It can also be worn on flats or heels.

Short Ankara Maternity Gown.

short ankara maternity gown styles

If you prefer to show off some skin, this will suit perfectly. However, you must note that some short maternity gowns make it easier for your bump to be noticed. But if you’re in your first trimester, this could be a go-to dress for you. This style can be rocked on joggers or heels.

Ankara Maternity Top Styles.

beautiful ankara maternity top styles

The most popular Ankara tops for pregnant mums are usually peplum tops. It is very easy to find Ankara gowns but the tops give a unique feeling because of the difference in design.

It can be sewed as an off shoulder to get the best out of the style. It can be worn with a jean, skirt or leggings.

The choice of what to wear underneath depends largely on the fashion taste of the woman.

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I can’t guarantee that an Ankara top will hide your pregnancy as much as a gown will do. Again, it depends on the style being sewn. There are some styles that cover your pregnancy better than others.

Chiffon Maternity Gown.

latest chiffon maternity gown styles

We’ve been talking about Ankara maternity styles, now let’s digress a little and let’s take a look at another classy style which is the chiffon maternity gown. Chiffon materials are lightweight which promotes comfortability and allows easy airflow. This means that even in heated environments, the Chiffon maternity gown can still be an easy to wear dress for a future mum.

The beauty of this style is, it can be worn to almost any event, from business meetings to dinner parties. They can also be used for baby shower photoshoots. You should consider having this set in your wardrobe.

English Maternity Gown.

english maternity gown styles

These sets are absolutely gorgeous and feminine. It comes on top of the list of classy maternity gowns we have in Nigeria and many women prefer to go for this style. English maternity gowns can be worn with blazers or jackets to give it a more stylish appearance. They can be body con or loose, it depends on the designer and the taste of the woman.

Apart from the fact that they are very affordable, they are also durable which means you can use them during your 9 months journey without fading.

Wonderful, right?.

In conclusion, the journey to being a mum is a beautiful experience and getting the right gowns for yourself all add to the experience.

Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures for memories sake and share with us too. We’ll love to celebrate with you.


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