Abs Workout During Period

Abs Workout During Period
abs during periods

Abs workouts are exercises that involve the abdominal muscles. In women, the reproductive system is located at the abdominal area, which makes the abdominal muscles actively involved during the period of their menstrual cycle. This may result in pain around that area during menstruation. They help in strengthening the core and improving balance, flexibility and good posture. Women are always body conscious and careful during their period, especially when they are faithful to a fitness routine, this has provoked so many questions. This article provides convincing answers to frequently asked questions concerning abs workout routine. But first, let us consider factors to bear in mind before going ahead with your routine during menstruation.

  1. Understanding Your Body
    Abs exercise during periods are not as outrageous as they may sound because, periods are not the actual dictators of what exercises you can or cannot do, your body type is the actual dictator. It is the way some people experience severe menstrual cramps and others do not. Understanding the peculiarities of your body is what should count first, before modifying your abs workout routine during your period.
    You may also not be able to carry out an exercise on the first day of your period, when the flow is heavy, or any other day the flow is heavy.
  2. Intensity Of The Exercise
    There are various types of abdominal exercises. They include, planks, crunches, sit ups, hollow hold, bridge, etc. The amount of energy and stress required for each of these exercises also differs. Remember your abdominal region is already stressed during periods, do not impose additional stress on it. Medical research shows that holding an intense exercise for over 40 minutes can result in exercise induced inflammation in the body. Any activity/exercise that induces severe pain on the spur of the moment, should be avoided or they may interfere with the normal cycle.
  3. Comfort
    Periods come with a psychological imbalance which results in mood swings, fatigue, depression, nausea and other PMS symptoms. You do not necessarily have to hit the gym, abs exercise can also be easily done at home. If you would prefer to take a jog/walk to the gym, ensure your period products are at your disposal, you could combine products to avoid getting stained. It is not also advisable to use tampons during abs exercises, they may be distracting, uncomfortable and painful.

Is Abs Workout During Periods Safe?

The simple question to this is “yes”. Abdominal exercises are absolutely safe, they do not need to be strenuous to be effective, especially during periods. They do not result in extreme or negative complications in the body. However, don’t go beyond your limits. Placing too much stress on your body can lead to lasting health issues, especially in older women. Periods are not good enough time to stretch your body further than the usuals.

What Abs Exercise Are Suitable During Periods?

Avoid Abs exercise that demand more stress and energy. Fatigue is a general symptom women experience during periods, stressing your body may result in extreme weakness. Engage in mild Ab workouts like;


Squats help is strengthening the muscles of the lower body and keeping them in good condition. Period cramps occur at the lower abdomen and may affect walking, bending and sitting up straight. Basic squat exercise relieves the pain and makes walking easier.


By engaging your core, planks strengthen your back. They help in reducing anxiety and tension during periods.

Side Lunges

Side lunges are easier and less stressful than normal lunges. While some women experience pain in their lower abdomen during periods, others feel pain in their thighs. Side lunges helps in reducing pain in the hips and thighs.

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches also help to ease pain in the lower abdomen and the thighs. They alleviate fatigue and mood swings.

Lateral Resistance Walks

Resistance bands are versatile and easy to use. They strengthen the muscles and increase flexibility.

What Are The Benefits Of Abs Workout During Periods?

Abs Workouts are not just for the 4 or 6 lines, they help in relieving pains, particularly at the back, waist, thighs and abdominal region. These are particular parts of the body women experience cramps during periods.
Abdominal exercises reduce pain by aiding the production of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are hormones secreting the brain and nervous system and responsible for psychological functions like happiness and pain in the body. They interact with the brain and reduce the reception of pain in the body.
Some women develop excess fatigue when engaging in exercises that require extra movements like jumping, during their period. Mild abs workout like planks are recommendable in such cases because they can be carried out without extra movements of the limbs.

What Changes Do Abs Workout Effect On Periods?

General fitness exercises have effects that are expected, though they vary with persons. Abs workout are not any different. The hormones have reactions to frequent exercise.


This refers to random bleeding that occurs outside your menstrual cycle. It happens as a result of uterus lining responding to hormonal changes. The flow is lighter, darker and shorter than the regular cycle.

Lighter flow

Frequent workout cause weight loss which is less production of estrogen. Estrogen enables the uterus to build up more blood than usual during the first days of your cycle. Therefore, the flow becomes lighter since there’s no consistent production of estrogen.

Irregular cycle

The stress during workouts causes hormonal imbalances that affects the regular timing of your cycle. Hypothalamus secret substances that influence the pituitary gland and ovaries, responsible for ovulation. This structure can be affected by stress or weight loss, and can make it impossible for ovulation to occur. Periods do not happen without ovulation.

In as much as you’re being faithful to your work out routine, do not be hard on yourself. Abs workout during periods can be strenuous due to PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome), so be willing to modify your routines to fit into the current state of your body, especially when you need to. Keep yourself hydrated and prioritize your hygiene to avoid irritation.


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