Braided Hair: Abuja Lines Hairstyles 2022

Braided Hair: Abuja Lines Hairstyles 2022
ghanaian lines hairstyles

Abuja braids originates from Abuja, with premium fiber, lightweight and silky texture. They are used to achieve different fancy hairstyles. Ranging from box braids, knotted or knotless to cornrows or Ghana weaving.
Abuja lines are variants of beautiful and simple artistic braids using Abuja braids, that travels round the country and find its way into trending hairstyles. They are recent collection of braid you should not miss out on.

Latest Abuja Lines 2022

Braids allow a possibility of trying various hairstyles, they give room for you to be creative with your hair. There are so many trendy hairstyles you may decide to try, so we would be giving you the best options to make your choice.


cornrows abuja lines hairstyles

Cornrows are braids that are laid flat on the scalp which leaves the skin open. They are woven in an underhand, upward motion. You can create any kind of look with cornrows, from colorful and crazy to simple and classy styles.

Knotless Braids

knotless braids hairstyle

Knotless braids is a break out from the usual box braids where knots are formed to tighten the braids to your hair. Knotless braids do not need knots, the braids are started off with your natural hair and then hair extensions are added as you continue the braids. It reduces tension on the natural hair and this makes the hairstyle less painful. Braided wigs in Nigeria can last up to 3 weeks without causing hair damage.

Braided Ponytail

braided ponytail hairstyle

Braided ponytail looks like cornrows gathered to the middle and allowed to hang loosely to the back or waist (depending on preferred length). It is a simple hairstyle that you can carry without thinking of how to style it each day. It also gives a pronounced and bold countenance to your face and can last for 2-3 weeks if it is properly maintained.

Lemonade Braids

lemonade braids abuja lines hairstyles

Lemonade braids has its name from Beyoncé’s 2016 album titled “Lemonade” which she rocked the hairstyle. It is a set of beautiful and close side-swept cornrows. The hairstyle allows you to combine cornrows and box braids to your taste.

Two-Layered Braids

two layered braids

Two-layered braids involve braids that part is opposite directions with partial cornrows. The cornrows are usually to start the braids and create a clear parting, but individual braids are made underneath. The parting does not have to be in the center, you can create beautiful side partings.

Ghanaian Lines 2022

ghanaian lines hairstyles

Ghana lines or Ghana braids can be traced back to carved sculptures and hieroglyphics in Africa’s history. Indicating the love and attention African women paid to their hair. The hairstyle dwelt with Ghanaian women as part of their social and cultural traditions.
The current or trendy Ghana lines are simply modifications of historical hair styles. Ghana braids are similar to cornrows, but they require added hair extensions, after starting small with pencil like tips. They are thicker than cornrows due to the extra extensions. Ghana lines are also called pencil lines and have gained popularity even amongst celebrities. They can be styled in different ways. Some of these Ghana braids styles are;

1. Shuku
2. Fish bone braids
3. Straight backs
4. Side-swept style
5. Zig zag braids
6. Crisscross braids

Abuja Lines With Beads

Beads are perfect adornments for any kind of braids. Beads differ in shapes, sizes and color, your choice of beads on braids makes it either a perfect beads on braids hairstyle or not. However, Fulani hairstyles maybe considered first because they require beads to showcase their beauty.
You might want to also consider these hairstyles with beads.

Shoulder Length Braids

shoulder lenght beads with braids

Long braids are easily fashionable, with or without beads. You may have to go extra with your short braids buy adding fancy beads to the length. White or transparent beads is a good option because they are not selective of skin color.

Beads With Braided Bangs

beads with braided bangs

You cannot have long bangs on your forehead, except you do not want to see. So, remember the style beads give on a short hair.

Simple Abuja Lines Styles 2022

I understand how exhausting braiding can get. Sometimes you want something you can be done with in a short time and still slay in it. This article has you covered with some simple and fancy hairstyle options.

Bantu knots

bantu knots

Bantu knots is an old traditional hairstyle. It involves sectioning the hair into small bits, then twisting, wrapping and stacking the hair around it self to form small knot-like shapes.

French Braids

french braids hairstyles

French braids are achieved by simply weaving the hair into two or three pencil braids. They require lots of added hair extensions because they are usually very thick.

Short Bob Braids

short bob braids abuja lines hairstyles

Short braids are abbreviated versions of long or medium length hairstyles. They look like thicker extensions of the natural hair.

Crochet Braids

crotchet braids abuja lines hairstyles

Crochet braiding refers to a method of adding extensions to the hair by using a crochet needle to fasten the extensions through the natural hair. The needle goes through cornrows to secure the grip. Crochet braids protect the natural hair.

Abuja Hairstyles in Nairobi

The braid line styles in Kenya are not any different from that of Nigeria. Hairstyle trends are not limited by geographical factors, technology and the media have made it easy to unite different countries in fashion. This explains why Ghana braids which was supposed to depict tradition amongst the Ghanaians, has gone beyond Ghana into one of the top trending hairstyles. Also Read Latest Hairstyles for Ladies in Nigeria 2022

Braid Lines Hairstyles 2022

Braid Lines hairstyles involves top trending hairstyles beyond Abuja or any geographical location.

Box Braids

box braids abuja lines hairstyles

Box braids are old but still classy. It involves sectioning the hair into square sections, and forming a knot with the hair extension to create a firm grip with your hair.

Buns With Double Braids

buns with double braids

It is achieved by parting the hair into two sections, braiding the sections into two thick cornrows, either to the back or to the middle, then wrapping the loose lengths around itself.

Yarn Braids

yarn braids abuja lines hairstyles

Yarn braids are made of yarn or wool fiber, which is as versatile as usual hair extensions. They can be used for various braid styles.

Kinky Twists

kinky braids hairstyles in nigeria

Kinky twists are two strand twists with curly or loose ends.

Pop-Smoke Braids

pop smoke braids hairstyles

They are center-parted cornrow stitch-in knots that fall towards opposite sides. You can feed in more hair extensions to get your desired size and thickness. The braids were named after a popular American rapper, known as Pop Smoke. Pop-Smoke braids are often referred to as Tribal Braids.

The latest braid hairstyles are usually at waist length. However shoulder length braids with beads are still in style. Protect your hair by using moisturizers at least twice a week, it helps to prevent hair damage and keep your braids in place. Ensure you always have your edge control to style loose hair and prevent the braids from looking worn out, but do not carry braids for more than a period of 4 weeks.

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